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Lifetime Achievement Awards

Lifetime Achievement recognizes people who have devoted the greater part of their lives to our Dobermans. Whether they are breeders, performance people, conformation, legislative, officers of the DPCA or specialty clubs, or a person who impacted our dog’s lives with their skills outside of the above mentioned venues — Col William Putney comes to mind . . . . This is the type of criteria the committee entertains when a person’s name is placed on our nominee list.

All year long, we work thru the names we receive from contact with our membership, plus the committee makes nominations of people who should be considered for this award. By July, we get down to about four possible recipients. At the end of July we pick our recipient(s). This must be a unanimous choice by all committee members. In August, the beautiful plaque designed and produced by Jeanne Stevens-Sollman, is sent for engraving.

2023 Grace Black, Cathy Kendrick, and Carol Moore
2022 Mimi Brown and Angus & Janice Thom
2021 Jeff Brucker and Darlene Young
2020 No event held
2019 Jim Briley, and Linda/Rick George
2018 Moe Miyagawa, Joanne Satalino and Gwen DeMilta, and Lynn Eggers
2017 Eve Auch and Holly & Steve Schorr
2016 Pamela DeHetre
2015 Janet Van Wormer
2014 Mary Rodgers
2013 Sharon Pflueger
2012 Faye Strauss
2011 Marj Brooks
2010 Ellen Hanley
2009 Jeffrey P. Helsdon
2008 Dorothy and George Foegen and Bob D. Bender
2007 Tess Henseler and Judy Brown
2006 Rosalie Alvarez and Sam Burke
2005 May Jacobson and Vic and Angie Monteleon
2004 Ray Carlisle
2003 Eugene Haupt and Dr. William W. Putney DVM
2002 Irene Bivin, Paul Combs and Pat and Judy Doniere
2001 Mae Downing, Pat and Bob Hastings and Betty James
2000 Joseph A. Ciaccio, George Rood and Anne Thorne
1999 Ann Lanier
1998 Nancy K. Heitzman, Tommie Jones and Betty Moore
1997 Shirley Hammond
1996 no award was presented due to the death of Betty Moore
1995 Herman and Judith Felton
1994 Gerald and Barbara Gaines
1993 Jane Kay, Don Moss and Keith and Joanna Walker
1992 Anita Ortiz
1991 Virginia Spafford
1990 Peggy Adamson and Frank Grover
1989 Adelaide Combs, Charles O’Neill, Mel Spafford, and Dolph Thorne


Grace Black

This 2023 DPCA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient’s life has consisted of breeding, showing, judging and most of all, loving Doberman Pinschers since 1963. She was an active member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Florida, the Doberman Pinscher club of America, the Greater Miami Dog Club, and the Miami Obedience Club. She was a licensed AKC judge of Dobermans and judged many Doberman club specialties, Including the 1994 national host club Best of Breed and the 2008 regional Bitch classes. She judged the Doberman specialty in Orlando in 2014.
Over the years she has mentored many Doberman fanciers and worked with many clubs to ring steward and organize events.
For her, there will never be a dog better than, smarter than, more loyal than, more beautiful than a Doberman. She cannot imagine life without a Doberman.
At 97, she continues to have a passion for our breed and is dedicated to them with her whole heart and soul.
Grace A. Black, the DPCA salutes your 60 years of service to and love for the Doberman Pinscher with this 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cathy Kendrick

This 2023 DPCA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient organized, created, and continues to maintain the database for our Doberman Breed. Starting in 2003 she worked to design this very valuable source of Doberman information.

The DobeQuest Database is an invaluable resource for us all.

She has worked with many people and updated and revised this database for the last 20 years.

The DPCA appreciates Catherine Kendrick for her hard work and dedication to bring this essential source of information to us all.


Because of the hard work and dedication of YOU – our DPCA Members – DobeQuest is the PREMIER database of all of the breed databases.  I’m SO proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish over the past 20 years!

Members, after obtaining a password, can enter information about birth, death, genotype, dentition, stud book entries, registries, conformation and working titles, health testing results, sire, dam, progeny and littermate information, breeder and owner particulars, upload a photo, add brief notes and “Accolades”, and generate up to an 8-generation pedigree. 

The database tracks all changes to the information and provides an “edit history” that reflects the changes made by each user.

The idea of an on-line database for our Dobermans came about when Pam DeHetre was made aware of the Golden Retriever database by Jan Van Wormer.

Pam contacted me in the summer of 2003 and asked if I would put together a proposal for this project.  Her plan was to have the database be the first project during her upcoming term as DPCA President. 

The proposal was approved by the BOD at the 2003 National in Colorado.  Our goal was to have a user-friendly, on-line database for our DPCA Members to enter information about our dogs and have it assessable on-line to everyone.

Our committee – Bobbi Kerlin, Darlene Young, Lee Hartfield and I – officially started our work on November 11th, 2003.  A volunteer college student assisted with the programming and Bobbi donated the information from her personal database of 3000+ Dobermans as a ‘start’.

Over the past 20 years, SO MANY DPCA Members have provided data entry assistance, new recommendations for improvement and have volunteered on sub-committees to make those improvements happen!  

Peter Pavolvich, Annie St Clair and Paul Stavrides have provided programing assistance throughout the years. 

Our Webmaster, Michelle “I am not a programmer” Kramer, continually adds functionality to DobeQuest – she’s uploaded OFA Results, provided SQL Queries to obtain requested information, implemented the LINKS section, added the capability to generate an 8-generation pedigree, among SO many others.  In 2016, Michelle, with the assistance of the late Theresa Mahle, greatly expanded the Health Sections of the database and painstakingly transferred everything in the “notes” sections to the appropriate new areas.

Ellen (Margaret) Berry has provided many years of “quality assurance” by monitoring the database, reporting and fixing errors.  Ellen is also our “go to” person who is always willing to do anything else we need done. 

Kim Davis has a special interest in the South American dogs behind ours and has completed many of their pedigrees for us.  Kim also has promoted the Longevity Program by contacting breeders to offer her help.

For many years, Marj Brooks has shared her vast knowledge of our Doberman history by using many resources to complete pedigrees and individual dog profiles.

In 2022, the BOD approved for us to have a yearly budget, allowing us the ability to hire a programming company to provide updates.  Because of this, we now have areas for Proposed Pedigrees, “Add a Litter” and will be able to put back together the Multiple Parameter Search section. 

I am so very honored to have received this Lifetime Achievement Award for my involvement with our DobeQuest database over the past 20 years. 

Thank you all!

