George Earle III

How many of you know about the founder of our club? George Howard Earle III was born on December 5, 1890 in Pennsylvania. He grew up on a Montgomery County estate as the son of a wealthy family that traced its lineage back to the arrival of the Mayflower. According to Wikipedia :

“He received a degree from Harvard University and subsequently worked abroad in a family-owned sugar business. Upon US entry into World War I, he enlisted in the military. He earned the Navy Cross in 1918 after averting a fatal explosion when a munitions ship under his command caught fire. After the war, Earle returned to private business and became active in the Democratic Party, despite his family's Republican roots. In 1932, he was appointed as Ambassador to Austria in the Roosevelt administration.”

According to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission : Earle became the leading choice for Democratic leaders - Earle’s deep family roots linked to distinguished Pennsylvanians and colonialists, his success as a businessman and war hero, and an athletic appearance appealed to voters. Earle was also known as a sportsman. He was captain of the All-Philadelphia Polo Team that won a national championship in 1930. He was also a hunter, fisherman, and a breeder of dogs.

Earle was elected to serve as the 30th Governor of Pennsylvania and held that office from January 15, 1935 until January 17, 1939.

In 1944, President Roosevelt assigned Earle to compile information on the Katyn massacre, the massacre of the Polish intelligentsia by the Soviet government. Earle’s subsequent report that the Soviet Union was guilty was suppressed by Roosevelt who was convinced that Nazi Germany was to blame.

Doberman History

In 1921, during a meeting at the Westminster Kennel Club, George Earle and a group of Doberman fanciers got together and formed the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. In 1922, they adopted the Standard for the breed set up by the Germans and this standard was kept under 1935 when the first American Standard was implemented and approved by the AKC.

Throughout the 1920’s and ‘30’s, the popularity of the Doberman Pinscher began to escalate in the United States and there was a heavy demand from American fanciers for German Siegers and Siegerins especially when they were proven producers. In 1921, George Earle led the way by acquiring Ch. Lord v. d Horstburg for his Red Roof Kennels along with several good German bitches. Lord was the top-winning Doberman at Westminster in 1922.


George Howard Earle III died on December 30, 1974 at the age of 84. He was married to Jacqueline Sacre of Belgium, who was his second wife, and they had a daughter and a son. The son, Ambassador Ralph Earle II, followed in his father’s footsteps with a career in politics. He was director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and served as chief negotiator at the SALT II talks on nuclear disarmament on behalf of the United States.

It was through the efforts of George Howard Earle III that the DPCA was born and we are forever proud of his accomplishments in life and on our behalf. To find out more about the distinguished life of our founder, please visit the sites below.