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63 Day Perpetual Whelping ChartBreeding/Genetics
7 Year GlitchMiscellaneous
A Blueprint Into The Mysterious 15 Point ChampionshipConformation
A Gathering StormBreeding/Genetics
A Judges PerspectiveConformation
A Look Down The Bottle’s NeckHealth
A Social Faux Pas: Kids, Puppies And DominanceBehavior
Acral Lick DermatitisHealth
Albinism ScienceHistory
Albino Doberman HistoryHistory
Altering Digging BehaviorBehavior
Anatomy Of Breed Specific LegislationMiscellaneous
Animal Control Comes Knocking: What To DoMiscellaneous
Animal Rights Or Animal Welfare?Miscellaneous
Anonymous TributeMiscellaneous
Another Look At The 49th DayBreeding/Genetics
Are You A Breeder Or Do You Just Breed Dogs?Breeding/Genetics
Are You A Responsible Dog Owner?Miscellaneous
Avoiding The Heavy HeadConformation
Bathing A DogMiscellaneous
Becoming A Breeder: The Six StagesBreeding/Genetics
Bill GarnettBreeder Bios
Birthing ProcessBreeding/Genetics
Bite Incident In Your Community-How To RespondBehavior
Biting DogsBehavior
Blue Doberman Alopecia TreatmentHealth
Blue Doberman Coat RescueHealth
Brackett’s FormulaBreeding/Genetics
Breed Suitability Test – ZTPBehavior
Breeders – Good And BadBreeding/Genetics
Breeders Do Sell Their BestBreeding/Genetics
Busy PetsObedience/Training
Buying A Doberman PinscherMiscellaneous
C-section AftercareBreeding/Genetics
Calculating The Aging ProcessMiscellaneous
Cancer TreatmentHealth
Canine BehaviorBehavior
Canine Reproduction For BreedersBreeding/Genetics
Canine Skin ProblemsHealth
Care Of The NewbornBreeding/Genetics
Caring For Your Dog’s TeethHealth
Carol PetruzzoBreeder Bios
Changes In The Bitch And Developing FoetusBreeding/Genetics
Changing The EstimatesMiscellaneous
Cheri’s Liver BrowniesConformation
Choices In Breeding-Drive Or LiveabilityBreeding/Genetics
Choosing StudsBreeding/Genetics
Chronic Active Hepatitis #1Health
Chronic Active Hepatitis #2Health
Cleaning The EarsEar care/taping
Clicker TrainingObedience/Training
Colloidal Silver RediscoveredHealth
Color Dilution AlopeciaHealth
Color Inheritance ChartBreeding/Genetics
Conformation Q&AConformation
Conformation Training TipsConformation
Congenital Umbilical HerniasBreeding/Genetics
Considerations When Buying A DobermanMiscellaneous
Controversy Of Canine NutritionHealth
Cost Of A LitterBreeding/Genetics
Cost Of Breeding A Doberman LitterBreeding/Genetics
Crate TrainingObedience/Training
Critical Behavior PeriodsBehavior
Critical Events During Embryonic DevelopmentBreeding/Genetics
Dcm At Univ Of GuelphHealth
Dealing With AggressionBehavior
Definition Of DrivesBehavior
Designer Dog FactsBreeding/Genetics
Designer Genes: Genetic Management or MiseryBreeding/Genetics
Developing High AchieversBreeding/Genetics
Developing Play SkillsBehavior
Diarrhea-causes & RemediesHealth
Diet And Your PetHealth
Dilated CardiomyopathyHealth
Doberman On The MoveConformation
Doberman Temperament – A Brief IntroductionBehavior
Dobermans In DetailBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 1-SizeBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 2-HeadBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 3-Neck, Topline, & BodyBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 4-ForequartersBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 5-HindquartersBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 6-CoatBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 7-GaitBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 8-TemperamentBreeding/Genetics
Dobermans In Detail: 9-ConclusionBreeding/Genetics
Dog Behavior Reading ListBehavior
Dog Crates – Next To You They’re Your Dog’s Best FriendObedience/Training
Dog Food DilemmaHealth
Dog Food RecallHealth
Dr. Hutchison’s Reproductive SeminarBreeding/Genetics
Dr. May JacobsonBreeder Bios
Dry ShampooConformation
Duralactin-Treating ArthritisHealth
Early Neurological StimulationBreeding/Genetics
