Top 20 - Agility

Our Current Top 20 Winner:
MACH Azotar's Wonderful World Of Desi CDX BN GN GO RE MXS MJB XF T2B2 (Desi)
May 2017 - April 2018 AKC Reports

Standings for wins recorded May 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017

Last modified Nov 20, 2017

1CH MACH6 Bolero Red Shatter V Deerfield MXS2 PAD MJG2 PJD MFB TQX T2B4 (Spark)Y. & D. Mancino1647
2GCHS CH MACH6 Tropix Lemon Twist CDX BN RE MXS2 MJC2 MXF T2B THDA CGCA TKA (Mya)K. Ingram & D. Johnson & K. Howard1100
3GCH CH MACH2 Kerwynd's Certified Country MXG MJG NF RATN CGC (Austin)J. & D. Sheen & S. Kershaw1060
4MACH6 Dancing Star's Born To Prevail MXC2 MJS3 T2B4 (Reva)T. & S. Houg & S. Houg967
5MACH6 Lh's Heart Of A Dragon MXS3 MJS3 T2B5 (Draco)S. Houg & D. Houg858
6MACH Azotar's Wonderful World Of Desi CDX BN GN GO RE MXS PAD MJS MXF T2B2 (Desi)T. Putti824
7MACH3 Smack-Dab's Red-E2-Roll CD BN RE MXG MJC T2B (Fallon)K. Benzon751
8CH MACH3 Gemini Alice In Wonderland V Alisaton CD BN RA MXC MJC NAP NJP RATO (Alice)M. Carberry & G. DeMilta & C. DeMilta-Shimpeno742
9CH MACH2 Old Drum's New Year's Resolution CD RE MXS MJS XF CGC TKA (Abby)K. Ingram673
10CH MACH7 Royal Future Jp Sakura Of Dabney RN MXB3 MJG3 XF T2B (Sakura)L. & J. Krukar664
11MACH3 Dial "M" For Mischief UD BN GN MXB2 MJB2 NAP NJP CGC (Sasha)L. & M. Gasparovic596
12MACH Dedo's Tesa's Touch Of Time And Space UD MXB MJC OFJ. & R. Brettschneider570
13MACH2 Generation's Spice Girl MXG MJG NF T2B2S. Moore566
14MACH3 Smack-Dab's Forget Me Not MXC MJB2 (Lottie)K. Anderson523
15MACH Generation's Idolize MXS MJS OAP AJP NFS. Moore515
16CH MACH Ivy Gates One Man Show MXB MJSK. & J. Merritt & C. Weiner459
17MACH Brija's Twitching With Sharjet MXB MJG OF CGCF. Rich457
18CH Dabney's Piece Of My Heart MX MXJ MJB MFB T2B2 ROM (Wile E)H. Silver & L. Krukar450
19MACH Montwood Arista Flirtin With The Dealer MXG MJC OF T2B2M. Delloto445
20Smack-Dabs Last Chance AX MXJ NFH. Baloun439

Note: MACH TITLE UPDATES- MACH titles must have been earned prior to or during the current scoring month. Changes will be reflected on next month's web page. Notify the TTA Statistician of any updates or errors.

The following criteria must be met in order for a run to be eligible for Top 20 points.

It must be a Qualifying score of 100 from the Master level Regular (not Excellent or Preferred) classes at AKC trials

MACH (speed) points are calculated by subtracting the dog's actual run time from the standard course time. One point is awarded for each full second under time.

An additional 10 points are added each time the dog has a qualifying score in both Master Standard and Master Jumpers with Weaves classes on the same day.

Top 20 Agility statistics are compiled each year from information obtained from results compiled by the AKC.

This event will be scored on a time plus faults basis with each team’s final score being a combination of the scores for the two runs. The overall winner will be the team with the lowest total score - the fastest time with the fewest faults.

Judging/scoring will be as follows:

5 Faults will be assessed for:
On-off the table
Anticipating the table count
Missed contact (all except front side of A-frame)
Wrong course
Handler or dog knocking down any obstacle or jump before the dog has completed it

10 Faults will be assessed for:
Handler/dog contact if it aids the performance
Dog leaving table (prior to completion) and performing another obstacle
Elimination will result from the failure to perform any obstacle.

Excusals will be in accordance with AKC regulations except the 4-paw rule will not be in effect.

Note: Refusals/Run Outs will not be faulted in this competition.

The Charter of the DPCA Agility Top 20 Committee is as follows:

· To promote and encourage the sport of Agility for Dobermans

· To maintain Agility rankings throughout the year, leading to a Top 20 Agility Event at the DPCA National

· To design, implement, and maintain the rules for the DPCA Agility Top 20, including Policies and Procedures and Judging Guidelines