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Register of Merit (ROM) Cumulative Awards

Cumulative Awards are:
Dam of Two ROM’s
Sire of Four ROM’s
Breeder of Five ROM’s
Breeder of Ten ROM’s
Breeder of Fifteen ROM’s

These are milestone awards and do not increment with each new achievement of the dam/sire/breeder.
If you are the breeder of a qualifying dam and/or sire, click below to fill out the online application.
Cumulative award applications received prior to August 1 will be awarded at that year’s Annual Meeting.

ChAlisaton First Class V Gallant Ciden CDX2019Dam of Two ROMs
Alisaton New Face V Noblehaus2009Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Amulet's Crown Royal Vali-T2007Dam of Two ROMs
CHAquarius Lexie Kandu2022Dam of 2 ROM's
Ch.BJF Crescendo V Aquarius UD SCH3 IPO3 WDS3 T-1 RA D-CD ROM2011Sire of Four ROMs
CHBlue Chip Purple Reign 2022Dam of 2 ROM's
Ch.Blue Chip Purple Reign NA NAJ CDX BH ROM2014Dam of Two ROMs
Bobbie Hall And Leslie Hall2015Breeders of Five ROMs
CHBolero No Doubt v Deerfield2016Dam of Two ROMs
Carolon's Bold N Beautiful2009Dam of Two ROMs
Carol Petruzzo2005Breeder of Ten ROMs
Ch.Carosel Make My Day2014Sire of Four ROMs
GCHCH. Irongate's Rum Raisin CD ROM2018Dam of Two ROMs
Cheryl Green 2022Breeder of Five ROM's
Cheryl Hassett2019Breeder of Five ROMs
CHConnQuest Audacious BFL-12021Dam of Two ROM's
ChDabney’s Phenomenon CD RA NA NAJ ROM2015Sire of Four ROMs
ChDabney’s Standing In Motion CD ROM2015Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Dancing Star's Latin Sonata2010Dam of Two ROMs
ChDanora’s Standing With Spirit CD ROM2015Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Darwin's Dance Of The Hour WAC2008Sire of Four ROMs
Davida Roof DVM2010Breeder of Five ROMs
Int ChDeerun's Irish Fireflame 2020Dam of Two ROMs
Donna Irvine2007Breeder of Five ROMs
Ch.Eastwicks Meadow Monster2010Sire of Four ROMs
Elizabeth Barrett2021Breeder of Fifteen ROM's
Eric Peterson2013Breeder of Five ROMs
Estelle Corr2021Breeder of Five ROM's
Eve Auch1994Breeder of Five ROMs
Eve Auch2004Breeder of Fifteen ROMs
Ch.Foxfire's All Star2013Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Foxfire's Devils N Demons WAC2004Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Foxfire's Sheza Dream2004Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Foxfire's Take It As It Comes2004Dam of Two ROMs
Foxfire's That Kinda Girl2004Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Foxfire's Who's That Girl LC 122013Dam of Two ROMs
GCHFoxhall's First Things First RA ROM2021Dam of Two ROM's
Foxhall's Murphy Brown2010Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Foxhall's The First Lady2014Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Gabcyndog's Fatal Girl CD RE ROM2013Dam of Two ROMs
CHGalant's Cowgirl Ciden2021Dam of Two ROM's
Ch.Gallant's Paris V Ciden OAJ NA ROM2011Dam of Two ROMs
CHGallant’s Cowgirl Ciden 2022Dam of 2 ROM's
ChGallant’s Double Roses V Ciden2015Dam of Two ROMs
ChGallant’s Meadow Soprano V Ciden2015Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.GnR American Pie CD2010Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.GnR Girls Got Rhythm2014Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Greenlace's Shot In The Dark CD ROM1994Sire of Four ROMs
Hiroko and Skip Lee2013Breeder of Ten ROMs
Hiroko and Skip Lee2004Breeder of Five ROMs
Holmrun's Truly Bruda2011Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Irongate's Devil N Disguise CD ROM2002Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Irongate's Hor D'Oeuvre CD ROM1994Dam of Two ROMs
GCHIrongate's Hot Buttered Rum CD ROM2016Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Irongate's Knockout CD ROM1993Dam Of Two ROMs
Ch.Irongate's Mendocino Sunset CD ROM1996Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Irongate's Sierra Capers Cd ROM2005Dam of Two ROMs
GCHIrongate's Wild Wind RA ROM2020Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Irongate's Wind Is A Weaver CD ROM2010Dam of Two ROMs
CHIrongate's Winter Knight CD ROM2016Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Irongate Fron This Moment On CD ROM2010Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Irongate Message To The Wind CD ROM2013Dam of Two ROMs
Jocelyn Mullins 2022Breeder of Five ROM's
Jordan Goldblatt2010Breeder of Five ROMs
Judi and Don Shiffer2010Breeder of Five ROMs
Ch.Judon's Heart and Soul NJP ROM2010Dam of Two ROMs
L. Michelle Lewis2005Breeder of Ten ROMs
L. Michelle Lewis1998Breeder of Five ROMs
L. Michelle Lewis2007Breeder of Fifteen ROMs
Ch.LeMils Bodyguard2013Sire of Four ROMs
LeMils Chocolate Truffles CD2004Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.LeMils Firecracker WAC2004Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.LeMils Hot Lips CD ROM2009Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.LeMils Malano CD ROM2004Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.LeMils Triscuit2004Dam of Two ROMs
Linda C. And John J. Krukar2015Breeders of Five ROMs
Lyndobe's All That Glitters CD WAC2011Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Lyndobe's Do It All Diie Cd ROM2010Dam of Two ROMs
CHLyndobe's Findin Aliz Atlantis 2022Dam of 2 ROM's
Lynne Coleman2005Breeder of Five ROMs
Lynne Coleman2013Breeder of Ten ROMs
Lynn Eggers2014Breeder of Five ROMs
Lynn Eggers2019Breeder of Fifteen ROMS
Ch.Majestic Fireopal LeMils CD ROM2004Dam of Two ROMs
Mary Dependahl2007Breeder of Five ROMs
Mi-Cher's Christmas Angel CDX WAC2011Dam of Two ROMs
Michelle Santana2010Breeder of Fifteen ROMs
Michelle Santana2005Breeder of Ten ROMs
Michelle Santana2004Breeder of Five ROMs
Ch.Montwood Valkyrie Kiz U Arista RN NAJ NJP WAJ NJC TN-N FDCH AD HCT ROM2010Dam of Two ROMs
Nancy and Ray Denny2016Breeders of Five ROMs
CHO's Godiva Dark Demitasse WAC2020Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Old House Debut For Protocol CD AX OAJ ROM2009Dam of Two ROMs
Pat Geske2007Breeder of Five ROMs
Penny Cary2011Breeder of Five ROMs
Ch.Protocol's American Dream CDX RN AX AXJ WF SCH1 ROM2013Dam of Two ROMs
CGCHRauschund's Stacked & Packed RN RE CGC TDI2021Dam of Two ROM's
Ch. UAG1Ravenswoods Sweet Ms Behavin ROM2010Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Redlaur's Glorius Justice CD RA MX MJ OF ROM2010Dam of Two ROMs
Roger Auch1994Breeder of Five ROMs
Roger Auch2006Breeder of Fifteen ROMs
Roger Auch2004Breeder of Ten ROMs
Ch.Royalwood Extravegant Legend CD2009Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Ruby Dee's Romanee St. Vivant2011Dam of Two ROMs
Sally Kapp2012Breeder of Five ROMs
Ch.Sasanoa's Missique WAC2009Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Sasanoa Rhythm And Blues2011Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Sharjet Down Town Girl2009Dam of Two ROMs
Ch.Sharjets Essence Of Dubai2011Dam of Two ROMs
Sharon Marinelli2012Breeder of Ten ROMs
Sharon Marinelli 2022Breeder of Fifteen ROM's
Ch.Sierra Iron Horse GHC2005Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Starjets Starr Attraction CD RE ROM2012Dam of Two ROMs
CHTalladega's American Thunder RN OA OAJ NJP NF CL-3 CGC VCX ROM2016Sire of Four ROMs
Ch.Tijac Victoria's Secret NAJ NJP NAP ROM2011Dam of Two ROMs
GCHVan Orman's C-Lebrity of Radiant2021Dam of Two ROM's
Velo's Action Speaks Louder v Vision2021Dam of Two ROM's
Vic Monteleon2004Breeder of Ten ROMs
Vic Monteleon2005Breeder of Fifteen ROMs
Vision Bring the Action v Velo VAC CAA BCAT CGC2021Sire of Four ROM's