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Versatility Award

The Versality Award Program recognizes Dobermans that have excelled in multiple dog sports. DPCA members that dedicate themselves to training and competition will be recognized for their efforts.

All DPCA member owned dogs are eligible for the award. The Versatility Award program has 4 tiers:

  1. Versatility Achievement Award: 5 titles earned in at least 3 different performance/companion titling events
  2. Versatility Excellence Award: 10 titles earned in at least 5 different performance/companion titling events
  3. Versatility Master Award: 15 titles earned in at least 7 different performance/companion events
  4. Versatility Companion Champion: AKC VCCH title earned. The VCCH title is awarded by the AKC to dogs earning a OTCH, MACH and CT title.

An AKC recognized title earned in the following sports are eligible titles for the Versality Award: Agility, CGC, Coursing Ability Test, Farm Dog, Fast CAT, Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dog, Tracking, Trick Dog, NAFA (Flyball), Barn Hunt Association, NADD (Dock Diving), Disc Dog and DPCA approved Working Dog Titles. A list of eligible titles for each of these categories is listed on the AKC website.

Application form (Click here for application form)

Please fill out the application in its entirety. All of the acceptable titles are listed on the application form. There is no need to look anything up. The Working Dog Titles also include the 19 titles the DPCA has approved but the AKC has not programmed in to their systems. There is a 18 month delay between submission and programming to add those titles.


Once your completed application is submitted, it may take up to 6 weeks to get your certificate. Applications will be processed monthly and you should receive the certificate mid month following the month you submitted your application.
Recipients will receive a level-specific Versatility Certificate and be listed in “All Ears”, “Year In Review” and on the DPCA Website. Versatility Master and VCCH recipients will also receive a DPCA medallion.

Questions should be sent to

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what titles qualify?

A list of eligible titles is listed on the AKC website.



How do I get my dog's title progression?

Visit the AKC Points Progression page and either take a screen shot of the results window or print the page to a PDF. Save the screen shot as a .jpg and upload to the application form.

Here is an example of a screen shot from the AKC Points Progression page:

The DPCA approved working titles are not on the AKC list. What are they?

The 19 DPCA approved working titles are:

FPr1, FPr2, FPr3
UPr1, UPr2, UPr3
SPr1, SPr2, SPr3
StPr1, StPr2, StPr3

Is the WAC an acceptable title?

No, the WAC will never be an acceptable title because it is not a title.  It is an temperament test.  You are not supposed to train for it.

Why do I have to enter my dog's suffix titles in two places on the application?

The suffix titles are in two places because they serve two purposes.

The first suffix text box is for you to let us know how you want your suffix titles listed on the certificate you will receive in the mail. In this area, you will enter the highest level title your dog has achieved. For example, if your dog achieved a CDX, in this box you will only enter CDX.

The second are for suffix titles are documenting the requirements for the program. If your dog has achieved a CDX, you will click the boxes for CD AND CDX because they count as TWO titles in the Obedience sport.

I’m not a DPCA member. Is my dog eligible?

DPCA members that dedicate themselves to training and competition will be recognized for their efforts.

Only DPCA member owned dogs are eligible for the award. The trainer and at least one of the dog's owners must be a DPCA member.

Many breeders co own their puppies. The intent of the program is to recognize the person training the dog. If the member has nothing to do with the training the dog, it is a meaningless award. It is about the team, the person and the dog working together. Behind every dog that receives this award, there is a really dedicated owner.

The person submitting for the application needs to be the member.   The member's name will be on the certificate and the only copy of the printed certificate will be mailed to the member.

Can I submit the application through the mail?

No. The application is online. If you are having problems filling out the online application or you are unable to upload the required documents, please email and one of the Versatility Award program volunteers will assist you.

My dog has achieved more titles and is now eligible for the next higher level. How do I fill out the application?

Please list ALL of the titles your dog has achieved, not just the additional ones. But you can upload ONLY the required documents of the new titles.

Is the award only for dogs that are alive at the time of application?

Dogs that are deceased at the time of application are also eligible provided they were owned by current DPCA members.

Where do I find the application?

So you have all of your title information gathered and you're ready to apply?  Congratulations!

You can access the application form by clicking here.

I have questions - who can I contact for help?

Please send an email to

At the 2023 DPCA National, this wonderful video played all week in the Versatility Award booth celebrating the dogs who earned a DPCA Versatility Award in 2023.  Congratulations to all of the DPCA members/owners who trained their Dobermans to such amazing accomplishments!