Juniors Program

Mission and Purpose:

The Class of 2013 Rear L-R: Ashlee Clagett, Mallary Ross, Raquel Wright Front L-R: Marianna Gonzales, Abigail Adams

The DPCA Juniors Program was established in 2013, to recognize that our children are the path to the future of the sport of purebred dogs. The primary goal of the program is to encourage, support, and promote Junior handlers to participate in the sport of purebred dogs, to become active in the DPCA and to continue as an integral part of the future of the sport.

Juniors are important to the future of the sport of purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership. The more they learn, the more valuable they become to society.




The 2013 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Junior Handler finalists included Karlee Howard with Risiko and Ania Kelly & Gunner. Karlee went on the place third in tough competition. Congratulations ladies!

The values, attitudes and responsibility learned through Junior Showmanship will serve youngsters well throughout their lives. By putting time and effort into learning about their dog and how to train, groom and present it, Juniors are rewarded with many life lessons. One of the charters of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America is “to otherwise preserve and protect the Doberman Pinscher and to do all things possible to bring its natural qualities to perfection,” and the DPCA Juniors program strives to teach that lesson early.

The highlights of the DPCA Juniors Program are:

DPCA National Specialty:

The DPCA offers a variety of training seminars and activities to our Juniors, at no cost, during National week.

Juniors are offered an opportunity to compete in the Junior Showmanship event at the DPCA National, where a scholarship, framed certificate, DPCA gold-tone medallion, as well as a perpetual Bronze Trophy are offered for Best Junior Handler.

“Class photo” of all Juniors entered in Junior Showmanship at the National for publication on the DPCA Website & “Pipeline”.

Junior Jamboree Party and handling seminar for all Juniors, future Juniors and Pee Wees attending the DPCA National.

Showcase/Exhibition at the DPCA National for the year’s Top 20 Juniors, with personally inscribed rosettes given to the AKC Top 20 Doberman Junior handlers of the year.

Best Junior Handler at the National:

  1. Best Junior Handler Scholarship ($500)
  2. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America offers the Official Gold Toned Doberman Pinscher Club of America Medallion 2 ½ inch Featuring A Doberman Head on the Obverse & a Full Doberman on the Reverse
  3. Foxfire Dobermans offers a Perpetual Trophy, a bronze sculpture of a Doberman & Globe on a base~“Take On The World”~ by Danny Quest. Offered through the Doberman Pinscher Club Of America at its National Specialty only. The winner will receive a commemorative certificate. Each winner will have their named inscribed on base which is donated and created by Heartwood Dobermans


Scholarships or Awards:

    1. The DPCA offers a $500 scholarship to the Junior who wins Best Junior Handler at each DPCA National.
  1. The DPCA offers either a $500 scholarship OR a $500 Award to any Junior who attends Westminster or the AKC National Championship Show with a Doberman. Click on the “Scholarship or Awards” tab for more information


Pee Wee Class:

The Juniors Program will assist the Public Education Committee in hosting a Pee Wee class at the DPCA National Specialty. The event will follow AKC guidelines, and entries can be made on the day of the class.

Junior Liaison:

A DPCA member is available to answer all inquires and offer advice to juniors and parents who are currently involved, or want to participate, in the sport.

Membership Fee:

The DPCA offers a reduced fee to become a Junior member of the DPCA.

Junior Scholarship or Award

The DPCA offers a $500.00 scholarship to the Best Junior at the DPCA National specialty show; *upon acceptance to a college of their choice, using the form on DPCA.org (https://dpca.org/club/juniors/), the Junior shall provide proof of enrollment to the DPCA Treasurer, who shall issue a check in the name of the Junior directly to the college.

The DPCA offers a $500.00 Award or a $500.00 Scholarship (*see above for guidelines) to any Junior who qualifies and competes with a Doberman in Junior Showmanship at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The DPCA offers a $500.00 Award or a $500.00 Scholarship (*see above for guidelines) to any Junior who qualifies and competes with a Doberman in Junior Showmanship at the AKC National Championship Dog Show. The maximum Award a junior may request per calendar year is $1,000.00.

If the Junior chooses the Award, the request must be received within 90 days of the conclusion of the event for which they are requesting the Award. The request must be made using the form on the DPCA website (https://dpca.org/club/juniors/); proof of competition at the show(s) and a W9 must be included in the request.

The required documentation shall then be sent to the Junior chair for verification and approval. Upon approval, it will be forwarded to the DPCA treasurer for payment.


