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Officers and Directors

Previous Officers/Directors: Click here for a list of previous Officers/Directors.

Current Officers (October 2023 – 2025)

If you need to communicate with the entire DPCA officers and directors, you can use the email address of

Ann Wulbrecht

Ann Wulbrecht


Michelle Kramer

Michelle Kramer

First Vice President

Elaine Hopper

Elaine Hopper

Second Vice President

Brandy Billington

Brandy Billington

Recording Secretary

Paula Vester

Corresponding Secretary

Kris Baker

Kris Baker

Membership Secretary

Linda Zaeske

Linda Zaeske


Glen Lajeski

Glen Lajeski

AKC Delegate

Board of Directors (October 2023 – 2025)

Cindi Huckfeldt

Cindi Huckfeldt


Tammy Rabold

Tammy Rabold


Adrian Woodfork

Adrian Woodfork


Board of Directors (October 2022 – 2024)

Alisa Brotherhood

Alisa Brotherhood


Jocelyn Mullins




Ann Wulbrecht – President

I’ve been a member of the DPCA for nine-years. I’ve packed a lot of experiences into those 9 years. I started off with a performance prospect in 2007 and that single Doberman blossomed into four. Sound familiar?

Club Experience / National Attendance

I am a member of the DPCD (Detroit) and took on the role of show chair 8 years ago, holding 4 independent specialties per year. Last year a dear friend, Heidi Boettcher, recommended me for the position of National Show Chair. I am pleased to say that the 2016 National was one of the most profitable and best organized (based on your feedback). Thank you to all of the volunteers that planned the event. I enjoyed meeting many members last year at the National. I’m currently serving as 2017 National Show Chair and DPCA Membership Secretary. I’ve attended the 2012, 2014-2016 Nationals.

Breeder Experience

Protecting the breed standard both through breeding programs and maintaining the current written standard is crucial to the existence of our beautiful Dobermans. Providing our breeders with the health tests they need to produce healthy Dobermans is a priority.

I have whelped 4 litters, co-owning several of those pups.

I have owned-co-owned four Top 20 Finalists, including the number one Doberman in 2014.

Volunteer/Work Experience

I have served in leadership positions as a volunteer that demonstrate my ability to work well and contribute within a volunteer run organization.

I have 30 years of work experience managing the delivery of Professional Services. Before I retired, I was the Director of Global Program Management.

Personal Information

Mother of 2, grandmother of 2. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University and MBA, University of Chicago.

I will be accessible, serve professionally, and serve with integrity. We are all in this together and I am respectful of all opinions.

Michelle Kramer – First Vice President

I have owned dogs all my life.  As a child I grew up with a Pomeranian and a German Shepherd.  I bought the AKC book of all breeds and was drawn to the Doberman.  In 1980 I purchased my firstDoberman, “Duke”, and have had at least one ever since.  I was bitten by the show bug in the early 80’s, showing in both conformation and obedience.  After my children were born in the late 80’s, I stopped showing but always shared my home with a Doberman.

In 2005, once my children were grown, I jumped back into the show ring.  Owner-handled, I quickly finished “Tyson”, our red boy.  All of my current dogs go back to my beloved boy including the 2019 National Specialty Winner, “Diana”.

As a member of the DPCA in the 80’s, I was the DPCA OFA liaison.  Long before online OFA reports, I reported the quarterly OFA certified Dobes and they were published in the “Pipeline”. 

I am active on the Dobequest volunteer committee.  I was involved with the Legislative committee have been the DPCA webmaster since 2008.  In November 2007 I became the Longevity chairperson.

I have been in the Marketing Research industry for over 30 years and am a Director at a top 5 global Marketing Research firm.  I live on 19 acres with 5 dogs and 3 cats.

I am honored to be the DPCA First Vice President and I pledge to always protect the breed we all love.

Elaine Hopper – Second Vice President

I have been involved with Dobermans since 1987. I started competing in obedience then acquired my first conformation dog. I have continued to compete as an owner handler along with showing dogs for others. I have finished many champions, added obedience titles, handled two DPCA Top Twenty conformation finalists as well as DPCA AOM recipients and other local and national award winners. Under the Starlaine prefix I have bred conformation champions as well as obedience and agility titlists. I have attended most nationals since my first one in 1988. I am a member of the Puget Sound DPC and I have held every office and I am currently on the Board. I have also been show chair, obedience chair, breeder referral, judges selection, legislative committee member, website coordinator, and trophy chair. I am also a member of the Mt Hood DPC. Within the DPCA, I have been on the Nominating Committee, the FRAC Committee and the Show Site Selection Committee. I started the DPCA Holter Project and I was enlisted to revamp the Breeder Referral rules as well as the DPCA Code of Ethics. I currently serve on the committee updating our online forms and I am now working on updating our disciplinary procedures.

I feel very strongly about the preservation of our breed. I have been employed in the communication industry for over 40 years and offer the DPCA my experience in communication, project management and organization. I have spent the last two years as the DPCA 2nd VP working on updating the WAE and Specialty application process and have more ideas I would like to implement. I have assisted several chapter clubs with updates to their bylaws and my goal for the future would be to have each club as up to date as possible. I am also working on plans to put together a guide for new show chairs to assist in putting on a specialty. My personal interest lays in research into health issues that affect our breed and I would like to promote more health-related testing to be made available. I plan to continue being an advocate for the membership as I feel it is possible to balance the requirements of the organization with the needs and desires of its members. I strongly believe all members deserve a voice and all aspects of Doberman activity should be embraced and celebrated.

Brandy Billington – Recording Secretary

I have been involved with the breed for 15+ yrs. I started in Rescue and then purchased my first Doberman from a responsible breeder in 2009 to pursue IPO. I have Owner-Handler-Trained my dogs across multiple venues (AKC OB, IGP, AKC Confo). I have bred four litters producing dogs that have achieved titles such as IPO3, AKC GCH, multiple AKC CHs, CDs and various other performance Titles. I strive for and support the TOTAL Doberman. I also believe in betterment of our breed utilizing health testing, titles, pedigree analysis, genetic testing, and transparency.
I was an avid volunteer/member with the Tucson DPC for over 7yrs. And now with the Charlotte DPC. I have been a member of the UDC since 2010 and have served on the board previously. I have not missed more than 2 nationals in the last 10yrs. I have also assisted the working dog chair for quite a few years in finding teams to provide the working dog demo for the JEC and interfaced between the UDC and DPCA for previous Fall Classic IGP Trials. Most recently, I had the pleasure of being on the decorations committee for the 2023 Natl. I have volunteered with rescues consistently since 2005 as a foster, evaluator, trainer and behavior consultant. Just recently I, with 2 others, formed Dogwood Doberman Rescue of Charlotte Inc. 501c3(pending) here in Charlotte, NC.
Professionally, I spent 8yrs in the US Air Force and then a DOD contractor. I have been a project manager for Technology, Animal science divisions, professional development services, and construction development ever since. I have also led multiple teams to include international members and members across our country. I have worked with foreign nationals to support and run emergency services for natural disasters and drug trafficking initiatives from the southern border. Currently, I am working for Jones Lang Lasalle as a Product Owner and Cross Functional Lead.
I have always been a student of the breed since I met my first Doberman as a child. Their athletic structure, sleek appearance and air of nobility had captivated me. Along with that one-of-a-kind temperament, I was hooked. My life is centered on my Dobermans, and I hope to see this breed for many generations to come. I am looking forward to serving our breed and club as Recording Secretary.

Paula Vester – Corresponding Secretary

I have owned Dobermans for 17 years but grew up with dogs my whole life. I started my Doberman obsession with a BYB flop eared male named Aldo. He was an amazing dog but was hardly true to breed type. He did however move us to getting our first Responsibly bred Doberman in 2013. Our girl Tyler was quite the introduction into dog sports, she was a once in a lifetime dog, taking us to BISS, BIS and multiple groups placements in both Canada and the US, and performance titles all owner handled. She was the foundation of our breeding program Nomad Dobermans. To date we have bred six litters, and compete and train in Conformation, Barn hunt, Agility, Scent work, and Rally. Within our program we strive to produce healthy, stable, and structurally sound dogs. We are proud of what we have produced and what we have assisted others in producing through stud service. I am a passionate supporter of Dobermans and always try my best to do what is right for the breed. Our dogs have given my family so much that I am driven to give that effort back to assist in preserving the breed that we have come to love so much.

I attended my first DPCA National in 2014 and joined the DPCA in 2015. Since my first National I have only missed two years of attendance and absolutely love seeing dogs from around the country and attending the seminars.

My family is a military family, so we move around every three to four years. One of the things that allows us to build strong foundations in the communities we move to is involvement in local kennel clubs.  I am currently an active member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Indian Nation, Mid Del Tinker Kennel Club, Mid Del Tinker Barn Hunt Club (based in Oklahoma), Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers Association (based in Panama City FL), Manitoba Working & Herding Association and Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada.

Professionally I have worked the past 18 years in Mental Health and Substance abuse treatment. While living in Oklahoma I assisted in the development of one of Oklahoma’s first female diversion programs to assist women who were facing incarceration, obtain treatment and stabilization within their communities.  One of the last projects I worked on in Oklahoma was in growing a community based Medication Assisted Treatment program for the treatment of Opioid Abuse. In both of these roles I regularly engaged with community members, leadership and other treatment providers to educate, advocate and discuss best practice approaches. 


Kris Baker – Membership Secretary

I have had Dobermans in my home since 1993. After several heartbreaking losses to DCM, we decided to go through a DPCA breeder to find a healthy dog and, of course it had to be a red boy; anyone who knows me knows they are my heart. I ended up getting a red boy from Denmar Dobermans.

When I got my Doberman in 2011 from Denmar Dobermans, I also decided to dabble in the show world. It was a downhill slide from there (lol). We not only tried the show ring, I ended up trying various other sports and we learned so much along the way.

I became involved with my local chapter club, Miami Valley Doberman Pinscher Club, of which I am currently the President. In 2013 I joined the DPCA and became an active member, first as the Breeder Referral Chair and currently as the Futurity Director.

I have been in the financial services industry for over 37 years and am currently a Compliance Manager for Fifth Third Bank’s registered investment advisors. When I am not at a dog show, I can be found at the baseball field with my stepson Nicholas’s travel baseball team. I currently have two red boys in my home, Titan and Beamer.

I am honored to serve on the Board and give back to the breed I love so much.

Linda Zaeske – Treasurer

I have been a Doberman fancier for 19 years and currently live with 2 Dobermans. During this time I have participated in conformation and trained and competed at the top levels of agility. My dogs Zena and Dylan have been DPCA Top 20 Agility Finalists 5 times. Zena won the Top 20 event in 2006 at the Denver National. Zena also qualified for the AKC Invitational 3 years as one of the top 5 agility Dobermans the country.

I have been very active in my local chapter club, Mt. Hood Doberman Pinscher Club, since joining in 2005. Currently I am Vice-President, on the agility committee, and have previously served as Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. I played a key role in helping get the MHDPC agility program off the ground and chairing our trials for several years. I am currently serving on the DPCA TT-Agility Committee and was the DPCA TT-Agility Statistician for many years.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and have been in corporate accounting for 20+ years, including working for Fortune 500 companies.

I have had various roles and responsibilities including internal auditing, in which I performed operational audits and made recommendations on process improvements; budgeting, where I led business units in preparing and analyzing their annual budgets; and cost accounting, where I was responsible for determining the costs to produce products and various analyses to assist management with making business decisions to maximize profitability. In addition to these key roles, I have also been involved in various team projects including corporate re-design teams, cross-site best practices team, and teams to implement new corporate software.

My core responsibilities in my accounting career have always had me working closely with multiple departments of an organization. Experience has taught me how to build strong working relationships with all levels of an organization. I believe my skill-set well qualifies me to serve in the role of DPCA Treasurer, and I look forward to serving on the Board.

Glenn Lajeski – AKC Delegate

Growing up with family Miniature Pinschers in New Jersey I decided in college that I wanted a larger dog. After researching in the day before Siri I purchased a Great Dane puppy from one of the early pioneers in the breed, “Pop Gilbert”, from what was his last litter. Pop led me to Kitty Kolyer who was breeding some of the top Danes in the country and working for Kitty on weekends, assisting at dog shows. Before long I was a professional handler while working full time at Arista Records with artists such as Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. At that time there were only dog shows on weekends, other than two circuits, so it was easy to juggle a full time job while handling.

Getting a job offer at MCA Records in LA led me from handling to getting a judges license. All the while I was also breeding and showing Standard Poodles with my partner Joseph Vergnetti. We had the good fortune of having the #1 Non-Sporting dog of 2009, Ch Hillwood Dassin DeLovely.

