DPCA Rescue Stories


Troy came to KCDR when the authorities removed him from a Puppy Mill where he and his sister Starr were "Security". He arrived with a large infected blunt force trauma on his leg, and it had progressed deep into the bone, so bad that there was talk of amputation. It took 9+ months to treat, heal, and grow new skin. To keep him from reopening the wound, the poor boy was 9+ months in an e-collar and then a custom made shoulder holster bandage. But KCDR kept to its commitment to finding him a new home.

It was only once the leg was healed that KCDR realized his increasing unsteadiness on his feet was due to Wobblers - a breakdown of the discs in the neck. He changed from a foster case to a hospice case. He had acupuncture, and special 'gold' bead implants in his neck - which gave a sort of 'permanent' acupuncture effect. All this gave him some relief, but we knew that the end would still be the same - sometime the disc breakdown would be complete and he would lose control of his legs and then KCDR would have to say its good-byes to a very, very special ambassador for our breed.

Through all his long and eventful fostering he had sponsors who helped with all his medical bills. To all of whom we say a very big "Thank you one and all!"