National Convention

2015 National Show & Convention · Lancaster, PA
90th Annual National Convention
Sept 26 - Oct 3, 2015


Agility Obedience Breeder Ed Exhibitor Ed Judges Ed Nose Work

Agility Seminar - Wed Sept 30, 2015

An Agility Seminar with DUDLEY FONTAINE

Dudley Fontaine has been living with and training dogs of various breeds—including Cocker Spaniels, Standard Poodles, and now Border Collies—for 20 years. Border Collies Maverick, Sweet, and Jack have been on IFCS and WAO USA world teams multiple times each, and all have medaled.

As of 5/29/15:
There are 3 WORKING spots left!!! Get your forms in Audit is UNLIMITED


Obedience Seminar - NOT OFFERED THIS YEAR [top]

Breeder Education Seminar - Mon Sept 28, 2015  10a-1p [top]

Seminar is 30.00

This years Breeders Seminar will be a Round Table Discussion. The great topics for this year will be:

Sire Selection and the evaluation of genotype and phenotype of dam and sire.

Evaluating breeding stock and the judges application and interpretation of the Standard.

Temperament and mental conditioning .

Communication with veterinarians and building relationships with veterinarian and other health providers.


Exhibitors Education Seminar - Tues Sept 29, 2015 8:30a - 4p  [top]

This year the Exhibitor's Seminar will be on Tuesday September 29 starting at 8:30 am and running until the afternoon and we are finished with our presentations. Room/Location will be announced at a later date. Lunch will be 12:30 until 2:00.

I am VERY proud and excited to announce that Mr. Hernan Pacheco and Mr. Eric Petersen will be our presenters at the Exhibitor's Education seminar this year.

Hernan will work with seminar participants on their handling skills and Eric will be presenting on temperament.

We welcome you all that wish to work with your dogs to please sign up for the Seminar, beginners as well as advanced ahead of time. Remember we can all learn from each other! Beginning Handler & Handlers that have finished a dog/bitch. You must bring a crate for your dog to use when you are not working your dogs, some bait, and a show lead and collar. Have your dog clean & groomed just like a show, and wear rubber bottom show shoes.

Preregistration is advised so that we know how many people will be bringing their dogs/bitches. We will have a good size room in a circular situation and a mat to use for moving exercises, etc.

Make it a great Summer for yourself and your dog, We look forward to seeing YOU and your dog in October. Any questions feel free to email me or call:

Sharon Pflueger, Chair



Q&A with Hernan Pacheco

Your Name where you are from:

Hernan Pacheco
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Your family background in Dogs/Dobermans:

My mom started showing and breeding collies in 1974. In 1980 Enrique Fellipini gave my mom her first Doberman and she instantly fell in love with the breed. She started her breeding program with dogs who came from Marienburg dobermans and went on to start her own line with the kennel name " Will - Ross dobermans ". In 1980 she got my dad involved with dog shows, he started with obedience and in 1982 one of my moms dogs had to go back in the confrontation ring and they sent my dad in and he's been handling ever since. My sister was born in 1975 and grew up in this sport and still continues to handle today.

Your winning in your country and now in the U.S.:

There are many different wins I am proud of so here are a few

South America include:
Best junior at the world dog show in 1993
Over 250 best in shows
5 Doberman national best of opposite sex
Several number one dogs in different breeds such as the Beagle, Doberman, English springer and Boxer
1 Doberman national in Mexico

In my short period in the U.S working for Esteban Farias include:
Winners bitch at the DPCA
I have helped finish dogs by putting single points and majors on many different breeds
Countless best of breeds
A couple group 1's
Many group placements
A reserve best in show

Your experience with handling and working with Esteban Farias:

I grew up watching Esteban Farias showing dogs and I always said I want to show dogs like that guy, even when my dad taught him I thought Esteban was the best Doberman handler in the business. When I decided to move to America the first person I asked to work for was Esteban and thank god he gave me the opportunity to learn everything I need to know about the business in this country. It has been a great pleasure to work with Esteban and even better to call him a true friend.

What are your goals in the dog business?:

Ever since I decided to become a professional handler I have had these goals:
To have the number one Doberman and win the national
To have the number one boxer and win the national
Both here in the U.S

What were your family's successes in the business?:

My mom success as a breeder include:
More than 50 champions in different countries
She had 8 number one brood bitches in a row
The number one dog of the year in 1990
Top twenty winner in 1989
2 Doberman national wins
2 number one dobermans
And 1 number one all breed
All of these accomplishments were in different countries

Some of my family's success include:
15 Doberman national wins
14 Doberman top twenty winners
16 number one Dobermans
4 number one all breeds also with a Doberman
And countless amounts of best in shows
Again all in different countries

Who have been your mentors?:

My family

How do you feel about the future of the Doberman Pinscher?:

I have always said if you put the time and effort you will see the results, I see a lot of people sharing knowledge, experience and hard work to better the Doberman for the love of the breed, if people continue to work hard like they have been the future looks bright.

