Education - Meet the Breed

Educating the public regarding Doberman Pinschers takes all of us. Below are photos of club members who volunteered their time at Meet the Breed booths at their local shows.  This allows the public the opportunity to meet the Doberman and ask questions.

Click here for links to official DPCA brochures, posters and other literature regarding our breed.

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Westminster Kennel Club New York, NY February 2015 [top]

AKC Meet the Breeds Orlando, FL December 2014[top]

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America participated in the American Kennel Club’s annual Meet the Breeds in Orlando, Florida on December 14 & 15 in conjunction with the Eukanuba Championship.

The event was a huge success for the AKC and DPCA; we had many visitors stop in the DPCA’s booth to meet our wonderful breed.

Our canine and human volunteers this year were:

Dogs in attendance: , Aiden, Apollo, Eden, Lizzy, Ducky, Josh, Maynard and Mystery.

DPCA Members: Grace Black, Deb Eddy, Leslie Hall, Candy Sue Pailer, Carol Petruzzo, Theresa Richardson, John Richmond, Lily Thorne, and Megan.

AKC Meet the Breeds New York, NY September 28-29, 2013 [top]

DPCA Members Robin Kelley, Dr. May Jacobson, Jennifer Scott, Pam Haring, Linda Ramsey, John Marinos, Natalie Donnelly had a great time meeting the public with Dobermans




AKC/Eukanuba Invitational in Orlando, FL December 15-16, 2012 [top]

New Meet the Breed booth with German and American flags


New Meet the Breed booth with German and American flags


Photo show with war dog photos and military flags


Carol and Spice greeting a family


Kathy and Nero greeting a vistor




Spice and Nero with visitors


Louis Doberman, Debbie, and Josh


Nero and Kathy


Candy Sue and Santa Lizzy


Candy Sue and Santa Lizzy showing off for visitorsFifi manning the booth
Spice greeting a family


Kathy, Louis Doberman, Debbie, and Nero


Carol and Spice




AKC/Eukanuba Invitational in Orlando, FL December 18, 2011 [top]

Tony Dinardo & Jane Kay


Vicki Sweeny, Jeff Brucker, Fifi, Jocelyn Mullins, Debi Eddy


Carol Petruzzo, Vicki Sweeny, Sandy Teague, Fifi, Debi Eddy


Chris Yamaoka, Tony DiNardo, Gina DiNardo, Jeff Brucker, Vicki Sweeny


Chris Yamaoka, Tony DiNardo, Gina DiNardo, Jeff Brucker, Vicki Sweeny, Sandy Teague, Alison McDonald


Unknown, Carol Petruzzo, Alison McDonald, Sandy Teague, Naomi Shorr, Jeff Brucker


Man with Dog David Baikow


Carol Petruzzo, Jane Barnes, Unknown


Grace Black, Candi Pailer, David Baikow


Kelly Brawner


Sandy Teague, Susanne Smith, Kelly Brawner


Candi Pailer with visitor young boy


John Richmond with visitors


Grace Black and Grace Acosta


Debi Eddy, Carol Petruzzo, Alison McDonald


Candi Pailer

Piedmont KC December 3, 2011 [top]

Bebe McManus and her Dobe


Bebe McManus and he Dobe


Carolyn Atkinson and a junior handler


Bebe McManus and visitors


Carolyn Atkinson getting the table set up


Bebe McManus showing her Dobe to the crowd  

AKC/Eukanuba Invitational Long Beach, CA December 4-5, 2010 [top]

Gunner, Quatsch and friends
Sandy Driscol,(Gunner), Karen Saunders, (Quatsch), Chris Maxwell, (Encore)


Gunner, Quatsch and new friends


Martha Logan,Gwen Lucoff,Elaine Burlin,Diane Simmons,Sandy Driscoll,Karen Saunders
Sandy Driscoll and Gunner,Karen Saunders and Quatsch


Jocelyn Mullins and Fifi