Catherine “Cathy” Kendrick

Committee Chair, DobeQuest Database

Carol Moore

This 2023 DPCA lifetime Achievement Award recipient began her Agility Journey in the late 1990’s. She was asked in 2000 to Chair the Top 20 Agility committee.
In 2001, She was asked to chair the DPCA National Agility Trial. She has served as chair of both events since.
She has exhibited in agility all over the country at DPCA Top 20 events and AKC National Championships and Invitationals.
She is so proud of the Dobermans she has trained and exhibited. She has shown many Dobermans to Mach titles and Top 20 Agility Rankings.
CH. Jager’s Winning Colors ROM, ACT2, ACT2J. AX, OAJ, XF, BCAT, “Derby”

CH. Denmar’s In Hot Pursuit, CGC, TKP, BN, AX, AXJ, AXP, OFP, NF, ROM

CH. MACH Protocol’s Citius Altius Fortius,ROM, MXC,MJS, MXB, T2B2, SG “Porsche”
DPCA Top 20 Finalist, 2012, 2015

CH. Hugadobe Hatteras Treasure ROM, CD, MAD, MX,MXJ,NJP,OAC,NJC,CGC,TDI.
DPCA Top 20 Agility Finalist 2000, 2001 & 2002. “Hatte”

Black Rose Tattoo on Copper CD, NA, NAJ, CGC “Copper”

CH.MACH3 Montwood Arista Rally The Flag, ROM,NAP, NJP, AAD,AS,AJ,NAC, MXG2, MJG2,CGC,TDI.”Rally”
DPCA Top 20 Agility Finalist 2006, 2007, 2008,2009
AKC Invitational Finalist 2006

As DPCA national Agility trail chair, she is responsible for the site, equipment, judges, seminars, and all AKC reports. As Top 20 Agility chair, she works with her committee to maintain yearly stats, award ribbons, invitations, and communications with the finalists.
She also works with an agility club in Erie, PA to run a DPCA regional agility trial. The money raised from this event helps fund the National events.
The DPCA appreciates Carol Moore for her 23 years of hard work and dedication. She has made our National Agility trials and top 20 Agility events absolutely amazing.


Dr. Mary-Helene (Mimi) Brown, MD

Mimi Brown got her first Doberman, a ten week old red male, in 1984. Luckily, he was from a reputable breeder and after “Big Al”, Ch. Jan-Har’s Salute to Saracen, CD, ROM, won points at his first dog show, she was hooked on a great avocation that has brought her much joy.

Mimi attended her first DPCA Nationals, in 1986. “Asta” Ch. Naball’s Boreal v Anozira CD, ROM won WB/BW/BOS. Asta was campaigned into the top 20 for three years and she won 3 AOM at the Nationals, including one in 1993 from the veteran’s class. Mimi also specialed Asta’s daughter, Ch. Anozira’s Adrastia, CD,ROM and had her biggest conformation thrill when she won the veteran bitch class and an AOM at the 2001 Nationals with Mimi handling.
Mimi has bred five litters, with 10 champions to date and several obedience titled Dobermans under the Anozira name, (Arizona spelled backwards.)

Mimi has been a member of the Desert Valley Doberman Pinscher Club since 1985, and have served as President and show chair for multiple terms. She has been the DPCA delegate for the club over 20 years. She has been the DVDPC treasurer for the last 19 years. She chaired the DPCA Nationals when it was held in Chandler, AZ, in 1991.

Mimi is the most proud of helping start the Friday night COPE fundraiser in 1988, (with Cathy Willett and Ann Lanier). She continued to co-chair this event in its new form, which fundraises for both health and rescue programs until 2021. In the 32 years that she was involved in Friday night fundraiser close to $500,000.00 was raised.

Mimi served as 2nd vice-president of the DPCA for 8 years. She helped chapter clubs with their show paperwork and mentored many members. Mimi served as president of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America from 2017-2020. She has judged at the DPCA nationals 3 times, including intersex/BOB in 2016.

For her energetic, tireless work on behalf of the Doberman and her generosity and kindness to our DPCA members, Mimi Brown is a 2022 DPCA Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree.

Angus & Janice Thom

Angus and Janice Thom have been involved in Doberman rescue since 1993 and they founded Kansas City Doberman Rescue.
Kansas City Doberman Rescue was very active in the 1990’s and early 2000’s with many members and foster homes. They placed have placed hundreds of Dobermans over the years. They are still doing rescue work today.
In early 2000 they were watching a TV show about Dobermans. The Monteleons and their kennel were featured. Angie did a demo of a Rescue parade.
Angus and Janice were in San Diego at the 2000 DPCA National and met with Angie. They worked on how to do a DPCA Parade of Rescues. In 2001 the first parade was held. It has been a highlight of the Friday night Fundraiser every year since. Along with Laurie Hanahan, they conceived and implemented the Felton award for an outstanding rescue dog every year.
Angus and Janice have staffed the DPCA rescue booth for over 20 years. They have creatively raised money with a variety of raffles and games and dog memorabilia hunted down from many flea markets and antique stores.
They have mentored many rescue groups and carried on Judith Felton’s legacy with their unwavering dedication to the Doberman and stewardship of DPCA Doberman Rescue. Angus and Janice Thom are 2022 DPCA Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees.


Jeff Brucker

Jeffery Lynn Brucker began showing Dobermans at age 15. He has been showing them for over 60 years and is devoted to our breed. He has been a DPCA member for over 40 years.

He has served the DPCA as a board member for 3 terms and as president. He has been National Show Chair, Chair of Judges and Exhibitors Education, and co-chair of the archives committee. He is also a past president of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada.

He has finished multiple champions for his clients and has many BIS winners and Top 20 Dobermans.

With his wife, Melissa, he has bred Dobermans under the kennel name Monarch and shown many to their championships. He has judged the top 20 event and the DPCA futurity several times and has won both the Top 20 and the futurity events.

He wrote “Preparation and Presentation of the Show Dog” and produced a follow up DVD of the same title. He has presented many handling seminars and helped countless exhibitors improve their handling skills.

Jeffery believes that the best moment in Dobermans is watching a puppy reach its full potential in the ring and out. He is committed to this goal and to helping others to reach it, too.

For his constant striving to help others, his service to the DPCA, and his devotion to our breed, the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Jeffery Lynn Brucker.

Darlene Young

Darlene acquired her first pet male Doberman in 1968 and exhibited in obedience in her early years in the breed. She purchased her first show Doberman in the late 1970’s and began actively showing in conformation.

Darleen did limited breeding under the name of Darwin Dobermans. She had 8 litters, producing 10 conformation champions as well as therapy dogs, obedience and ROM dogs, a police dog, and many with multiple BOB wins and working group placing Dobermans. A most notable example was Ch. Darwin’s Dance of the Hour, WAC (“Dandy”), co-bred with her dear friend, Marilyn Altheide. Dandy was Grand Prize Futurity winner in 1996, AOM at the DPCA nationals shows in 1997, 1998, and 2001, BOS at the 1998 host club, and a Top 20 Finalist in 1998,1999, and 2000.

Darlene professionally handled Dobermans for a number of years with the ever-present support of Marilyn. Darlene and Marilyn used this opportunity to welcome and mentor many new Doberman excitors, willingly providing ongoing support and establishing long lasting friendships within the Doberman community.

