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National History and Results

Our reigning National Winner: GCHG Alcher Tmac Witchcraft V Gentry Breeder: Deb Romans, Cheryl Green, Tony Mackenzie Owner: Cheryl Green, Tony Mackenzie

The first DPCA National Specialty show was in 1924 in Philadelphia.  Except for three years since 1924, we have held an annual specialty show.  Dobermans in all their glory are showcased at the Nationals competing in conformation, obedience, agility, rally, and futurity.  The Top 20 dogs in each of conformation, obedience, and agility go head-to-head to determine their Top 20 winner.

Entries come from all over the United States as well as several foreign countries.  The show is held in conjunction with the DPCA Annual Meeting and Convention and includes educational programs, special events and festive activities, which take place throughout the week.

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Special thanks to John Zalar (RIP 2019) for scanning the old National logos from “The Pipeline”; to Jim Lauver for tirelessly searching and scanning old Dobe magazines for photos of winners; to Cathy Kendrick for submitting many pictures of winners as well.

2022Topeka, KSDPCAAnn Wulbrecht
2021Kingsport, TNDPCAAnn Wulbrecht
2019Topeka, KSDPCAMimi Brown MD
2018St. Charles, ILDPCAMimi Brown MD
2017Huron, OHDPCAMimi Brown MD
2016St. Charles, ILDPCAJames Barron
2015Lancaster, PADPCAMichelle Santana
2014Topeka, KSDPCAJeff Helsdon (Oct2013-Jan2014)/Michelle Santana (Jan2014-Oct2015)
2013Pomona, CADPCADr Anthony DiNardo
2012Ft. Mitchell, KYDPCAJeff Brucker (Oct2011-Jul2012)/Tony DiNardo (Jul2012-Oct2013)
2011Fitchburg, MADPCAJanet VanWormer
2010Topeka, KSDPCAJanet VanWormer
2009Fort Mitchell, KYDPCASam Burke Jr MD
2008Topeka, KSDPCASam Burke Jr MD
2007Fitchburg, MAPilgrim DPCSam Burke Jr MD
2006Aurora, CODPCASam Burke Jr MD
2005Montgomery, TXDPC of HoustonSam Burke Jr MD
2004Fort Mitchell, KYMiami Valley DPCPamela DeHetre
2003Colorado Springs, CODPC of the Rocky Mountain AreaVic Monteleon
2002Fitchburg, MAPilgrim DPCVic Monteleon
2001Fort Mitchell, KYMiami Valley DPCDr Anthony DiNardo
2000San Diego, CAAztec DPC of San DiegoDr Anthony DiNardo
1999Fitchburg, MAPilgrim DPCDavid Horton
1998Sacramento, CADPC of Northern CaliforniaDavid Horton
1997Houston, TXHouston DPCC.T. Fulkerson
1996Minneapolis, MNGreater Twin Cities DPCC.T. Fulkerson
1995Portland, ORMt Hood DPCEllen Hanley
1994Cape Cod, MAPilgrim DPC / Granite State DPCJudith A. Brown
1993San Diego, CAAztec DPC of San DiegoJudith A. Brown
1992Toledo, OHMaumee Valley DPCNancy Heitzman
1991Chandler, AZDesert Valley DPCNancy Heitzman
1990Colorado Springs, CODPC of the Rocky Mountain AreaMervyn Hampton
1989Houston, TXDPC of HoustonMervyn Hampton
1988Santa Rosa, CADPC of Northern CaliforniaVirginia Spafford
1987Somerset, NJDP Assoc. of Penn-JerseyVirginia Spafford
1986Denver, CODPC of the Rocky Mountain AreaGerald D. Gaines
1985Kansas City, MODPC of Kansas CityGerald D. Gaines
1984Santa Rosa, CADPC of Northern CaliforniaJoseph A. Ciaccio
1983New Orleans, LADPC of LouisianaJoseph A. Ciaccio
1982Danvers, MAPilgrim DPCRay Carlisle
1981Seattle, WAPuget Sound DPCRay Carlisle
1980Arlington, TXDPC of DallasPaul Combs, Jr.
1979Norfolk, VACavalier DPCPaul Combs, Jr.
