AKC Webinar

In Sept 2020, the judges education committee presented an AKC webinar on judging the Doberman. Click here to watch the webinar!

Judging the Doberman Video

The judges education committee created this How To Judge The Doberman video Click here to watch the video!

Judges Education

Mission Statement: The Committee offers materials and seminars and carries on special projects, to help persons
who judge Dobermans, and persons who are preparing to judge Dobermans learn to apply the
Standard of our breed.

This web site is established to provide information and to be a study guide to those wishing to become judges of the Doberman Pinscher, or those wishing to hone their judging skills for this breed.

The site is organized in the following manner:

The Articles link leads you to articles by breeder-judges on the standard and judging the Doberman as well as a brief description of the background of the Doberman Pinscher.

The Photos link provides photos of very good representatives of the breed in both sexes, as well as photos of excellent heads.  All four colors are represented. In addition, there are photographs of Dobermans in their various capacities as companions and as WORKING dogs. This is provided so the judge can appreciate the working aspect of the Doberman and why the standard is written as it is. These photos are in the ‘function’ section of the photo page.

The Events link leads to a list of upcoming specialty shows for those who want to attend a specialty in your area. In addition, information on our National Specialty seminar may also be presented. The National seminar information is available on the current year’s National page on this website.

The Mentor link will lead you to a list of DPCA approved mentors that you can contact for ringside mentoring or for breed mentoring discussions.  Use this link in concert with the Events link to find both a specialty to attend in your area and a nearby mentor.


Judges Education National Seminar


FRIDAY-October 7th 11a: SEMINAR: DPCA Judges Educational committee will present the History, Temperament, Type, Head, Structure and Gait using computer presentations with live dog demonstrations along with panel discussions.

HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Presentation of quality dogs for examination and evaluation to begin immediately following seminar.

SATURDAY-October 8th: Ringside Mentoring during Best of Breed by parent club approved mentors. Additional ringside mentoring will be provided throughout the week’s events beginning October 5th with advance notification.  Please contact Vicki Seiler-Cushman at seilerva@yahoo.com if you would like a mentoring session prior to Saturday.

*Both Seminar and Hands-on Workshop must be attended to qualify for a completion certificate.

No Charge for all AKC Judges

You must register in advance to receive Seminar Materials.

If you have a question, please contact: Vicki Seiler-Cushman- Seminar Coordinator-seilerva@yahoo.com