Beginner’s Doberman Pinscher


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This booklet is for prospective owners of Doberman Pinschers and for those who have their very first Doberman. We will try to tell you the joys and the woes of owning this remarkable breed.

Of course, the Doberman Pinscher has qualities which are common to all dogs. However, he is the most misunderstood and feared dog of all the breeds today. Because of this, there are certain special things which we think you should know and understand before getting your first Doberman.

If you are looking for a docile, uncomplicated dog, a Doberman is not for you. The Doberman temperament – alert, active, intelligent and demanding of attention – needs a firm, kind and loving person to guide and train it. A Doberman cannot live happily in a total kennel situation but must have a great deal of time with his owner or owners in a close family relationship. An owner must be willing to make the effort it takes to be the Doberman’s “master” or else the delightful and responsive puppy may turn into an unruly, headstrong dog which will be hard to handle as he matures. A Doberman, like most dogs, thrives on a fairly rigid schedule and learns when to expect his food, his walks and the arrival of his loved ones.

If you want a dog which will live entirely out of doors, don’t get a Doberman. Because of his short coat, this breed is very susceptible to extremes of heat and cold. The Doberman must become adapted to indoor living for at least part of every day. This means he must be housebroken and generally made aware of what is expected of him in your home. He is capable of learning very quickly.

It takes time, patience and consistency to realize the full potential of your Doberman. The person who just wants a dog around the place should not own this breed.

Some people prefer to get a young puppy and train it in their own way. This can be very rewarding, quite time-consuming and often frustrating. Other people prefer a dog which is out of its puppyhood and has already been somewhat “civilized”. We will discuss the pros and cons of both and tell you something about raising Dobermans of all ages.

We are going to give you only a sampling of the vast amount there is to know about raising and training your Doberman. In the back of this booklet there is a list of books, pamphlets and magazines which can help you with your special needs and interests.

Our greatest hope is that we will help you to understand the Doberman Pinscher and to decide whether this breed is what you really want. If you are prepared to offer large amounts of love, attention, firmness and consistency, owning a Doberman may be one of the great pleasures of your life.

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