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Living With a Dobe

Living with a Doberman is a challenge that comes on a daily basis. No matter how old, you cannot ignore a Doberman, they are in your face, on your lap, they are a helping you out kinda dog,  and yet, they do not seem to intrude into your personal space.

A Doberman is a working dog, he is ever alert and ready at all times to take care of his ‘family and environment’.  with tremendous adaptability to what to do in almost all situations.
Some sports to enjoy with your Doberman:

freestyle frisbee

However, this is not a breed that is suitable for everyone. The moment a Doberman walks into your life it is important to set the rules and start training, even if it is as simple as teaching the puppy to sit and wait before eating.

The secret to successful living with a Doberman is to give him a daily function in the family environment, letting him clearly know what is expected of him, and remain constant in those boundaries for the rest of your dogs life.  A Doberman needs to have variety, not just in the home, but where ever possible, give him  a change of scenery, taking your pup with you to as many different places as possible creates a steady dog who will be able to discern when there is a ‘real’  threat and not just normal life happening.   It is important to show your Dobe as many different people, atmospheres, environments and attitudes as possible, this allows the Dobe to be able to not only make some necessary decision himself, but will create a steady and firm temperament.

Exposure to these situations,  coupled with fair discipline will help your Dobe bond to you and also be able to make decisions as to when he should or should not act, in the event that you are unable to give a command.

If started from the moment you Dobe enters the home, training can and  should be rewarding.  Of course, as with most dogs, there will be times that you, as a handler/owner, will feel frustration, but the secret to training a Dobe is to keep it ‘fun’, always be fair with corrections and be consistent. Some Dobes cannot be trained every day, and ten minutes every other day will allow the Dobe to work through the new challenge.  These are not dog that can be ‘brow beaten’ to learn something new, and need time to let the imprinting take place.

Dobermans have very steady temperaments, but they do need to be shown or told what you expect of them, if you aren’t consistent, you will confuse them.  They are loyal, discerning and have a tremendous sense of humor.

A Dobe knows when to protect, when to growl, when to smile and when you’re in need, your Dobe will be there.

submitted by
Ceilidh Campbell
DPCA Public Education Committee