The Doberman - A Candid Look at Doberman Temperament

By: John T. Brueggeman

Although Doberman temperament has undergone a gradual but steady decrease in overall sharpness during recent years, today's Doberman is still a dog that requires intelligent handling and does offer good protection for his owner, family, home, auto and business. But due to his energetic nature and super intelligence, many people do not make good owners although he isn't nearly as difficult to own as he was in those earlier days when the Doberman earned his reputation as being the sharpest thing on four feet! The uneducated public still harbors a pronounced fear of the Doberman Pinscher, and strangely enough, this has been a lasting blessing for the breed. But how then, can the Doberman breed with such a reputation, be one of the ten most popular breeds in the United States today.

The answer is simple enough. The Doberman has always been, for the most part, extremely loyal and very trustworthy to his master to a greater extent than most other breeds. He is also a dog that becomes an important and enjoyable part of the family. He requires close association with those he loves and when this love is present, his temperament makes him a natural protector. He is trustworthy around his master's children, friends and even company if he is treated with reasonable respect. His physical makeup such as his medium size, short hard hair and overall clean-cut trimness has always been a blueprint of the ideal house dog, but it wasn't until his sharpness mellowed, making him easier to handle, that he could reach his present popularity.

It must not be assumed that all Dobermans have like temperament and it is wise for all prospective owners of the breed to see and become acquainted with the parents of puppies or grown dogs before any purchase is made. On the whole, present-day breeders are doing a good job of producing sound temperament in their breeding efforts. There still is a small percentage of shy, as well as vicious, Dobermans in existence but fortunately they are diminishing. On this point, you need the help of a reliable breeder or breed authority to help you make the best selection for your own particular situation. Once you have had the pleasure of owning a Doberman Pinscher of correct breed temperament, you can't help but be spoiled for life.

We are pleased that you are considering joining the ranks of many happy Doberman owners, and would like to offer you a few tips in selecting not only the right puppy. but the right breeder, which is the most important step you will take. While we cannot do this for you, we can offer some advice to perhaps get you off to a good start.

If at all possible. do go and pick up the puppy yourself, even if it means a long drive. This will not only enable you to meet the breeder of your puppy. but also see the dam and the conditions under which the litter was raised. Of course, make an appointment. as breeders are generally quite busy and have many visitors.