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The following letter accompanied the "Doberman at a Glance" card that was sent to all approved judges of the Doberman and Best-In-Show judges.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America is concerned with the direction that our breed has taken in the last few years. We are seeing the breed move from square to rectangular, from correct size to oversized, from correct balanced to unbalanced, along with a few other directions that do not typify the breed.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America asks for you to help us keep our breed true to type.

The enclosed card, that we call “Doberman at a Glance,” is intended to give you what the DPCA considers to be the essence of the breed and the important deviations that have become the drag of the breed. This card simplifies and condenses our Illustrated Standard in hopes that you will carry this with you to your assignments to review prior to judging.

We ask you to focus on the important breed characteristics that we have listed and ask that you heavily weigh the predominant faults that have become prevalent in the breed.

Please strive to reward dogs that appear as much possible like the picture on the card and help us keep our breed type true.

Sam F, Burke, MD, President

Robert L. Vandiver, Chairman, Judges Education