Junior Scholarship or Award Form

Audrey Award Scholarship (see below for form)


The primary goal the DPCA Junior Program is to encourage, support and promote Junior handlers to participate in the sport of purebred dogs, to become active in the DPCA and to continue as an integral part of the future of the sport. In support of that objective, the DPCA offers the Audrey Award Scholarship. One(1) $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a qualified applicant. The applicant must demonstrate his/her interest in bettering and promoting the Doberman Pinscher and in giving back to the community through volunteerism.


  1. One Scholarship recipient may be selected annually, for a one (1) time scholarship of $1000.00. Recipients are eligible to reapply for a scholarship as long as they continue to meet the scholarship eligibility criteria and may be selected for a scholarship more than once.
  2. The scholarship is available to qualifying Juniors through the age of 25.
  3. Applicant must be enrolled in high school or college (university, college or community college) with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  4. If in high school the applicant must document plans to enroll in a degree program at a university, college or community college. If the applicant is already enrolled in a degree granting program, proof of enrollment in the program is required.
  5. Applicant must have competed in at least five (5) AKC/DPCA dog shows/trials within a two (2) year period with a Doberman. This can be five (5) events in one venue or any combination of Junior Showmanship or performance events.


  1. Applicant must provide a cover sheet with the essay listing the junior handler’s name, address, phone number, and name of parents/legal guardian and enclose all various proofs of eligibility (GPA, enrollment, plans to enroll, shows/trials) as stated herein.
  2. Applicant must submit an essay not to exceed 750 words. The essay must be typed, doubled spaced, 12 point font, with one (1) inch margins. The applicant’s essay should address the following:
  • Reasons why you feel that you are a good candidate for this award (plans to continue participation in the sport of purebred dogs, future goals with Dobermans, how you have bettered yourself through Junior Showmanship, competing in performance events, breed knowledge, etc.).
  • What attracted you to the breed?
  • Volunteer activities within your community, the AKC, Chapter or National breed club and/or school, and how this volunteerism relates to the sport of purebred dogs and your future personal and professional goals.
  1. Application deadline:

The deadline for the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Scholarships (retroactive) is January 31, 2022. The winner(s) will be announced in March 2022.

The deadline for all future (2022 and beyond) Scholarship applications is March 15 of the Scholarship year. Applications for the 2022 Scholarship are due March 15, 2022. The winner will be announced in June.


  1. The recipient of the Audrey Award will be determined by the Junior Scholarship committee based on the applicant’s essay, weighted as follows:

40% community work and volunteerism

40% essay

20% participation in AKC events as a Junior


The selection committee will be comprised of 5 DPCA members, including the Junior Committee Chairperson, a DPCA Board Member (with input from the Junior Committee Chairperson), and 3 other DPCA members recommended by the Junior Committee chairperson.


A picture of the recipient with his/her Doberman along with the application essay will be printed in the DPCA Year in Review and on the DPCA web site. Other applicant’s essays may be printed if space permits.


Scholarships will be paid directly to the college or university. The recipient is responsible for notifying the DPCA treasurer of the address of the college/university receiving the funds for the scholarship and providing any forms the college/university might require for receipt of the funds.

Scholarships must be used within three (3) years of the award (for a scholarship awarded in March 2021, funds must be used no later than the Spring Semester 2024.)

Audrey Award Scholarship Application:

These Junior handlers have earned a $500 Scholarship by winning Best Junior Handler at the DPCA National.  


Riley Dean



Riley Dean



Faith Rogers



Alexis Truesdail



Alexis Truesdail



Ashlee Claggett



Mallary Ross



2019 Top 20 Juniors

May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019

Rank Junior Name Total Defeated
1 Ethan Coye 460
2 Faith Rogers 324
3 Julianna Medina 306
4 Marit Alsager 222
5 Hannah Hicks 175
6 Katie Gomes 174
7 Sabrina Goldfein 170
8 Riley Dean 166
9 Ariella Harris 141
10 Ashley Lacoste 68
11 Sai Jokai 66
12 Maren Laplante 53
13 Ashley Landis 47
14 Shoshana Goldfein 29
15 Alexis Shook 27
16 Taylor Blankenship 21
17 Kadyn Fisher 17
17 Lydia Zemouri 17
18 Ava Van Schaick 12
18 Danielle Logan 12
18 Kendra Williams 12
18 Sofie Salmon 12
19 Renee Gould 11
20 Ashley Miller 10
20 Sierra Story 10