1978Oakland, CADPC of Northern CaliforniaHerman L. Felton
1977Romulus, MlDPC of MichiganHerman L. Felton
1976Atlanta, GAAtlanta DPCCharles K. Etner
1975San Diego, CAAztec DPC of San DiegoCharles K. Etner
1974Houston, TXDPC of HoustonPeggy Adamson
1973Washington, DCDPC of National Capital AreaPeggy Adamson
1972Maumee, OHMaumee Valley DPCCharles A. T. O'Neill
1971Sacramento, CADPC of SacramentoCharles A. T. O'Neill
1970Overland Park, KSDPC of Greater Kansas CityDr. Will R. Konneker
1969Miami Beach, FLDPC of FloridaDr. Will R. Konneker
1968Houston, TXDPC of HoustonDr. Wilfred E. Shute
1967Oakland, CADPC of Northern CaliforniaDr. Wilfred E. Shute
1966Kansas City, MODPC of Greater Kansas CityFrank Grover
1965Pittsburgh, PADPC of Western PennsylvaniaFrank Grover
1964Des Plaines, ILDPC of ChicagolandDr. John P. Colomore
1963Burbank, CALos Angeles DPCDr. John P. Colomore
1962St. Louis, MODPC of MissouriEllet H. Drake, MD
1961King of Prussia, PAQuaker City DPCEllet H. Drake, MD
1960Indianapolis, INDPC of IndianaWalter A. Deneker
1959Los Angeles, CACal Sierra DPC / Los Angeles DPCWalter A. Deneker
1958Cincinnati, OHMiami Valley DPCVirginia Knauer
1957Miami Beach, FLDPC of FloridaVirginia Knauer
1956Oak Park, MlMotor City SpecialtiesJohn F. Cholley, Acting
1955Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.Curtis W. Sloan
1954Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.John Cholley
1953Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.John Cholley
1952Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.John F. Bieber
1951Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.John F. Bieber
1950Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.M. F. Haselman
1949Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.M. F. Haselman
1948Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.John Cholley
1947Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.John Cholley
1946Chicago, ILWestern Specialty Clubs Assoc.Bert Dow
1944Chicago, IL
1943Chicago, IL
1941Chicago, IL
1940Chicago, IL
1939Chicago, IL
1938Chicago, IL
1937Chicago, IL
1936Chicago, IL
1935Chicago, IL
1934Chicago, IL
1933Chicago, IL
1932Chicago, IL
1931Chicago, IL
1930Detroit, MI
1929Chicago, IL
1928Chicago, IL
1927Chicago, IL
1926Philadelphia, PA
1925Philadelphia, PA
1924Philadelphia, PA
1960IntersexM.F. Hasselman
1960DogsRoy Hatfield
1960BitchesTheodore Nintzel
1970DogsFrank Grover
1971DogsMarge Kilburn
1971FuturityPatrick Doniere
1971BitchesPeggy Adamson
1971IntersexRod Carveth
1975Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity JuniorsAllen Shi
1975Adult DogsDerek Rayne
1975Adult BitchesGrace Moore
1975Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesHerman Fellton
1975Futurity PuppiesMarilyn Meshirer
1975IntersexPeggy Adamson
1976Futurity JuniorsEsther Urso
1976Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesFrank Grover
1976Adult DogsJoe Gregory
1976IntersexPatrick Doniere
1976Adult BitchesTess Henseler
1977IntersexRichard Greathouse MD
1978IntersexMarge Kilburn
1979Futurity JuniorsBill Haines
1979Adult DogsHerman Fellton
1979Adult BitchesMarilyn Meshirer
1979Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesMarj Brooks
1979IntersexPeggy Adamson
1979Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesRobert Bishop
1980Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesBetsy Thomas
1980Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCharlie Cooper
1980Adult BitchesFrank Grover
1980Adult DogsJane Kay
1980Futurity JuniorsMary Rodgers
1980IntersexTess Henseler
1981IntersexBetty Moore
1982IntersexMarge Kilburn
1982Adult DogsPatrick Doniere
1983Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity JuniorsCarol Petruzzo
1983Adult DogsJudy Doniere
1983Adult BitchesMarilyn Biggs
1983IntersexPeggy Adamson
1983Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesRobert Slay
