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ROM Display   The DPCA National Show Committee is excited to announce that Karen Mundy has volunteered to set up the ROM booth at the National again!!!! Last year was the first time for a ROM booth showcasing the current year’s ROM recipients.  Karen’s display of the ROM recipients was nothing short of amazing!   Karen is ready to start organizing this year’s display.  Every new ROM recipient is invited to participate and, just like last year, you will be able to take your personalized display plaque home with you at the end of the National.    Once you have been notified by the ROM Secretary, Anne Lincoln, that your dog has received a ROM, please fill out the below form.   If you want to showcase your ROM dog in the National ROM booth, please submit the information listed by August 4th. This allows sufficient time for your display plaque to be made.   Thank you, Karen Mundy (and your sister Jan), for the fabulous job you did last year and for volunteering again!!!
Fill out the ROM Display Form
Maturity Nominations   Nominations for Maturity eligible dogs began on April 15 and will run through July 31.  Please click on the link to access the form to nominate for the Maturity Stakes.   This year’s Maturity judge will be Linda George.   A short recap on eligibility rules: Dam must have been nominated for the Futurity class of 2022.  The puppy does not have to have been individually nominated for Futurity to be Maturity eligible.Must also be entered in a regular class at the National.    The complete Maturity Stakes Rules are available on the DPCA website,