Dobes, having always been a passion since handling several to their championships in my youth, allowed me the opportunity to sponsor Ch Cambria’s Must Be Fate who was a top winning Dobe and breeding two of her get who were WD and RWD from the puppy class at the last National held in LA. Since then I have shown and bred many other champions.

At MCA Records I progressed to Senior VP of Artist Development working on the careers of Elton John, Tom Petty, Bobby Brown and many others. Due to the opportunity I had in working on all soundtracks I was offered a job in the film division of Disney working on music in their live action films. While there I expanded by duties to include music in and animation, Pixar films, Disney Channel and home video. This offered me the opportunity to work with any artists whose music used in our films from Kelly Clarkson to Carrie Underwood, Pit Bull to Tina Turner and many, many more.

After retiring as Executive Vice President Of Disney’s film division I thought I’d subsidize my retirement by planting 1,500 olive trees making organic olive oil. Well, the olive oil is subsidizing many retirements, just not mine.

But, retirement gives me lots more time for the dogs. I currently judge breeds in the Working, Toy and Non-Sporting groups. I am also on the board of Morris & Essex, Assistant show chair and Decor Chair Of Santa Barbara KC, and hospitality chair of Malibu KC.

I currently own too many dogs, but they are all family and my partner, Gerry Etcheverry, is a saint for putting up with us all.

Adrian Woodfork – Director

Adrian Woodfork started showing dogs 61 years ago at the age of 12. He has paid a lot of dues in the dog world, going from a junior showman to breeder/exhibitor, and now an AKC licensed judge. He has judged numerous Doberman Pinscher Specialties including the DPCA, Australian, Argentine, Brazilian, Canadian, and Philippine Nationals. He is licensed to judge the Working Group as well as Dachshunds and Junior Showmanship. In addition to Doberman Pinschers, he breeds Dachshunds and exhibits both breeds under the kennel name of Addox. He has been a member of the DPCA for 31 years.


Over the years, Adrian has fought hard in California against frivolous bills that would impact the freedom of owning and breeding dogs. He has testified in committee hearings on several occasions, appeared on television numerous times and has been quoted in the newspapers pleading with legislators and the public not to be swayed by the animal rights whackos.


Adrian began working in the media right out of college. He worked at a NBC affiliate for nearly twenty years. After leaving the news business, he freelanced as a feature reporter/producer for television magazine shows- America’s Most Wanted, Current Affairs, Inside Edition and California Heartland.  He has appeared in national television commercials and print ads.


Adrian is now retired after working for the California Department of Food and Agriculture for 20 years. He is married and the father of three and grandfather to Master Elijah, Miss Emma Rose and Miss Leila Virginia. He resides in Sacramento, California.

Cindi Huckfeldt – Director

I purchased my first Doberman in 1975 and I have been involved with the breed since. I joined the DPCA in 1977. I have belonged to both the Doberman Pinscher Club of the Rocky Mountain Area and the Greater Kansas City Doberman Pinscher Club. I became an AKC licensed handler in 2000, and for the last 25 years I have bred Dobermans under the kennel name Ciden in a partnership with Mona Fasth , DVM of Gallant Dobermans. Together we have produced over 70 champions, including three consecutive DPCA Grand Prize Futurity winners.

I have been married to Dennis for 44 years. Together, for the last 35 of those years, we have owned and operated Huckfeldt Trucking , where I serve as the secretary/treasurer of the corporation.

I believe we all need to be united as Doberman owners whatever interests we have. All aspects of the Doberman are important and must come from one standard , a standard that I believe must not change.

I feel it is important to keep an open mind and consider all opinions. It is very important to use common sense for decision making within the DPCA. My reason for running is very simple, to protect and preserve the breed . The only side I am on, is the side of the Doberman. For everything the breed has given to me, it is the least I can do for the breed. What needs to be remembered is, none of us is more important than the breed.

I have served as a director of the DPCA for the last four years. It has been a very positive learning experience although not always a pleasant one. I have greatly appreciated serving our breed and the people who love the Doberman breed as much as I do.

I do not participate in on-line social networking such as Facebook, Twitter or internet chat lists. However, if anyone has a question please call me directly, I will be happy to answer. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.

Tammy Rabold – Director

My Parents always told me “At first you don’t succeed, try again?” Hence my bid for a 2 yr term serving the DPCA membership as a Director.

In essence, I did achieve my first goal. Now on to the second one

I have watched, listened, made mistakes and learned from them and hope I can continue to learn and work for the breed at the pleasure of the membership.