1983Futurity PuppiesTommie Jones
1984IntersexBetty Brockman James
1984Futurity JuniorsDiane Downey
1984Adult DogsHerman Fellton
1984Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesJeffrey Brucker
1984Adult BitchesPeter Emily
1984Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesRobert Bishop
1985IntersexNancy Heitzman
1985Adult Dogs Mary Cox
1985Adult Bitches Ray Carlisle
1985Puppy Dogs and Puppy Bitches Virginia Markley
1985Futurity Puppies & Grand Prize Futurity Marj Brooks
1985Futurity Juniors Moe Miyagawa
1986Adult DogsDr. May Jacobson
1986Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesEugene Haupt
1986IntersexFrank Grover
1986Adult BitchesRichard Greathouse MD
1986Futurity JuniorsTerry Hundt
1987Adult BitchesBetty Leininger
1987Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesBonnie L. Clarke
1987Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCharles Cooper
1987Futurity JuniorsMary Rodgers
1987Adult DogsMichelle Billings
1987IntersexPatrick Doniere
1988IntersexEdd Bivin
1988Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesGwen DeMilta
1988Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesJudy Doniere
1988Adult BitchesMarge Kilburn
1988Adult DogsTommie Jones
1988Futurity JuniorsVicki Seiler Fillinger
1989Futurity JuniorsAndy Linton
1989Adult DogsBetty Brockman James
1989Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesDon Simmons
1989Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesDr. Peter Emily
1989IntersexPeggy Adamson
1989Adult BitchesSheila DiNardo
1990IntersexBetty Moore
1990Futurity JuniorsBob Hastings
1990Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCarol Petruzzo
1990Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesDr. Anthony DiNardo
1990Adult BitchesMarilyn Biggs
1990Adult DogsRay Carlisle
1991Futurity JuniorsCapt. M.E. Smith
1991IntersexFrank Grover
1991Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesGeorge Rood
1991Adult DogsMarge Cox
1991Adult BitchesSam Pizzino
1992Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesBarbara Gaines
1992IntersexBetty Leininger
1992Adult BitchesER (Bob) Hastings
1992Futurity JuniorsFaye Strauss
1992Adult DogsLH (Bill) Garnett
1992Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesPam DeHetre
1993Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesBonnie L. Clarke
1993IntersexPatrick Doniere
1993Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesTerry Hundt
1993Adult BitchesTess Henseler
1993Adult DogsTommie Jones
1993Futurity JuniorsVicki Seiler Fillinger
1994Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesBill Shelton
1994Adult DogsFay Haupt
1994Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesIrene Bivin
1994Futurity JuniorsJackie Wendt
1994Adult BitchesMichelle Billings
1994IntersexNancy Heitzman
1995Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesBetty Moore
1995Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCarol Petruzzo
1995Adult DogsMarilyn Biggs
1995IntersexPeggy Adamson
1995Adult BitchesRay Carlisle
1995Futurity JuniorsSara Zeitlin
1996Adult BitchesBill Shelton
1996Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCindi Huckfeldt
1996IntersexFrank Grover
1996Futurity JuniorsMichelle Lewis
1996Adult DogsSheila DiNardo
1997Adult DogsDr. Anthony DiNardo
1997IntersexDr. May Jacobson
1997Futurity JuniorsJames Briley
1997Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesJane Kay
1997Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesMichelle Santana
1997Adult BitchesPat Hastings
1998Futurity JuniorsCapt. M.E. Smith
1998Adult DogsEugene Haupt
1998Adult BitchesFaye Strauss
1998Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesJames Briley
1998Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesJeffrey Brucker
1998IntersexMary Rodgers
1999IntersexBetty Leininger
1999Futurity JuniorsDarlene Young
1999Adult DogsFay Haupt
1999Adult BitchesRobert Vandiver
1999Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesVic Monteleon
2000Futurity juniorsAlisa Brotherhood
2000Adult DogsBetty Brockman James
2000Puppy Dogs and Puppy BitchesDonald Booxbaum
2000Adult BitchesGeorge Rood
2000IntersexRay Carlisle
2000Futurity puppies and Grand Prize FuturityVicki Seiler
2001Futurity JuniorsGwen DeMilta
2001IntersexLinda Krukar
2001Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesMarj Brooks
2001DogsPatrick Doniere
2001BitchesTerry Hundt
2002IntersexIrene Bivin
2002Puppy Dogs and Adult BitchesLH (Bill) Garnett
2002Adult Dogs and Puppy BitchesPat Hastings
2002Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity Puppies
2002Futurity Juniors
2003IntersexBill Shelton
2003BitchesD. King
2003DogsMary Rodgers
2004Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCindi Huckfeldt
2004IntersexFaye Strauss
2004Puppy Dogs and Adult BitchesNancy Heitzman
2004Adult DogsNaomi Shorr
2004Puppy Bitches and Adult DogsNaomi Shorr
2004Futurity JuniorsSandra Hunter
2005BitchesDarlene Young
2005IntersexDr. May Jacobson
2005Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity JuniorsMichelle Lewis
2005DogsSheila DiNardo
2005Futurity Puppies
2006DogsAdrian Woodfork
2006Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity JuniorsDr. Mary-Helene (Mimi) Brown MD
2006BitchesJane Kay
2006IntersexRay Carlisle
2006Futurity Puppies
2007IntersexDr. Anothony DiNardo
2007Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity JuniorsMike Penny
2007BitchesPat Hastings
2007DogsTheresa Mullen
2007Futurity Puppies
2008Futurity PuppiesBeth Wilhite
2008Adult Dogs and Puppy BitchesDr. Mary-Helene (Mimi) Brown MD
2008Puppy Dogs and Adult BitchesJudy Doniere
2008IntersexLH (Bill) Garnett
2008Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity JuniorsMichelle Santana
2009Puppy Dogs and Adult BitchesJudith Ann Smith
2009Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesMarj Brooks
2009IntersexMary Rodgers
2009Adult Dogs and Puppy BitchesNancy Christensen
2009Futurity JuniorsNikki McClendon
2010Adult Dogs and Puppy BitchesDr. May Jacobson
2010IntersexFaye Strauss
2010FuturityGwen DeMilta
2010Puppy Dogs and Adult BitchesLinda Krukar
2011IntersexBill Shelton
2011Grand Prize Futurity and Futurity PuppiesCindi Huckfeldt
2011Puppy Dogs and Adult BitchesE.A. 'Skip' Thielen
2011Futurity JuniorsJeffrey Brucker
2011Adult Dogs and Puppy BitchesRay Carlisle
2012BitchesBonnie L. Clarke
2012IntersexConnie Alexander
2012FuturityEsteban Farias
2012DogsJudith Brown
2013FuturityAndy Linton
2013IntersexJanet Van Wormer
2013DogsNedda Vorzimer
2013BitchesPhilip Martin
2014IntersexAdrian Woodfork
2014DogsBeverly Capstick
2014FuturityMoe Miyagawa
2014BitchesPeggy Esposito
2015BitchesDi Butler
2015DogsDoug Jensen
2015Futurity/MaturityJocelyn Mullins
2015IntersexPat Hastings
2016BitchesDr. Anthony DiNardo
2016IntersexDr. Mary-Helene (Mimi) Brown MD
2016Futurity/MaturityKelly Marquis
2016DogsNancy Simmons
2017DogsJudith Ann Smith
2017Futurity/MaturityMarj Brooks
2017IntersexMary Rodgers
2017BitchesNancy Christensen
2018Futurity/MaturityAmy Tourond
2018BitchesBill Shelton
2018IntersexFaye Strauss
2018DogsVicki Seiler-Cushman
2018Owner Handler SweepsEve Auch
2019IntersexTheresa Hundt
2019DogsSkip Thielen
2019BitchesSheila DiNardo
2019Futurity/MaturityCarissa Shimpeno
2019Owner Handler SweepsLinda Seigel
1999Puppy dogs & puppy bitchesAdrian Woodfork
2020No Event Held
2021BitchesRobert Vandiver
2021DogsPhilip Martin
2021Futurity/MaturityGwen DeMilta
2021IntersexAdrian Woodfork
2021Owner Handler SweepsSue Korp
2021Age Advanced SweepsHolly Schorr
2022BitchesHarry "Butch" Schulman
2022DogsNancy Christensen
2022Futurity/MaturityCindy Lane Smith
2022IntersexAlisa Brotherhood
2022Owner Handler SweepsHiroko Lee