The Doberman - Versatility

Louis Dobermann needed an animal that was versatile - he created an intelligent, fearless, smart dog with a great nose. Today's Doberman is as versatile as the original. Dobermans are successful in search and rescue, agility, barn hunt, dock diving, fly ball, free style dance, herding, lure coursing, nose work, obedience/rally, conformation, tracking, working dog sport, Schutzhund, guide dogs for the blind, and therapy dogs.

Dobermans are versatile as...

... a search and rescue worker:


... an agility partner:


... a service friend:


... a family companion:


... an obedience/rally partner:


... a conformation competitor:


... a mobility assist friend:


... a tracking friend:


... a Police partner:


... a courageous Schutzhund/Working Dog Sport partner:


... a guide dog for the blind:


... an Always Faithful troop member: