Maturity Nomination


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    Your dog is not qualified for Maturity. In order to be eligible, the litter must have been registered last year.

    Previous year’s 6-12 month puppies enter the Maturity Junior classes, and previous year’s 12-18+ month Juniors enter the Senior Maturity classes.

    I consent to the DPCA providing my contact information to the Contracting Sponsors of the DPCA. Electronic payment confirmation email will be your receipt.

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DPCA Maturity Stake Rules

To add a second opportunity to exhibit a puppy from a Futurity nominated litter, also to allow puppies that were slower to develop and not ready to compete in their Futurity year.

II. General

A. Correct and timely nominations are required for stake eligibility.

B. Prize monies can only be won through competition in stake judging.

C. Nomination forms may be obtained from the Futurity Director or downloaded from

III. Nomination of Litter

The nomination of the dam will have been made for the previous year’s Futurity.

IV. Nomination of Puppies

A. Puppies nominated for the Futurity by a DPCA member are eligible and will pay a fee or $15.00

B. Puppies NOT nominated but from a nominated Futurity Litter will pay a fee of 25.00 if a member of the DPCA

C. Puppies eligible for the Maturity and are not owned or co owned by a DPCA member will pay and additional $10.00

D. All fees are payable to the DPCA and will be in U.S. Dollars.

E. Nominations will be made beginning April 15 and close July 31 of the year in which the event occurs.

F. Post marks or emailed entries before April 15 and after July 31 will be returned.

V. Entry for the Stake Judging

A. Must be entered in one the regular classes, either conformation, obedience or agility at the DPCA National Specialty show. Fee for this entry must be paid.

B. The Maturity must be indicated as an additional class.

C The additional class entry must include class division, color and sex. DPCA

VI. Class Divisions.

A. Stake is divided into two (2) divisions: Junior and Senior. The junior division is comprised of the previous year’s futurity six (6) through twelve (12) classes and the Senior division is comprised of the previous year’s twelve (12) through fifteen plus (15+) classes.

B. Each division is further divided by sex and color (Black & AOAC). Thus there are four (4) classes In each division.

C. Four placements are made in the judging of each class.

VII. Sequence of Judging

A. Judging sequence for each division will be Black Dogs, AOAC Dogs, Black Bitches, AOAC Bitches, Winner, Reserve Winner. After the division winner is selected, the judge will select a reserve winner from the three remaining 1st place winners and the 2nd place winner of the class from which the winner was selected.

B. The Winners of the Junior Division and Senior Division compete for the Maturity Championship.

VIII. Division of Total Maturity Stake Monies

A. General

1. 25% to operating expense fund.

2. 75% to be divided equally between the Junior and Senior Divisions.

3. A redemption card will be given to each placement and all monies will be awarded after the completion of the Stake judging.

B. Divisions of Individual Stake Monies (Junior and Senior)

1. 80% to placements in the 8 classes, with 40% of this going to 1st placements, 30% to 2nd placements, 20% to 3rd placements and 10% to 4th placements.

2. 5% to be divided equally between the two (2) division winners, 2 1/5% to each.

3. 3% to be divided equally between the two (2) division reserve winners, 1 ½% each.

4. 7% to be divided equally between the Junior and Senior division winners, 3 ½% each

5. 5% to the Maturity Champion.

C. Division of Individual Prizes.

1. 50% to the Breeder

2. 33 1/3 to the Owner

3. 16 2/3% to the owner of the sire at the time of Futurity Litter nomination.

IX. Trophies and Ribbons

Trophies and Ribbons will be provided.

X. Summary of Major Rules

1. Entry must be from a Futurity Nominated Litter of the previous year.

2. Entries must be mailed or emailed between April 15th and July 31st of the year in which the event will be held. Postmark or email receipt date will be the determining factor.

3. The Maturity is an additional class. Entry in to a regular AKC class is required.

4. All information on the entry form for the stake judging must be consistent with that which has been Supplied to the Director of the Maturity.

5. US dollars ONLY will be accepted.