Darlene has been a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Northern California (DPCNC) since 1986. She has held many offices over the years including president for 7 years. She was also show chair in 2007 & 2008 and assistant show chair from 2016 to the present.

Darlene has been a DPCA member in the 1980s. She has been a regular attendee of the DPCA annual events. She is an avid supporter of DPCA rescue efforts and is know for her donation of her beautiful homemade quilts for their fundraising events. She served on the DPCA board of directors from 2017-2021. Of special note is her role as Year in Review Board Liaison to Susan Hurrell, editor of the DPCA year in Review, which was first published in 2018. The combined efforts of Susan and Darlene resulted in the 2019 DPCA year in Review being selected the winner if the Club Special Publication category in the national competition of the Dog Writers of America.

Darlene has had an impressive Doberman judging career. She first judged Futurity at the 1999 Doberman National. She obtained AKC approval to judge Dobermans in 2003 and is approved to judge Rottweilers and Junior Showmanship. Darlene has judged numerous Doberman chapter club specialties. She judged Puppy Bitches and Dogs at the 2005 DPCA national show in Montgomery, Texas and also judged at the 2008 and 2012 DPCA regional events. She has judged internationally in Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

Darlene has been devoted the Doberman breed for over50 years and has served the Doberman community for decades, locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are honored to award her the 2021 DPCA lifetime achievement Award.


Jim Briley

Jim Briley’s devotion to the Doberman Pinscher began in the late 1960’s. He attended an Obedience trial with a friend and came away greatly impressed with the Doberman there. A short time later he had the opportunity to purchase a young Doberman female. He thought she was the most beautiful dog he had ever seen. He bought her and she became his first Doberman. Her name was Anamor Holly of Marks-Tey. After buying a book on obedience training he began to work with his Doberman. He took Holly to CD, CDX, and UD before 2 years of age.

He later gave up on obedience and wanted to try his hand at Conformation, a venue at which he excelled. He showed many dogs to their championship for others as well as breeding over 100 Champions with the Aquarius name. He has been a mentor to many over the years and a great representative to the sport of showing dogs.

One of his fondest memories is showing Ch. Ravenswood Odessa V Aquarius and winning the Top Twenty in 1991. He and Betty Clark were also Co-Breeders of the Year that year.

Another is Ch. Aquarius Damien V. Ravenswood winning Best of breed at the 1995 DPCA national specialty.

In 2006, he and co-breeder Ron Babics had the opportunity to purchase an Inaqui de Black Shadow son, Trotyl de Black Shadow. He was a male with a pedigree which included Aquarius Dobermans through a bitch who had been sent to Argentina some years earlier. To date Trotyl has produced over 70 AKC Champions, with many more in other countries.

Jim has judged at our DPCA National as well as in Japan, England, Mexico and Argentina. Through all of his accomplishments as a breeder, owner and handler his greatest contribution to the Doberman Pinscher may be his exemplary sportsmanship and his willingness to help and to mentor those who expressed an interest in the sport of showing dogs.

Linda & Rick George

This couple has shared their lives with Dobermans for 44 years.

They have bred over 100 Champions and Top 20 contenders in conformation, obedience, and agility. Many became foundation stock for other Doberman breeders, not only in the US, but also in Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, India, and the Philippines.

They have earned the APEX silver level legacy award and have bred a 2 time national specialty winner. Their Horizon Dobermans have also won winners bitch, stud dog, brood bitch (consecutive years with mother and then daughter), veteran dog and bitch, and best puppy.

He has served as show chair at 3 national specialties and emceed the DPCA Friday night fundraiser several times.

They have been involved with the DPC of Houston for 40 years and have served that club in many capacities, including President and DPCA delegate.

In their 11 generations of breeding, they have nurtured not only many Doberman Pinschers, but also many Doberman breeders and exhibitors.


Lynn Eggers

Lynn Eggers began her career in dogs with a Miniature Poodle, who became her first obedience Utility dog. Her first Doberman, Sirena, came home with her from Chicago to Texas in 1963. In 1967 Sirena was the top winning Doberman in Obedience in the country.

Lynn began judging Obedience in 1968 and has been actively judging for 50 years. She received the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award for Companion Events in 2014.

Lynn has earned a reputation as one of the fairest and most encouraging obedience and rally judges and is a favorite of Doberman exhibitors.

She is a long time DPCA member and an Obedience Top 20 Committee member. She is famous for calling the exercises at the Top 20 Obedience event.

Lynn bred the first AKC Ch. Bitch to earn a Schutzhund 3 title. She has bred many Champions that have earned multiple obedience, rally, agility and IPO titles, and many have been awarded their ROMs.

Lynn is a longtime board member of “Take The Lead”. She has contributed greatly to our dog show community.

For her unwavering encouragement of each Obedience and Rally exhibitor, for her commitment to breeding outstanding conformation and performance Dobermans with correct temperaments, and for her dedication and kindness to the humans she encounters, the DPCA 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award is given to Lynn Eggers.

Joanne Satalino and Gwen DeMilta

Joanne Satalino acquired the foundation stock for Alisaton Dobermans from Peggy Adamson of Damasyn Dobermans. Joanne and Gwen bred their first litter in 1972 and Gwen showed a bitch from this litter, Alisaton’s Kinderwicke, at the 1973 DPCA Nationals and won BOW from the BBE class at age 17.

To date over 200 Champions carry the Alisaton name, including multiple generations of ROM Dobermans. Alisaton Dobermans have won multiple all-breed Bests in Show, DPCA National Specialties, DPCA Top 20 Conformation and Obedience Awards, DPCA Nationals Winners dogs, Winners bitches and grand prize futurities. Two CH/OTCH/MACH Dobermans and a CH/MACH male Doberman carry the Alisaton name.

Joanne and Gwen started the Alisaton breeding program 46 years ago and it has provided foundation stock to many other Doberman breeders. Gwen and her daughter Carissa received the AKC breeders of the year award in 2014.

Gwen had dedicated her life to the Doberman Pinscher. Her passion and commitment to our breed is unique. She is a trusted, supportive friend and mentor to many, many Doberman fanciers.

For Gwen’s outstanding contributions to the Doberman Pinscher breed and her mother, Joanne’s, great dedication in starting Alisaton Dobermans, They are Awarded the 2018 DPCA lifetime Achievement Award.

Moe Miyagawa

2018 marks the 50th year Moe Miyagawa has been in Doberman Pinschers. He has handled 5 dogs to the coveted DPCA National Specialty Best in Show winners’ circle. Something never achieved by any other handler. He & breeder Mary Rodgers had great success with the Marienburg dogs in the seventies. Their CH Marienburg’s Sun Hawk was a top producer, #1 Doberman in 1975, Top 20 Winner & Best of Breed winner at the 1976 & 1978 National Specialties. Hawk’s daughter, CH Marienburg’s Mary Hartman held the breed’s record for the Top Winning Doberman of All time until 1989. “Miss BE’s,” as she was called, was Top Dog All Breeds in 1978, winner of two National Specialties, the Top 20 as well as Group First at the illustrious Westminster Kennel Club show. The working group was extremely competitive at that time as it included the herding breeds.

In the early nineties, he & then wife, Cynthia Woodward, piloted Ch. Ravenswood Cario V Aquarius to one of our leading sires. Cairo is the maternal grandsire to the Top Producer of all time, CH. Cambria’s Cactus Cash. He was also the very first champion produced by the iconic CH Brunswig’s Cryptonite. Cairo produced a multitude of champions including CH. Cynderwood Halston V Sunchase, who wrapped up her career as #1 Doberman.

In 2002, Moe won his 5th National Specialty with CH Marienburg’s Repo Man. Moe has judged our Futurity twice and has judged out of the county including the Mexican Doberman National, New Zealand & Uruguay. On this his gold anniversary in the Dobermans, it is fitting that we honor Moe as he has dedicated the majority of his life to the breed as a handler, breeder, owner & mentor.


Eve Auch

Eve Auch acquired her first Doberman Pinscher in 1969. From her first litter there were 2 Utility titled Dobermans. She bred her first champion in1977.

She joined the DPC of Northern California in 1980. She rolled up her sleeves and served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, DPCA delegate, board member, show chair, ring steward and in many other support positions. She joined the DPC of Reno in 2000 and served as Secretary for17 years.

For the National Specialty Eve was the 1984 Transportation Chair, the 1988 Convention Chair and the 1998 Show Chair when these shows were held in Northern California. She has also helped out wherever needed on many other National Specialties not in her area.

In 1991 she became a WAE evaluator and has been one for the last 27 years. She is currently the Secretary for both the WAE and ROM programs.

Her concern for health, temperament and longevity show her commitment and dedication to our breed. She has bred over 75 performance titled dogs, 48 Champions and 36 ROM Dobermans. She is a Silver Apex award winner and 4 of her Dobermans have Legacy awards. She has assisted in the health and rescue fundraising Friday night event for many years and Emcees the Parade of Rescues.

She has mentored many new to our breed and many who have been in the breed for years.

Her commitment to the Doberman Pinscher, her continued service to the breed, and her involvement in temperament, conformation and performance venues is testament to her lifelong heartfelt passion for the Doberman.

The 2017 Lifetime achievement award winner is Eve Auch.


Holly & Steve Schorr

Steve and Holly Schorr acquired their first Doberman in 1977 and trained and showed in obedience. They joined the DPCA in 1981 and began breeding and showing in conformation. They have bred 85 champions to date and achieved multiple Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show awards with several top 20 finalists in conformation and obedience as well as a DPCA dam of the year. They have had success at both the American and Canadian nationals.

Their Pennylane Dobermans have provided foundation dogs for a number of breeding programs in the United States and Canada. They have mentored and nurtured many people and shared their knowledge and love of our breed for the past 35 years.

Steve and Holly have been involved in many areas of the national specialty and the national club. Holly has served on the Top 20 conformation committee since 1994 and is the current DPCA dispute resolution chair. She is a favorite Sweepstakes judge and her opinions on puppies are valued. Steve is an AKC licensed Judge and has been the Friday night Fundraiser Emcee and auctioneer for many years. He has judged many Doberman specialties including the DPCA regional and the National Specialty in Argentina. Steve is currently serving on the DPCA board of directors.

Steve and Holly have worked with their local Clark County and Henderson, Nevada governments as well as the Nevada State Legislature to craft appropriate regulations and create fundraising events to help local animal shelters and lower the impact of so-called “Puppy Mills.” They helped create the Best In Show program with the local Animal Foundation that has found homes for thousands of shelter animals.

Their lifetime commitment to the Doberman and their passion to breed and show Dobermans and mentor other Doberman fanciers shines through. The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Awardees are Steve and Holly Schorr.


Pamela DeHetre

Pamela acquired her first Doberman in 1965 from Pat & Judy Doniere and has been involved with our breed for over 50 years.

She has bred and handled many Dobermans to conformation and obedience titles. She had the honor of winning the Top 20 Conformation event twice, in 1977 with Am. Can. Ch. Schauffelein’s Vintage Year and in 1980 with his daughter, Am. Can. CH. Shinya’s Better N’Popcorn, CD, ROM. Popcorn was the first ROM Doberman to win the Top 20 and Pam handled her for her WAC and CD.

She has served the Doberman Pinscher Club of America as President, 1st Vice-President, Futurity Director, Grievance Chair, Chapter Club Secretary, and on the board of directors.

She has chaired the CHIC Doberman health registry since its inception in 2006 and organizes the CHIC blood draw at the DPCA National Specialty Show every year. She has written pipeline articles and given seminars about this AKC affiliated health registry and promoted CHIC tirelessly to Doberman fanciers. She has attended every DPCA National Specialty except one since 1966.

She also serves on the DPCA judge’s education committee and is currently in charge of ringside judges mentoring at the DPCA nationals. She regularly presents judges education seminars for the DPCA .

She is currently AKC approved to judge Dobermans and 20 other breeds and JR showmanship.

Pamela DeHetre has excelled as an exhibitor, teacher, mentor, and organizer in service of the Doberman Pinscher. She is the 2016 Lifetime Achievement honoree.


Janet Van Wormer

The 2015 lifetime achievement award winner has decades of service to the DPCA and the whole dog community nationally and locally.

She obtained her first Doberman in the late 1960’s and started training in obedience. She has bred multiple champions and BIS, BISS, WAC, and ROM Dobermans. She has judged many Doberman specialties nationally and internationally, including the 2013 DPCA National Intersex and Junior Handling classes in California. She also judges Rottweilers, Whippets, and Shiba Inus.

Since joining the DPCA in the early 1970’s, she has served as President, 2nd Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, AKC Delegate, Dispute Resolution, and as a Director. As Public Education Chair, she recommended in October of 1996 to put the DPCA on the web. The website was built and hosted and went live. The rest is history and the DPCA was connected to the internet world. In 2014 she served as DPCA National Show Chair in Topeka.

Before moving to Arizona in 2004, she served the Eugene Kennel Club as president and show chair for many years and was instrumental in getting agility started in the club. She is a founding member of the Mt. Hood DPC and served as Show Chair, director, and in many other offices. She was Convention Chair for the 1995 DPCA Nationals in Portland when Mt Hood was the host club.

She is currently legislative chair for the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club, an all-breed club in Arizona. She has served on the board of the Cochise County Humane Society and on an advisory board to the Cochise County Sheriff’s department, reviewing animal regulations and keeping detrimental and breed specific animal regulations at bay. She is always involved in her community whenever a canine event is scheduled.

For her lifetime commitment to the Doberman Pinscher, the DPCA salutes Janet Van Wormer, our 2015 Lifetime Achievement Honoree.


Mary Rodgers

The 2014 lifetime achievement award winner is world renown and has numerous achievements over the last 50 years.

