The Doberman - Versatility - Barn Hunt

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Barn Hunt is a competitive sport that demonstrates a dog’s ability to hunt vermin, especially rats. Events are held either indoors or outdoors, in a barn-like setting or on any piece of level ground, using an approximately 20 x 30 feet gated and secured area. Dogs hunt for a rat or rats safely confined in an aerated PVC rat tube hidden in hay. The dog is required to climb over and tunnel through hay obstacles, which are placed in the dog’s path and complete the task within an established timeframe. The dog must also be able to differentiate between a live rat, an empty PVC tube and a tube holding rat bedding. At all times, the safety of the dogs, handlers, and rats is a paramount concern. Rats are humanely handled; Barn Hunt is not intended to harm or kill rats.

ARCH, URO2, USJ BJF O'er The Hills N' Far Away, RE, OA, NAJ, RATN, WAC, TT, "Cala"

Barn Hunt is for any breed or mix of dog who loves to hunt and who can fit through an 18” by approximately 22 “ tall wide tunnel made of hay bales. It tests speed, agility, surefootedness and the ability to distinguish between intensity of odors. Barn Hunt is all inclusive and fun for any dog and human who want to play the game. Dobermans function well in the role of barn hunters. The breed is known for their agility, territorial protection, and sense of smell. The breed can easily tunnel, climb and search for vermin. Barn Hunt can be used to test the hunting instinct of the Doberman and obedience since they must work in partnership with the handler while in hunt/prey drive. Teamwork of the handler and dog is an important component of the sport. The handler must be able to read the dog’s alert on the rat and the dog must be able to communicate the “find.” The Judge does not tell the team where the rat(s) are located, it is up to the handler to understand their dog’s communication signals and inform the Judge when the rat(s) are found.

ARCH, URO2, USJ BJF O'er The Hills N' Far Away, RE, OA, NAJ, RATN, WAC, TT, "Cala"

Barn Hunt is a competitive dog sporting event that includes different levels of difficulty, titles, placements and championships, which can challenge the Doberman personality. Barn Hunt is an independent organization but titles of Novice (RATN) and above are recognized by the American Kennel Club, and for a small fee can be listed on the Doberman’s AKC pedigree. For more information, go to:



ARCH, URO2, USJ BJF O'er The Hills N' Far Away, RE, OA, NAJ, RATN, WAC, TT, "Cala", owned by Robin Nuttall. Photos of Cala are copyrighted by Debbie Christoff, Pawsitive Impressions
Ricky Bobby owned by Whitney Newman
Bristol owned by Kellie Valencia and Elizabeth Barrett

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