Early Spay/neuterBreeding/Genetics
Easy Tape RemovalEar care/taping
Educate Infant PuppiesBreeding/Genetics
Educate YourselfConformation
Estelle CorrBreeder Bios
Events In The Estrus CycleBreeding/Genetics
Evolution of the StandardHistory
Evolution of the Standard: ForequartersHistory
Evolution of the Standard: Forequarters & Hindquarters TogetherHistory
Evolution of the Standard: GaitHistory
Evolution of the Standard: General AppearanceHistory
Evolution of the Standard: HeadHistory
Evolution of the Standard: HindquartersHistory
Evolution of the Standard: Neck,Topline,Body,TailHistory
Evolution of the Standard: TemperamentHistory
Fading PuppiesBreeding/Genetics
Fading Puppy SyndromeBreeding/Genetics
Feeding A Pregnant Or Lactating BitchBreeding/Genetics
Feeding Young PuppiesMiscellaneous
Flank SuckingBehavior
Form Follows FunctionConformation
Founder’s EffectBreeding/Genetics
Fred HealBreeder Bios
Future Of DogsMiscellaneous
Genetic Health AfflictionsBreeding/Genetics
Genetics & Successful Dog BreedingBreeding/Genetics
Genetics 101Health
Giving Pups A Head StartBreeding/Genetics
Gold Bead ImplantsHealth
Grading PuppiesBreeding/Genetics
Head Bobbing SyndromeHealth
Heimlich Maneuver For Choking CaninesHealth
Help Me Old Friend, I’ve Lost My DignityMiscellaneous
Helpful Hints For The New Puppy OwnerObedience/Training
History of the Doberman 1897-2005History
Holly SchorrBreeder Bios
Holter Monitor Q&AHealth
Homeopathic MedicineHealth
Hot SpotsHealth
House Breaking The Easy WayObedience/Training
House Breaking Your PuppyObedience/Training
House TrainingObedience/Training
How The Standard WorksConformation
How To Buy A Doberman PuppyMiscellaneous
How To Raise A Happy, Healthy, Confident PuppyBreeding/Genetics
How Your Dog Sees The WorldBehavior
Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD)Health
I Said WaitObedience/Training
Ian And Barbara AlexanderBreeder Bios
Illena & The Seven SiresHistory
Importance Of StructureConformation
In Favor Of Better DogsBreeding/Genetics
Inducing VomitingHealth
Infectious Agents That Affect Fertility/pregnancyBreeding/Genetics
Interpreting The WAEObedience/Training
Intervertebral Disk DiseaseHealth
Irene QuesnoyBreeder Bios
Is A Doberman The Right Breed For You?Miscellaneous
Jessica WilcockBreeder Bios
Judging & Defining TemperamentBehavior
Judging The DobermanConformation
Judging The Doberman HeadConformation
Judging the Doberman LetterConformation
Judy DoniereBreeder Bios
Killed By KindnessBreeding/Genetics
Lawn Chemicals, Pets & CancerHealth
Learn To Breed DogsBreeding/Genetics
Leash TrainingObedience/Training
Legalities Of ContractsContracts
Lesson #1-Be PreparedConformation
Lesson #2-StackingConformation
Lesson #3-Moving The DogConformation
Lesson #4-Courtesy In The RingConformation
Lesson #5-Improve Your TimingConformation
Liver DiseaseHealth
Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in DogsBreeding/Genetics
Managing Your Stud DogBreeding/Genetics
Marj BrooksBreeder Bios
Mary KorevaarBreeder Bios
Medications During PregnancyBreeding/Genetics
Mentoring: Its ValueConformation
Methods Of Pregnancy DiagnosisBreeding/Genetics
Michelle SantanaBreeder Bios
Mode Of Inheritance For DCMHealth
Motion SicknessBehavior
My Name Is MaxMiscellaneous
Nail Trimming ChartMiscellaneous
Nail Trimming Tips & TricksBehavior
Nip Nipping In The BudBehavior
Obedience Competition Prospect: What To Look ForObedience/Training
Obedience Trials: How They WorkObedience/Training
OFA – A Genetic LotteryHealth
OH NO!!! Just one?!Breeding/Genetics
Osteosarcoma In DogsHealth
Ostrich SyndromeBreeding/Genetics
Out Means No!Obedience/Training
Owner Handler-force Or FarceConformation
Oxytocin-A Necessary Evil?Breeding/Genetics
Pack StructureBehavior
Pat Blenkey/Brian CaseyBreeder Bios
Pedigree AnalysisBreeding/Genetics
Peripheral Neuropathy-Dancing DobermanHealth
Planned BreedingBreeding/Genetics
Poisonous HouseplantsHealth
