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Public Educational Materials

Educating the public regarding Doberman Pinschers takes all of us. Below are links to official DPCA brochures, posters and other literature regarding our breed. These materials are available to clubs and individuals for one-on-one educational efforts, or for distribution at events like Dog Shows or Meet the Breeds. As always, if you would like to leverage any of our content for your own Website, please contact us for permission.

The file size of some of these items are very large – please be patient for the download to be complete.

When you click on the link, you will start the download process.  A “zip” file will be downloaded, so you will need appropriate software that can unzip the file(s).

1. “Always Faithful” poster that can either be printed as a handout or blown up as a poster for a Meet the Breed

4. A booklet (in PDF format) that combines several key articles from our Website into a camera-ready handout format

5. Albino brochure capturing our point of view on albinism and the history of albino Dobermans