Centennial Committee

Mr. Jeffrey Paul Helsdon

Ms. Dale Maddox Geddis
Honorary Co-Chair

Ms. Marsha Sheppard
Finance Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Sharon Pflueger and Ms. Tammy Rabold
Merchandise Sales Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Ms. Shani St. John
Media and Publicity Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Michelle Kramer
Website Chair

Ms. Jann Selleck
Servicemark Subcommittee Chair

Dr. May Jacobson
Foreign Dignitaries Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Meghan Munter
Special Projects Subcommittee Chair

Mr. Ray Carlisle
World War II Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Maria Ciski
Service Dog Subcommittee Chair

Mr. Jeffrey Paul Helsdon
Homeland Security Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Sherry Beck
Event Subcommittee Chair

Peggy Boos
Lora Van Epp
Nicole Glasser

Executive Committee Members
Dr. Sam F. Burke, Jr.
Dr. Anthony DiNardo
Ms. Ellen Hanley
Ms. Robin Kelley
Dr. Carmen Battaglia


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Centennial Celebration Program  [top]

This 8.5" x 11" collectors item has 48 glossy pages filled with bios of the VIPs, WWII war dog handlers and interviews with WWII veterans.  There are photos of the veterans with their canine war partners.  $20 USD including shipping.

Please note that some items will ship from different locations.

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The DVD  [top]

This special limited-edition video is available on DVD for only $19.95. Hundreds of copies have been pre-ordered and we cannot guarantee how long the supply will last. Always Faithful will be a treasure for your Doberman collection for years to come.


Watch an excerpt of the movie - the War Dog Handlers arriving



Click here for a mail in order form

Click here to buy at the Online Store