Politics Is Simply An ExcuseConformation
Popular SiresBreeding/Genetics
Popular Sires And Popular GeneticsBreeding/Genetics
Pregnancy TimelineBreeding/Genetics
Preparing For Your 1st ShowConformation
Present Your Dog ProperlyConformation
Problem OwnersBehavior
Prostate Disease In DogsHealth
Protecting The CupsEar care/taping
Puppy AdviceBreeding/Genetics
Puppy Do’sObedience/Training
Puppy Don’tsObedience/Training
Puppy Miller’s ExcusesMiscellaneous
Puppy ObedienceObedience/Training
Puppy PackageBreeding/Genetics
Puppy SafetyMiscellaneous
Q & A For New Doberman OwnersBehavior
R. M. (Bug) RussellBreeder Bios
Raising A PuppyBreeding/Genetics
Rawhide And Your Dog’s HealthHealth
Recycled Restaurant GreaseHealth
Red Rapsberry Leaves – Friend Or Foe?Breeding/Genetics
Reproducing Puppies vs Breeding Better DobermansBreeding/Genetics
Reproduction Methods And Success RatesBreeding/Genetics
Reproductive Health Of The BitchBreeding/Genetics
Reproductive Health Of The MaleBreeding/Genetics
Road Working Your DobermanConformation
Rule Of 7’sBreeding/Genetics
Satin Balls For Weight GainConformation
Selecting A StudBreeding/Genetics
Selecting Conformation PuppiesBreeding/Genetics
Shock & Wound CareHealth
Should I Breed My Female Or Spay Her?Breeding/Genetics
Should I Breed My Male Or Neuter Him?Breeding/Genetics
So You Want To Be A BreederBreeding/Genetics
So You Want To Breed Your BitchBreeding/Genetics
Sound Of Body Vs Sound Of JointsConformation
Spaying And Castration – Pros, Cons, MythsBreeding/Genetics
Speaking DoggishBehavior
Standard Size: The WhysConformation
Super Dogs Are Made, Not BornBehavior
Suspicion In A Doberman – Good Or Bad?Behavior
Tail BandingBreeding/Genetics
Tail Male LineBreeding/Genetics
Tails & DewclawsBreeding/Genetics
Tale Of Tails & EarsHistory
Taping: Advanced For Older DogsEar care/taping
Taping: Advanced For PuppiesEar care/taping
Taping: Aftercare & TapingEar care/taping
Taping: Caulking RodEar care/taping
Taping: Dry Cleaner CardboardEar care/taping
Taping: Foam Core CaulkingEar care/taping
Taping: Foam CrownEar care/taping
Taping: Folding The EarsEar care/taping
Taping: No Gooey MessEar care/taping
Taping: Popsicle Sticks/tongue DepressorsEar care/taping
Taping: TamponsEar care/taping
Taping: Tape ReactionsEar care/taping
Taping: Telfa PadsEar care/taping
Taping: Vet WrapEar care/taping
Teaching Tail & Ears UpConformation
Temperament & Behavior: Breeder’s ToolsBreeding/Genetics
Temperament Evaluation For Potential Rescue DogsBehavior
Temperament Testing Puppies & AdultsBehavior
Temperament-Nature Or NurtureBehavior
Ten Tips To Prepare A Show Puppy For ShowConformation
The Great Colonel JetHistory
The Old DobermanMiscellaneous
Theresa MullenBreeder Bios
Things That Aren’t Taught AnymoreConformation
Tipping ProblemsEar care/taping
Tips On Buying A PuppyMiscellaneous
Titles And Their MeaningsMiscellaneous
Toxicity & Your DogHealth
Type Vs TypeyConformation
Type, Hype, Or Personal PreferenceConformation
Typical MovementConformation
Understanding MotivationBehavior
Urinary IncontinenceHealth
Vaccinations: AVMA PrinciplesHealth
Vaccinations: Changing ProtocolsHealth
Vaccinations: New ProtocolHealth
Ventricular ArrhythmiasHealth
Vitamin C & Stress ManagementHealth
Vitamins C & EHealth
Von Willebrand’s DiseaseHealth
Warning-adverse Reaction To Proheart 6Health
Warning-Adverse Reactions To Sulfa DrugsHealth
What Is A Breeder?Breeding/Genetics
What Is A ChampionConformation
What Is A Good Breeder?Breeding/Genetics
What It’s Like Living With A DobermanBehavior
What Questions Do I Ask When I Go Buy A Dog?Miscellaneous
What To Look For In A BreederBreeding/Genetics
What We Can Do For The DobermanBreeding/Genetics
Whelping BoxBreeding/Genetics
Whelping Box ConstructionBreeding/Genetics
Whelping KitBreeding/Genetics
Whip WormsHealth
Wobblers SyndromeHealth
Working Dog Sport/schutzhundObedience/Training
Zinc Responsive DermatosesHealth