This chart has been arranged by Mr. W. Donald Thompson, Middletown, Delaware, based on the studies of Iljin* and of Whitney**. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America wishes to express appreciation to Mr. Thompson for his permission to reproduce this color chart.

Key to Chart colors

= Black (with rust-colored markings)

= Blue (actually gray, with rust markings)

= Red (various shades of red-brown with rust markings)

= Fawn (called "Isabella;" about the color range of 'camel's hair' with rust markings)

B is the factor for black; it is dominant over b, the red factor.

D is the 'nondilution' factor; it is dominant over the dilution factor, d.
The numbers (6.25 - 100) are percentages of each color type to be expected.

Color Inheritance in the Doberman Pinscher

It is to be noted that the proportions of the various color combinations as listed above are theoretical, with the exceptions of those where 100% (or all) of the get are expected to be of one type. If it were possible to observe 1000 or more pups from a breeding which would theoretically produce pups of three or more genetic formulas, then the proportions noted would be very nearly those which are expected by theory.

In relatively small litters (with from 6 to 12 pups for example) the probabilities of the predicted ratios actually being observed would be very remote indeed. This chart and its contained percentages are therefore meant to serve only as a guide to color inheritance in the breeding of Dobermans.

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