DPCA Rescue Stories


I'm named after the Woman's World Darts champion Trina Gulliver. Difference is I don't throw darts, I get hit by them!

When I checked into rescue, it was noticed that I had a bit of metal spike sticking out of one of my nipples. They thought I had impaled myself on something - but the X-ray said different ... and the vet removed a tranquilizer gun dart 5 inches long. It was lodged in my abdomen, so I must have been shot at closequarters and was very fortunate that it missed my organs and there was no serious damage. I had to recuperate from the infection that was caused by the dart.

I'm about 3 yrs old and a sweet and happy girl, . . . surely they didn't have to shoot me? And after they shot me... shouldn't they have helped me ? I ended up in a shelter, but they didn't notice I'd been shot. I'm happy to have that big dart removed and to be in a warm house. I have toys to play with and love the people here, but I'm looking for a permanent home - please!

And she found one!