She is a breeder, judge, mentor, writer and artist, who is always focused on the Doberman Pinscher. She was the AKC breeder of the year 2003 and to date has bred over 100 champions. She has searched the world for sires to broaden and enrich the Doberman gene pool. She considers the whole Doberman and balances the standard integrating type, style, form, function and temperament. Her Dobermans have won seven DPCA national best of breeds (showing four different Champions) and she has set many other records. For 5 decades the name Marienburg has been synonymous with great Dobermans.

The 2014 Lifetime Achievement award goes to Mary M. Rogers.


Sharon Pflueger

This year’s lifetime Achievement Award Honoree’s life and passion for the last 37 years has been the Doberman Pinscher. She has bred 90 Doberman champions and many of these Dobermans have earned performance titles reflecting her dedication to the total Doberman.

She has tirelessly served the DPCA membership as a multiyear member of the board of directors, as chair of exhibitor’s education, trophy donation and the AKC Good Sportsman Award.

Since 2006 she has used her artist’s eye to elevate the apparel available at our nationals to a new level of consistent quality and fabulous fashion.

Truly a gem in the Goldgrove of Dobermans, the 2013 Lifetime Achievement award goes to Sharon Pflueger.


Faye Strauss

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award goes to a woman who has dedicated her life to the Doberman breed for the last 40 years. She has bred over 100 champions and finished 65 of them owner handled. She has received the DPCA breeder of the year 3 times.

She has been active in club work for many years and is the current president of the Puget Sound DPC and the Mt. Rainer Working Dog club.

She is an AKC approved judge for the working and non-sporting groups and Best in Show and has judged in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. She has judged the DPCA Nationals 3 times and at Westminster.

She has been chair of the Judges Education Committee for the past 3 years and has focused on teaching the Doberman standard to the next generation of judges.

Her groundbreaking multimedia CD of the Doberman Pinscher has been viewed extensively and has enhanced the understanding of the breed standard.

She has mentored countless Doberman fanciers by being available to discuss breeding plans and actively welcoming new Doberman owners to our family.

The 2012 DPCA Lifetime Achievement award goes to FAYE STRAUSS.




Marj Brooks

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award honoree acquired her first Doberman Pinscher in 1962. She has been a DPCA member for almost 50 years and has devoted her life to our breed. She has actively mentored generations of Doberman breeders and exhibitors. She has attended the majority of the Doberman National conventions since the early 1970s and has judged the Futurity and the Top 20 Conformation events 3 times each. She helped craft the illustrated standard in the 1970s and its recent revision. She has served on numerous DPCA committees, including Code of Ethics and Breeder Education and on the Board of Directors for multiple terms. She has shown Dobermans to their championships for 5 decades and has handled a National Specialty BOB winner. She has been a member of the DPC of Northern California since 1964, the Redwood Empire DPC since its beginning, and helped found the DPC of Sacramento. Her efforts to educate and mentor have done much to preserve, protect, and promote the Doberman Pinscher.

If Frank Grover and Peggy Adamson are” Mr. and Mrs. Doberman”, then this year’s honoree is surely “Ms. Doberman”. The 2011 DPCA lifetime Achievement Award goes to Ms. Marjorie O. Brooks.


Ellen Hanley

The 2010 DPCA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD goes to a woman who has served the DPCA for over 30 years. Ellen Hanley has held every board office, except treasurer, including president in 1994 and 1995, and multiple National show and convention chair positions since 1984. In the last 5 years, she has focused on making the DPCA National Specialty Show happen successfully, facing both the year to year and day to day challenges of these venues. The 2010 lifetime achievementaward goes to one of the hardest working women on planet Doberman, ELLEN HANLEY.


Jeffrey P. Helsdon

When I first inherited this job from Anne Thorne, I was contacted by Cheri McNealy who asked what merits a Lifetime Achievement Award? I told her there were some things I could clarify for her and others I could not as this committee works in total secrecy. I told her the Committee envisions a lifetime commitment to our breed whether it be through serving as officers/directors in local or the National club, breeders, exhibitors, performance/working people who work tirelessly through contribution of their time to our breed, and perhaps it may be a onetime contribution that impacted our breed so enormously that it changed things for our dogs dramatically . . . . Lifetime Achievement Committee 2009 felt this person did, indeed, fulfill both of these areas . . . . Our recipient this year, Jeffrey P. Helsdon came from a family involved in purebred dogs in the 1970’s. He acquired his first Doberman Pinscher in the 1990’s, a multi Best in Specialty Show and Group Winning bitch, Ch. Wingate’s Miami Sound Machine WAC, also known as Gloria. Gloria was a Conformation Top 20 finalist in 1993 and 1994. She also won the Canadian National in 1993. Jeff also had purchased for his daughter a red bitch from Naomi Shorr, Foxhaven’s Queen of Denial for Darcie to show in Junior Handling. In 1996, Jeff and his wife, Cheri purchased their foundation bitch, Ch. Wingate’s Flashback CD ROM, also known as Amelia, for their kennel Juris Dobermans. Four of the five get from Amelia’s litter finished their championships. They kept two puppies: Ch. Juris Material Witness (Kirby) who was placed in the Top 20 by their daughter Darcie in 2006 with no advertising, and Ch. Juris Clear and Convincing (Zoe). Jeff has fulfilled many positions with our National Club. Hopefully I have the complete list, but it was numerous to say the least. He served as Chair of the DPCA Constitutional Review Committee, statistician for the DPCA Top Twenty Conformation Committee, served as the DPCA Copyright Coordinator, Chair of the DPCA Legislative Committee where he established over 25 State Directors and 10 Regional Directors, and served as our Delegate to the AKC for the DPCA. He’s been instrumental in fighting legislation in California and elsewhere in the banning of bills to prevent cropping and docking, as well as airline carriers and insurance corporations in their stance on breed profiling. Last year in Topeka 2008, was the 100th year anniversary of our Dobermans. Along with this National show came a Thursday evening that most of us will never forget or see again in our lifetime.
It was an emotional evening packed with the history of what our dogs, along with people who volunteered their personal pets to the canine forces, used in the Pacific. And to see those wonderful dog handlers, along with a correspondent who was on the front lines with these units, and then to recognize the teams who have done so much in the way of therapy, 911 recovery works, well take it from me, the box of Kleenex that was handed to everyone wasn’t enough. And then to have the Homeland Security Department agree to secure vendors (breeders) of domestic working dogs to use in their programs, it was “Over the Top”. As we were leaving, I ran into Lynn Eggers and she and I both looked at one another with “droopy eyes” and she said “if people missed this they truly missed something special for our dogs. This evening was orchestrated by Jeff with the total endorsement of the DPCA. Who knew that this evening turned out to be Oscar night for our dogs . . . . Jeff is managing member of the law firm of Oldfield and Helsdon, PLLC based in the state of Washington. Because of his expertise in federal tax law, he’s been instrumental to DPCA in aiding Robin Kelly to work through our extensive audit and retain our 5013C status. Jeff is involved with the Habitat for Humanity and in his local Episcopal parish, where he serves as a Eucharistic minister. Jeff and his wife, Cheri live in Gig Harbor, Washington with a collection of “critters”. As you can see from the opening paragraph, Lifetime Achievement Committee for 2009 feels this recipient did indeed fill both “shoes”. Lifetime Achievement Committee 2009 is pleased to award JEFFREY P. HELSDON, ESQUIRE this prestigious award. . .