I have been a member of this organization since before 1987. My first National was New Orleans and I think I have missed 2 all of these years.

I’m pretty sure most of you know me and our breeding program under the Registered Kennel name of Goldgrove. I have worked with Sharon Pflueger for the last 27 years and continue to improve our lines.

I have been National Event Chair for 2009 ,2011 ,2012 and 2015 and have continued serving at the National in whatever capacity they need me.

Jocelyn Mullins – Director


My journey with this amazing breed began in 1985 in Chicago with my first Doberman, a rescue. I was his 4th home. He was the beginning of my desire to help as many Dobermans as possible.

Rescue had its challenges, but when I could turn dire into endless possibilities for those dogs, I found that rewarding.

My rescue efforts guided me to a purpose-driven breeder as a mentor. She inspired me to join our local club, where I served as rescue chair and, over the years, in many other capacities.

I became a breeder (Protocol Dobermans) in 2003. I’ve trained, competed with and titled Dobermans in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Schutzhund, Dock Diving and Lure Coursing. Our dogs have also been public servants, working in the community for education, fundraising and therapy. I’m currently working with my 4th generation.

We’ve been blessed with successes, both with the dogs that live with us and the dogs that live with their wonderful and dedicated owners. As a breeder, I believe my program can only be as good as its dogs and their people and we’ve been very fortunate in both.

Throughout my career, I’ve watched the DPCA accomplish great things. In the future, I know we can double-down on those achievements. I’m running for the board because I want to be a part of stewarding our breed’s future. But, to bring the future into fruition, we must come together. Our members must also feel seen, heard and valued for the important role they play in protecting and serving our great breed. I hope my multi-faceted background can be useful as we work toward an even better tomorrow.


  • Member in good standing with the DPCCO (30 years)
    • Served as DPCA liaison, recruiting members, arranging speakers and organized fundraisers.
    • Ran the DPCCO’s rescue program (more than 10 years).
      • Founding member of Hand Me Down Dobermans, a 501c3
      • Rescued and rehomed 300 Dobermans before volunteers joined my team
    • Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus, volunteer (current role)
    • Co-show chair, Delaware, Ohio Kennel Club (current role)
    • DPCA, member (current role)
      • Volunteerism at top 20, ring crew and educational events
      • Served as ring steward during the Nationals
      • Planned seminar on Wobblers with Dr. Ronaldo DaCosta from OSU
      • Assisted in DPCA workshops

Alisa Brotherhood – Director

Alisa Brotherhood began her passion of owning Dobermans in 1976. Having bred Dobermans since 1987 under the kennel name of Touchstone. There are over 80+ Champion Dobermans that carry the Touchstone name. Showing in many venues -Best In Show winners, BISS winners, Grand Champions, ROM’s, Top Twenty contenders, Group Winners, DPCA Top Producing Dam, National AOM winners. Obedience dogs, Therapy Dogs, Dock Diving dogs, Nosework and beloved companions. Alisa has bred/owned five Top Twenty Dobermans. Alisa has bred Whippets very limitedly and is a Breeder of Merit in Whippets. Alisa was approved to judge Dobermans and all breed Junior Showmanship in 2018. She is now approved to judge Whippets, Great Danes, Neopolitan Mastiffs and Boxers.

Alisa has judged at the Doberman Pinscher Club of America National several times judging Futurity, Top 20 and Regional Sweepstakes.

Alisa has been active in a number of dog clubs through the years. All breed clubs Houston Kennel Club, San Jacinto Kennel Club and Conroe Kennel Club. Alisa has served as Chapter Club Secretary and a DPCA Board member from 1992 through 1995. She is very active in the Doberman Pinscher Club of Houston having joined in 1976 and has held every office more than once. Alisa was President of DPCH during the 1989 National in Houston. Most recently, serving as the Editor for the DPCA Mentor Musings JEC Newsletter.

Alisa resides in Magnolia, Texas with her 3 Dobermans and 1 Whippet and stays active in many dog venues. Still actively showing in conformation and other performance venues such as dock diving, coursing and recently training in Nosework.

“I’ve been passionately supporting and trying to give back to this breed my entire adult life. I’ve devoted countless amounts of time to the breed I love because that was how I was mentored and it’s the right thing to do. My first thought is always wanting to do what’s right for the Breed. My dedication to this Breed is unwavering.”

TBD – Director