The Doberman - Versatility - Lure Coursing

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Lure Coursing is an ancient dog sport created for sight hounds to mimic live game coursing. White “bunnies”, generally white bags, are attached to a line on a pulley system and are controlled by the lure operator. The speed of the “bunnies” can be adjusted by the lure operator to keep the dog on the lure. There are 2 kinds of coursing machines; drag lure and continuous loop. Both drag or pull the lure in the pattern of the pulley system which is mapped to imitate live game and stimulate prey drive. Lure Coursing has recently been opened up to all breeds and mixed breeds in both AKC and UKC. All non-sight hound breeds and mixed breeds are now eligible to run a CAT (AKC Coursing Ability Test and UKC Coursing Aptitude Test) and receive a CA title (AKC Coursing Ability and UKC Coursing Aptitude) after successfully passing 3 CATs. Additional passes can be used towards higher titles such as CAA (AKC Coursing Ability Advanced) and CAX (AKC Coursing Ability Excellent and UKC Coursing Aptitude Excellent). CAT courses are generally 600 yards long and include several turns, none of which exceed 90 degrees. Shorter courses are available in AKC for smaller dogs and brachycephalic breeds. Dogs must be at least 1yr of age and registered with the AKC/UKC (including Canine Partners and Limited Privilege dogs). Like all other performances events, females in season are not eligible to run. See full rules and regulations for AKC ( and UKC ( for more information. Lure Coursing is very physically demanding and dogs should be properly warmed up, cooled down and hydrated to avoid injuries and muscle cramps.

Lure Coursing and Dobermans


With the speculation that the Doberman’s ancestry includes the English Greyhound and the Weimaraner, it is not hard to believe that most Dobermans have a natural aptitude for Lure Coursing. If your Doberman has natural hunting instinct and prey drive, they will most likely LOVE this sport! Dobermans that have high prey drives do not usually require any training (other than proper conditioning). Their natural agility and athletic ability enable them to run the course with intensity and grace. It is an amazing sight to see a Doberman in a full double suspension gallop!

There are more and more trials that are now offering CATs all across the country and Dobermans everywhere are trying out this new fun, FAST sport. Take your Doberman out and join the CHASE!

Here's a video of Arcee (ARCH, URO1, UCh, CA, Int’l Ch Firefly’s More Than Meets The Eye CA CGC, RATI, RL1X, RL2) on the course:


Here's 2 videos of Kyra (Am Ch, UDC Ch, UGrCh, Int’l/Nat’l Ch, UAGI, URO1, CA, USJCh Fayek Pitch Black V Firefly RN, BN, CA, MX, MXJ, NF, DJ, RATI, RATN, CGC, RL1, RL2, ROM):


Content & photo contributions by Meejin Pike, Gail Sterlen, Janet Crumpton, Richard Hunter and Sara Ali