Dorothy and George Foegen

Dorothy and George Foegen have had Dobermans since 1965. While stationed in Okinawa, they both became very active members in the Okinawa Kennel Club. They also worked on a mixed breed drill team there, so started their love affair with our breed. They were reassigned to Germany after this tour in 1978, where their interest and education and involvement became more profound. Here they were in the “motherland” of our breed and where else could you secure what our dogs were bred for as well as appreciate their beauty. When they returned to the United States, they ended up with a red bitch who their children trained for the Joanna Walker’s Pilot Dogs. Their first two Dobermans came from Tommie Jones, Kai Esa Kennel. All of their dogs achieved obedience degrees and conformation titles.

Eventually, they joined the Doberman Pinscher Club of the Rocky Mountain area in the 1980’s, where she served as treasurer. George was always the “man behind the woman”. He and Jerry Gaines developed an accounting system that was the beginnings of how our National accounting records were established. She was the DPCA’s treasurer from 1991-1998. I also remember Jerry and George developing a system of producing labels for mailings for our DPCA. I can remember Don Moss, Bill Goff, Mel Spafford and myself forming a production line for mailings and here was Virginia Spafford in the kitchen cooking a wonderful meal – guess this is where “work for food program” had its beginning.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of the Rocky Mountain area held Nationals in 1986, 1990 and 2003 where assisting Bobbie Fleishacker, George and Dorothy held numerous positions for these conventions. Also, Dorothy provided Mimi Brown and Marsha Sheppard’s “COPE” with a program that was the basis for the accounting of this wonderful evening we all share at our National. Mimi said without Dorothy we would never have gotten under way…

Lifetime Achievement for 2008 would like to congratulate Dorothy Foegen for her lifetime of commitment to our Breed, and of course, George, posthumously.

Bob D. Bender

Bob Bender was a Sacramento California police officer and purchased his first Dobermans in 1949. The male was a Ch. Kilburn’s Avenger son and the bitch was sired by Ch. Orestes of Westphalia. In this era, Kilburn Kennels and Westphalia Kennels were two of the top producing kennels in the United States. Bob registered his first Dobermans in 1951 and bred his first litter in 1953. The first breeding produced Ch. Commando’s Comet, an all breed owner-handled Best in Show dog.. Over the next 25 years, Bob bred numerous champions, one of the few champion UTD dogs, Ch Commando’s Silver Sandal UDT owned by Mel and Virginia Spafford, Group Winners, BISS winners and a second owner handled all breed BIS, Ch. Commando’s Sailor Boy.

Bob became an AKC licensed judge in 1970, judging in Japan, Taiwan, Australia and all over the United States. Bob judges the SPCA National in 1973. While judging in Japan, He toured the Nippon Dog Assoc which was the well known dog unit in Tokyo. He even judged the police dog competition, and the Police Olympics which were held in Sacramento at the American River College.

Bob’s love of Dobermans was a given, but it was a deep understanding of the Doberman temperament and how breeding and environment impacted the Doberman character. This interest spawned a deep commitment to defend this dog from the label as a “devil dog” and an unreliable companion.

So in 1959, he brought this type of dog to the forefront in California. He began training Ch. Commando’s Dasher CD(a Westphalia Horst son). Bob testified before the California legislature and performed on the front lawn of the state capitol with another police officer, Sgt.Joe Maze, as the aggressor, as to how this dog would help police officers and highway patrol officers of not being “alone in their cars.”

He also worked with Carl Spitz, the world famous trainer who did so much for our breed in their working ability. Due to the large part of their testimony and demonstrations even In Washington D.C., legislation was passed allowing the development of service dogs for the state and local agencies. In 1970, Bob lobbied the Sacramento Police Department to begin the use of K9 partners with his department. Thus Bob trained a young red male, Commando’s Titan, CD (a Demetrius son) and thus began a K9 officer with his dog forming our now known K9 team. Bob always said working the streets of Sacramento with his dog was the highlight of his law enforcement career.

When Bob judged the 1973 National, Bob teamed with Vic Monteleon and others for the demonstration of the man work that Dobermans were inclined to do naturally. At this demonstration, Bob acted as the aggressor. From this demonstration, a humble beginning, the ROM testing was vigorously pursued and developed by Vic.

In addition to all of the above, Bob was instrumental in publishing the very first illustrated Doberman Standard in 1969 for the Doberman Pinscher Club of Sacramento of which he was a founding member. The “little yellow book” became very popular and was eventually published even in Japan. In quoting an article Bob did for the Doberman Quarterly, Been There . . . Done That, he truly had been there and done that in our breed of Dobermans and their wonderful minds as a true working dog…

Lifetime Achievement 2008 was honored to award him a Lifetime Achievement award.

Judith Ann Smith
Lifetime Achievement Chair


Tess Henseler

One of the recipients, who had passed away some time ago represented a new issue for this committee
as to how we would handle this, as the recipient had no living relatives in this country that we were aware of. Since this was a new area from which at some time in the future, may need to be revisited again by Lifetime Achievement, we sought the advice and approval of our President Dr. Sam Burke. So in awarding Tess Henseler a Lifetime Achievement Award, we felt it was unnecessary to place a very fragile wooden plaque within the archives storage, so we decided to have a beautiful caliography and drawing of the Lifetime Achievement Sandstone place on paper with the person’s name inscribed and then have it placed into archives. Dr. Burke felt since Nancy Heitzman, an officer of DPCA knew Tess personally that after I presented the plaque to Dr. Burke, he in turn would present it to Nancy to place in our Archives.

Because some of our members have inquired about Tess and her history, new people coming into our breed, Lifetime Achievement of the DPCA thought that we needed to run the articles on Tess in the Doberman Digest. These articles are so full of information and history about our wonderful breed of dogs and surely this woman and her kennel that left a footprint in most of our pedigrees. With the cooperation of the Doberman Digest, we share with you some very valuable history of our Dobermans.

Judith Brown

Judy has been involved with Dobermans since the early 1970’s, having bred over 30 champions and also trained them in obedience to very advanced obedience titles.

She is and has been very active in serving the DPCA. She has served on the Board of Directors, as Vice President, Treasurer and President. She’s been the Chairman of Committees for our National, Show Procedures, Administrative Procedures, National Obedience Coordinator, committee for contracts for videographers as well as Judge’s Selection. When she served as President of DPCA, she established the Doberman Pinscher Foundation of America.