2018 Top 20 Juniors

Rank Junior Name Total Defeated
1 Erin LaPlante 781
2 Adrienne Ellison 460
3 Faith Rogers 161
4 Julianna Medina 151
5 Sabrina Goldfein 145
6 Salena McCloud 139
7 Hannah Hicks 99
8 Shoshana Goldfein 85
9 Ariella Harris 77
10 Kyle Bismore 70
11 Taylor Schwartz 61
12 Annie Zemouri 60
13 Kendra Williams 44
14 Sai Jokai 43
15 Berkeley C. Thompson 39
16 Maren Laplante 32
17 Ethan Coye 25
18 Renee Gould 20
19 Isabella Pine 19
20 Katie Gomes 18

2017 Top 20 Juniors

Rank Junior Name Total Defeated
1 Salena McCloud 444
2 Adrienne Ellison 391
3 Erin Laplante 378
4 Mariana Gonzales 284
5 Cole Ferreira 211
6 Berkeley C. Thompson 181
7 Gabe Silva 140
8 Faith Rogers 137
9 Alexis Truesdail 112
10 Taylor Schwartz 77
11 Ashlee J. Claggett 74
12 Sabrina Goldfein 66
13 Julianna Medina 65
14 Kyle Bismore 59
15 Aurora Loya 42
16 Shoshana Goldfein 41
17 Katie Gomes 39
18 Ashley Landis 33
19 Renee Gould 26
20 Maren Laplante 23

2016 Top 20 Juniors

Rank Junior Name Total Defeated
1 Mariana Gonzales 425
2 Kasey O’Brien 327
3 Taylor Schwartz 249
4 Alexis Truesdail 175
5 Erin Laplante 170
6 Cole Ferreira 132
7 Ashlee J. Claggett 118
8 Adrienne Ellison 92
9 Berkeley Thompson 73
10 Julianna Medina 58
11 Marit Alsager 50
12 Sabrina Goldfein 49
13 Shoshana Goldfein 39
14 Brooke Moyer 18
15 Renee Gould 16
16 Katie Gomes 14
17 Alanis Stewart 11
18 Salena McCloud 11
19 Aleksandra Thomas 8
20 Alexis Timm 7

2015 Top 20 Juniors

Rank Junior Name Best/Top Jr Wins Class Wins Total Defeated
1 Kasey O’Brien 6 6 153
2 Mariana Gonzales 2 2 121
3 Abigail Adams 1 1 98
4 Taylor Schwartz 3 3 37
5 Ashlee Jeanne Claggett 0 0 17
6 Erin LaPlante 1 1 13
7 Marit Alsager 0 1 12
8 Renee Gould 0 0 10
9 Shoshana Goldfein 0 0 9
9 Raquel Wright 0 0 9
11 Megan Palmer 0 0 7
12 Breanna Imler 0 1 5
12 Jaimie Smith 0 0 5
14 Julianna Medina 0 1 3
15 Daniel Pine 0 0 2
16 Sabrina Goldfein 0 0 1

2014 Top 20 Juniors

Rank Junior Name Best/Top Jr Wins Class Wins Total Defeated
1 Kasey O’Brien 20 34 398
2 Taylor Schwartz 14 23 250
3 Abigail Adams 7 11 207
4 Erin LaPlante 8 17 197
5 Mallary Quin Ross 7 8 193
6 Alexis Truesdail 7 8 97
7 Mariana Gonzales 4 6 89
7 Jaimie Smith 3 6 89
9 Ricki Lynne King 4 11 85
10 Karlee Howard 6 7 84
11 Ashlee Jeanne Claggett 8 10 75
12 Annabella Hines 2 9 73
13 Renee Gould 0 9 37
14 Megan Palmer 0 3 29
15 Daniel Pine 1 1 28
16 Raquel Wright 0 1 17
17 Brooke Moyer 0 1 16
18 Shoshana Goldfein 2 1 15
18 Julianna Medina 0 9 15
20 Sabrina Goldfein 0 3 12

2013 Top 10 Juniors

Jan-Nov 2013

Ranking Junior Handler and Dog
1 Mallary Ross
2 Abigail Adams
3 Karlee Howard
4 Taylor Swartz
5 Mariana Gonzalez
6 Alexis Truesdail
7 Ricki Lynne Smith
8 Raquel Wright
9 Kacie Foelker
10 Ashlee Claggett

It takes money to keep this program viable and this is where YOU can
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