Share some of your thoughts and feelings about these animals with us:

Overall I have seen very nice examples of structure and breed type. I love that owners and handlers have been putting in a lot of effort and focus on conditioning and showmanship of each individual dog. There's a significant amount of improvement which is nice to see in the ring today.

WHO has been your greatest inspiration so far in Life and Why ?:

My dad has been my biggest inspiration because when he wanted to do something he did it, he started showing dogs not knowing anything and after hard work and dedication he became one of the most recognized and respected people in the dog show world. He has taught me if you work hard you can have anything you want in life. My dad never told me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it, I will be forever grateful for everything I've learned from him.

Share some of your feelings and thoughts about yourself. and any thing else you want to add !!:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, the Farias family, and anyone who has encouraged me along my journey and to anyone with future advice, I am always willing and open to learn more! If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you! So please everyone always have a open mind and keep learning everyday.

Bio: Eric Petersen

I have had Dobermans in my house since I was a child. I got started in competitive obedience in 1997. I got my first Irongate Doberman in 1999 and have been proud to be associated with Irongate Dobermans since then. I have been fortunate to be mentored by long time friend and breeder Eve Auch. I co-bred my first Irongate litter in 2005 and my ROM bitch just celebrated her 10th birthday. I have co-bred top twenty dogs in obedience and confirmation. I have bred 5 ROM dogs since 2005. I have handled and finished a number of other breeds over the years including Great Danes, Portuguese Water Dogs, Bull Terriers, and my own Dachshund. I am a ROM evaluator and the chairman of the ROM Committee.

I have been teaching basic obedience at Pet Medical Center for Dr. Carl Pew in Orem Utah since 2003 and teaching basic obedience for Utah Valley University since 2010. I have been a AKC CGC Evaluator since 2008.

I work at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City Utah and have been there since 1994. I am currently the Elephant Manager and an Animal Care Supervisor. I have worked with elephants at the zoo for over 19 years. I currently manage 3 elephants ranging in age from 55 to 6 years old and two White Rhinos 36 and 39 years old. I have trained the elephants to do behaviors from presenting feet for inspection to painting with a paintbrush. I am currently on the Elephant Managers Association “Ethics Committee.”

I have spent my career training animals and have a vast knowledge of training many species. In my spare time I enjoy training my dogs as well as wildlife photograph. I have had photos nationally published and consider myself a “Bird-nerd.” In 2013 I was ranked #39 in the United States for species seen in one year. I was able to positively identify 506 species of birds in the United States. I was able to photograph over 300 of those species.

It is an honor to be a part of the Exhibitors Seminar and I am excited to share my knowledge of handling dogs and more importantly animal behavior.



Judges Education Seminars - INFO COMING SOON   [top]


K9 Nose Work Seminar - Thursday October 1 8:30a-2:30p   [top]

Click here for the nose work seminar reservation form and flyer

Click here for the nose work seminar release form (you must sign and return with your reservation form)

K9 Nose Work® Seminar

Presented by Lisa Mallory, CPDT-KA, CNWI

Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Certified Nose Work Instructor

K9 Nose Work® was created to provide an opportunity for all dogs to have an outlet for their instinctive hunting and scenting abilities. It was inspired by the model of working detection dogs, and uses many foundational techniques of detection dog training. The fundamental purpose of K9 Nose Work® is to engage the dog in a fun game that uses his innate desire to hunt and search with his nose. As the dog learns independence and confidence, the handler learns to read their dog’s subtle body language while developing a team relationship, built on trust and cooperation.

The DPCA has elected to add the National Association of Canine Scent Work’s, K9 Nose Work® level 1 (NW1) title, to their working titles that may be accepted for a ROM. K9 Nose Work® is an all inclusive sport and even dogs that are reactive to people and others dogs can attend classes. Training classes and competitive trialing are set up so that dogs are never in the working area at the same time. Because only one dog at a time works, it is an ideal competition sport for dogs that owners may traditionally have been worried about concerning off leash activities around other dogs, as in some more traditional sports such as Obedience and Rally.

WHEN: Thursday, October 1st, 2015

WHERE: DPCA National Convention, Lancaster, PA

TIME: 8:30 – 11:30 Demonstration by working Doberman and Power Point Presentation; 11:30-12:30 Lunch (on your own); 12:30-2:30 Working Dogs

FEE: $125 for a Working Spot – No K9 Nose Work experience required - (limited to 6 dogs), and $45 for auditors (unlimited)

Information: Lisa Mallory, or 336-870-9398

Come find out what this exciting new sport is all about, and start having fun with your dog training for a K9 Nose Work® title!