She also serves locally on all breed conformation and obedience clubs—once again in a variety of offices and as chairman of select committees. She is President of the Harris County Veterinary Medical Foundation, a member of the Fort Bend Kennel Club and serves as liason to the AKC for the Texas Dog Judges Association. She judges the Working Group, Sporting Group, BIS, obedience and Jr Showmanship. She has judged all over the world.

She and her husband Charlie share their home with Doberman and cats. They have provided great support to the dog venues in the Houston area.


Rosalie Alvarez

Rosalie came into the Obedience venue in 1957 when she started training in Utility and
Tracking. Mel Spafford was instrumental in this early training, as he already had achieved a UDT on one of his Champion bitches. She, also, achieved a UDT and other numerous high in trials including a win at our Doberman National with a bitch named Little Mist V Frederick (Frederick being her kennel name) in 1963. In addition to obedience, Rosalie trained our dogs for bomb, narcotics and police work. In 1967, along with Arlo Keefe and Bob Bender, Rosalie developed a canine unit for the Santa Clara
Police Department. The dogs they utilitized in this new unit was Frederick Tangier Hessian CD and Ms. Muffet V Frederick, who was assigned to Sgt. Rob Turner from Fremont and Sgt Robert Haleron.

Dispelling the rumor of “tough Dobermans” Rosalie started the Doberman Drill Team touring the USA for 30 years. They performed at half time shows for the 49ers and visited hospitals. This discipline gave the public demonstrations of what an obedient, agility smart Doberman can and will do for their owners.

Rosalie is an AKC judge of all Obedience classes and is still a member of the Santa Clara
Valley Kennel Club and the California AKC Obedience Association. She still holds
Obedience classes with the Town and Country Peninsula Dog Training Clubs. She judged the AKC Obedience Invitational in 2001.

Lifetime Achievement Committee is proud to have awarded Rosalie Simpson Alvarez this prestigious award for 2006.

Sam Burke

Sam bought his first Doberman in 1965. Attending his first National in 1973 in Washington, D.C. — in 28 years, he’s missed only six Nationals.

His tenure with DPCA has included serving as a Board member for three years, as Corresponding Secretary in which time he rewrote the Administrative Procedure Manual, served as statistician on our Top Twenty Committee until 2000 and in that year was appointed Top Twenty Events Chairman for all our Top Twenty Events.

He has also served as Secretary for DPCA as well as our President, and has been a familiar face in our Conformation Ring for years as a Ring Steward.

A little personal information on Sam – while attending college as well as doing his Residency, he was a member of the Atlanta DPC and served as the Show Chairman for the Cavalier DPC where he served as Show Chairman. He’s a member of the Shreveport Kennel Club and has served in all capacities from President to Show Chairman and is their delegate to the American Kennel Club. He starting judging in 1984 and is now approved for all herding, working and terrier breeds as well as some toys and sporting breeds. He’s also had a Doberman who won the DPCA Top Twenty Event as well as exhibited Chihuahuas, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Bull Terriers, Pointer and Weimaraners.

Sam is actively practicing medicine in Shreveport. I’m glad to say that I have a puppy living in that wonderful household with his wife Anne and some ankle biter Chihuahuas.

Lifetime Achievement for 2006 was happy to present this wonderful award to Dr. Sam F. Burke, Jr.



May Jacobson

Dr. May Jacobson resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts and has been a Doberman fancier for 40 years. During that period she has bred under the kennel name of Chalmar and owned the sire of over 30 American Champions among them multi-all breed Best in Show winners. Her interests have extended to working dogs with the participation of the sport of Schutzhund. She is the breeder of the second Doberman ever to achieve an American championship and Shutzhund 3 title. Owner handled, she and her Doberman twice qualified to be a participant on the working team that represented America at the FCI World Championships.

She is licensed to judge most of the Working Group and has judged these breeds in Germany, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America. She has been elected five times by the membership of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America to judge the National Specialty.

Her club activities include serving on the Board of Directors of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, president of an all breed club, President of the Pilgrim Doberman Pinscher Club, and is presently on the Board of the DPCA and Pilgrim DPC. She is a founding member of the United Doberman Club.

Dr. Jacobson received her Doctorate degree in Biochemistry and is a medical staff member in the Department of Hematology at Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. She has numerous publications in the field of hematology.

Lifetime Achievement Committee was proud to select Dr. Jacobson as one of the recipients of our Lifetime Achievement Awards for 2005.

Vic and Angie Monteleon

These people have been devoted and involved in our breed for 37 yrs. They have been members of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America since the early 70’s. The Monteleon’s reside in El Cajon, California where they also have a very successful boarding/training facility.

These two people are involved in all the disciplines of our breed — conformation, obedience, agility, rally and flyball. They are lucky enough to have produced temperaments in their dogs that have enabled them to also do search and rescue, as well as protection work.

Vic is very active in his local clubs as well as DPCA. He has held the office of President, Vice President, Board Members and Show Chair of these affiliated Clubs.

BUT behind every good man there is a woman . . . .. Angie runs the kennel, conformation and agility training classes and aids “her man” in working as a liaison with the local canine units of their local police departments. She is also the arm of rescue for their area in San Diego.

Both of them stand behind their dogs in their breeding program with aid and mentoring to their first time puppy buyers. They were one of the originators and developers of ROM and then became involved in constructing and putting into use our Longevity Program.

Lifetime Achievement Committee for 2005 was pleased to award them a Lifetime Achievement Award.


Ray Carlisle

In 1961 he bought his first Doberman and thus began the love affair with our breed. He established his kennel name of “CARA” which has resulted in many champions which can be found all over the world in conformation, the sport field, as Search and Rescue dogs, police canine dogs and also as the family dog.

Ray has been President, Vice President and a Director of DPCA. He’s also served on Judge’s Education, ROM/WAE Committee of DPCA. He’s a licensed judge as of 1981 and has judged all over the world. He is a founding member of the United Doberman Club, where he served for two years as President. He continues to serve as an officer, conformation judge and temperament tester. He co-chaired the War Dog Committee and was one of the people responsible for having the statue of “Always Faithful” erected in Guam in honor of the courageous Doberman Pinschers that served with our soldiers during the war.

Ray is also a member of the Great Dane Club of American, is a member of the Rockland County Kennel Club, member of the DVG – and USA Schutzhund Clubs, member of the Abteilund Kiel (Doberman Verein in Germany) and a founding member and past President of the Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee. He is a past President of the Working Dog Federation.

During the 1970’s, Ray published “Top Dobe” and “The World of the Working Dog” magazines. During this time, he was one of the people who originated the Top 20 event and turned it over to DPCA. This event set the standard for other clubs to emulate in their breed.

The Lifetime Committee as well as the Officer and Board Members of DPCA thank him for his lifelong commitment to our breed. We all wish him well in future endeavors . . .


Dr. William Putney DVM

Dr. Putney who, among many things, “Salvaged” our war dogs by his veterinary skills in Guam and his “rehab center” at Camp Lejune for the returning dogs from these conflicts.

Gene Haupt

Mr. Haupt, jumped behind enemy lines with a boxer – the sentinel dog. His ” partner ” saved many a life of our
fighting men. Gene is a judge, but a handler as well and is one of the most respected men in the conformation ring. He has a keen eye and is ready to help all in our education about our breed.


Shirley Hammond

Shirley M. Hammond of Palo Alto, California was awarded the Doberman Pinscher Lifetime Achievement Award at the Annual Awards Banquet in Houston, October1 l, 1997.

Shirley, a longtime DPCA member has distinguished herself and her Dobermans through Search and Rescue work in the United States and Mexico. Her enthusiasm has motivated many others to become involved in this very important activity.

Shirley Hammond and her Doberman respond to international emergencies such as the Mexico City earthquake.


Charles A.T. O’Neill

Charles A. T. O’Neill has served the Doberman Pinscher Club of America for over 30 years, acting as its Delegate to the American Kenner Club from 1965 to 1988. His contributions over this period have had a profoundly positive effect on the DPCA.

Mr. O’Neill has been involved with purebred dogs for almost forty years. He has owned and bred Dobermans, Manchester Terriers and Whippets. Mr. O’Neill became a Director of the American Kennel Club in 1971 and served as its Executive Vice-President from 1978 to 1985. He was Chairman of the AKC Centennial Committee which hosted the AKC Centennial Show in 1984.

In addition to serving the DPCA as its AKC Delegate for over twenty years, Mr. O’Neill also herd positions as DPCA President and Vice-President. He was Show Chairman for the National Specialty held in King of Prussia and served as Chairman of the Standard Revision Committee. This last position was of special significance to Mr. O’Neill since it resulted in the establishment of ideals for the American Doberman Pinscher. In his role as Executive Vice-President of the American Kennel Club Mr. O’Neill gave steady and continuing support for the DPCA’s growth. He guided our National Specialty from a simple one-day affair to the activity filled, week, long event we now enjoy.

Charles O’Neill is a dedicated contributor who is active in the Bryn Mawr Kennel Club, the Quaker City Doberman Pinscher Club, the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, the Manchester Terrier Club and the American Whippet Club.

Mr. O’Neill has been a major force in the evolution of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and the Doberman Pinscher itself

In recognition of his accomplishments and dedication to the DPCA we take great pleasure in presenting Charles A. T O’Neill the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Lifetime Achievement Award

Adelaide Combs

Adelaide Combs served the Doberman Pinscher Club of America for over twenty years in a number of important positions. Although she no longer with us, Adelaide’s influence will continue into the future due to her extensive work with the Educational Materials Publication Project. Her contributions have been and continue to be of great significance to the DPCA.

Adelaide purchased her first Doberman in 1955 in Germany. She was active in obedience, schutzhund, tracking and conformation and bred several Champions, CDX’s and UD’s under the kennel name “Siegmeister”.

Adelaide joined the DPCA in 1962 and served as the first Corresponding Secretary, as Delegate-At-Large, as Coordinator of the ROM Committee, and for over twenty years, as Secretary of the Educational
Materials Publications Project. She was Obedience Chairman for the National Specialty in Miami in 1969 and judged obedience classes at the Atlanta National in 1976 and the Dallas National in 1980. Adelaide was a favorite among obedience enthusiasts and always enjoyed the dogs and helped the handlers enjoy showing.

Adelaide was a tireless contributor who was active in the Florida West Coast Doberman Pinscher Club, the Cape Fear DTC, the Fayettville KC, the Del Monte KC, the Cabrillo Doberman Pinscher Club, Tampa Bay KC and the St. Petersburg Dog Fanciers.

Her work on the DPCA Educational Materials project is Adelaide’s legacy to the breed. Her contributions helped shape and establish the procedures which contributed to the exceptional success of this unique activity. She carried on most of the actual work of printing and distributing the articles selected to be reprinted and she encouraged the writing of many articles especially for the project. The Project was financialy self-sustaining from the beginning. Thanks, in large part to Adelaide, the DPCA has one on the highest quality and most extensive sets of educational material in the dog world.

In recognition of her accomplishments and dedication to the DPCA we take great pleasure in presenting Adelaide A. Combs the Doberman Pinscher Club of American Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dolph Thorne

Dolph and Anne Thorne got their first Doberman in 1944 from Glenn Staines who was one of the first importers of Dobermans from Germany. Dolph and Anne owned many Dobermans including two that earned their American Championships and one that became an American and Canadian Champion.

Dolph served six terms as DPCA Treasurer and it is in this role that he made his most important contributions to the DPCA. In the middle sixties when Dolph first became Treasurer the DPCA was in disarray financially and had lost its status with the IRS. The re-application process required that all Chapter Clubs also re-apply and this, of course, lead to many difficulties. Dolph spent five years working with Chapter Club and the IRS as he guided the DPCA back, onto firm financial footing and set the groundwork, for the strong, successful club we enjoy today.

Dolph Thorne’s contributions have been a major force in the successful evolution of the DPCA.
In recognition of his accomplishments and dedication to the DPCA we take great pleasure in presenting Dolph L. Thorne the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Lifetime Achievement Award

Melvin Spafford

Melvin E. Spafford was a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America for over 30 years and served in a number of important roles. Although he is no longer with us, Mel’s influence lives on with respect to the importance of tracking and obedience as major aspects of the total Doberman. His contributions continue to be of great significance to the DPCA.

Mel and his wife Virginia got their first Doberman in 1952. This first dog, Sid, earned his UDT and was the beginning of a long fine of dogs that were successful in tracking, obedience, and conformation, Mel was a firm believer that dogs should be shown in both obedience and conformation. He and Virginia owned two dogs with Champion/UDT’s, a Champion/CDX/TD/ROM , a Champion/CD/ROM and a CD/TD. One of the clogs was Ch. Commando’s Silver Sandal UDT, who won High in Trial at the National Specialty in 1963, 1965 and 1966. The kennel name Sand-Mark, has come to stand for a complete Doberman.

Mel served as a Vice President of the DPCA and was Obedience coordinator for many years. He was the Delegate to the DPCA from the DPCA of Northern California for over 30 years. He was also the trainer for the Oakland Dog Training Club and was a member of the Coyote Hills KC. Mel often worked behind the scenes to assure the success of important events such as the 1967, 1978 and 1984 National Specialties.

Mel’s legacy to the breed is in his demonstration that you can successfully show our dog both ways, in obedience and conformation. He was a major force in gaining proper recognition and status for obedience training. Mel always demanded that obedience and conformation be treated equally and thereby encouraged many people to try obedience.

Mel Spafford was a gentleman who lead by example and who worked quietly and diligently for the betterment of the Doberman and the DPCA. In recognition of his accomplishments and dedication we take great pleasure in presenting Melvin E. Spafford the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Lifetime Achievement Award