tell us your LOVE story

For the centennial of the Doberman in America, we are producing a series of media projects for the DPCA. We need your help. We would like to hear your favorite Doberman story.

And if you've always wanted to share that video of your dog performing, competing, working, playing, being cute, stuck like Velcro or any of the other wonderful things our favorite breed does, this is your chance. If you don't have video, still photos will do.

These will be compiled and made available to the general public. It will honor our great breed and help others who may have an incorrect impression of the nature, traits, abilities and personality of our dogs begin to appreciate them for what they are.

Please include a paragraph or two about your dog and what makes him or her special, and what the dog means to you and your family. They don't have to be prize winners, just great stories about wonderful Dobermans doing wonderful things.

Please email your stories and pictures.

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