The Doberman - Versatility - Herding

Kaiser's mom, Jeri, tells us: "People tell me my boy is a bit unusual. He has a great herding instinct and is actually herding sheep. Every time someone hears he herds, I get the response "Doberman's aren't natural herders are they?" Don't tell Kaiser that, he is a natural."

Here's a few pictures of Kaiser herding.  Yes, Dobermans can herd!

Gwen Lucoff shares this about "Fortune":  "Fortune and I began herding sheep about 3 yrs ago, and she was a natural. The first time we showed up to do herding, the other dog owners thought my Doberman would hurt the sheep, well it turned out that Fortune was very gentle and loved to herd them. Unfortunately Fortune is unable to earn any of the AKC herding titles, so we discontinued our herding."