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Taping: Vet Wrap

Here is a brand new ear posting method that is perfect in my opinion!  Make the posts as usual, back taping with good adhesive tape (Johnson & Johnson weatherproof). Now comes the good part thanks to Margaret. Post the ear securely, then get some 3M Vetwrap (it is used on horses).  It comes in various colors,  is stretchy and clings to itself.  It is about 3 inches wide.  Pull off a length of about 12 to 14 inches. Cut it off.  Then cut it lengthwise down the middle which gives you 2 strips approximately 1 and 1/2 inches wide per strip.  Vetwrap is very flexible and breathable. Now, starting at the top of the ear, wrap toward the base and wrap in the direction of the natural fold.  You should end up running out of Vetwrap after about 1 revolution around the base of the ear.  Squeeze the Vetwrap firmly, paying particular attention to pushing it up against the post adhesive.  That’s it!  You end up with posts that are easy to change.

To remove, get some surgical tape cutting scissors or whisker scissors (they have a blunt end on one side of the cutting edge).  Start at the base of the back of the ear and cut upwards. The Vetwrap comes off immediately and never adheres to the pup’s ear.  You can then use some adhesive tape remover pads from PDI (Professional Disposables, Inc) and run the edge of the pad along where the adhesive posts adhere to the ear… working your way slowly along until the post and Vetwrap can be removed as one.

There you have it!  Your dear puppy still has hair on his/her ears … there is no pain or discomfort to the pup or to yourself . What else can I say but try it … you’ll love it!

courtesy of Margaret Labeur, USA

Kettle Cove Dobermans has a page dedicated to ear taping via the Vet wrap method: