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Regional Results – 2022

2022 - Topeka, KS


Intersex: Judith Brown
Dogs: Karen McFarlane
Bitches: Estelle Corr
Sweepstakes: Colleen Nicholson
Agility: Oksana Syrkin
Obedience: Marina Pavlovsky & Robert Burgin
Rally: Marina Pavlovsky & Robert Burgin
WAE Evaluator: Mike Parker
Junior Showmanship: Judith Brown

Full results from AKC: Conformation

All photos by: The Winning Image

Best of Breed
GCHG Alcher Tmac Witchcraft V Gentry
Breeder: Deb Romans, Cheryl Green, Tony Mackenzie
Owner: Cheryl Green, Tony Mackenzie

Best of Opposite Sex
GCHS Macaco's Preston
Breeder: Hector, Alicia & Esteban Farias
Owner: Robin Sparks, H Farias, A Farias, B Sauls

Winners Dog
Magnolia's Five More Minutes TKN
Breeder: Destani Mize
Owner: Katie Coe, Destani Mize

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners
Connquest Best Of Both Worlds
Breeder: Theresa Connors-Chan, Gregory Chan
Owner: Theresa Connors-Chan, Gregory Chan

Best in Sweeps
Hollywoods Don't Fear the Reaper
Breeder: Diane McGarvey, Mike Thomas
Owner: Diane McGarvey, Mike Thomas

Junior Handler
Riley Dean


Best of Breed or VarietyGCHG CH Alcher Tmac Witchcraft V Gentry (B),  C Green/T Mackenzie
Best of Opposite SexGCHS CH Macaco's Preston (D),  R SPARKS/H Farias/A Farias/B Sauls
Select DogGCHS CH Crosswind's Every Mile A Memory WAC  K Beaudreault
Select BitchCH Seraphin Rosie The Riveter V Alisaton  R Mariacher/C DeMilta-Shimpeno/J Warych/J Mariacher
Best of WinnersConnquest Best Of Both Worlds 2nd (B),  T Connors-Chan/G Chan
Best Owner-Handled in Breed or VarietyGCH CH Arete's U Make The Rockin World Go Round (B),  V Hitzfield/K Hitzfield
Winners Dog Magnolia's Five More Minutes TKN  K Coe/D Mize
Reserve Winner Dog Paradigm's Above The Grade At Kataire Hw  S DePew/J Crouse/D Kipp Keith
Winners Bitch Connquest Best Of Both Worlds 2nd  T Connors-Chan/G Chan
Reserve Winner Bitch Crosswind's Dawn Follows Darkness  A Lang/C Hanisak/B Purswell
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. BLK
1Magnolia's Five More Minutes TKN  K Coe/D Mize
2Rsolo Carosel Aguilo Man Of Mystery  C Petruzzo/F Aguilo/C Rivera
3Cedar Knoll Seven Come Eleven Rojans  D Jensen/C Atkins/B Piper/J McGerr
4Mariah's Northern Spy Mi Casa  J rodriguez
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. AOAC
1Cambria's Select Stock  Cambria Knl
2Rockhill N Kerwynd's Hard Gamble  A Eischens/M Eischens/L Vinson
3Mariah's Who's That V Destry  c taylor/T Marshall/M Bigham
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. BLK
1Valiant's Do The Locomotion  H Valmont/I Valmont
2Protocol's "Epic"  S Dunstan/J Mullins/K Mullins
3Apex Silver Linings Playbook  R Taylor/G Myers
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. AOAC
1Cambria's Boy Wonder  Cambria Knl
2Born From The Ashes Vom Leibwachter  S Williams/S MARX
12 - 15 Mos. BLK
1Promise's Something Wicked This Way Comes  K Matlock
2Irongate's Keeper Of My Heart  L Southworth/D Southworth
15 - 18 Mos.
1Ks Doberman Cast From Iron  D Ealer
15 - 18 Mos. AOAC
1Nubia's All Gas No Brakes  S Williams/A Dwight
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy BLK
1Paradigm's Above The Grade At Kataire Hw  S DePew/J Crouse/D Kipp Keith
2Protocol & Black Angel's "Iconic"  K KATO/J Mullins
3Arete's Bacardi Bandit  V Hitzfield/K Hitzfield
4Crosswind's Chasing Dawn  C Brey/C Hanisak/J Brey
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy AOAC
1C Iden Good Ride Cowboy V Alisaton Gallant Dtales  C Huckfeldt/M Fasth , DVM/P Healy
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult BLK
1Gatehouse Who Shot Jr  M Reilly/S Olschewski
2Van Orman's Very Obviously Superb  J Harris/L Harris/A Claggett/S Claggett
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult AOAC
1Gallants Society News Esq V Ciden D'Tales Alisaton  M Fasth/C Huckfeldt
2Holly Woods N Carry-On Xquisite Dancer  D McGarvey/M Thomas/L Heffernan Gibson/J Gibson
American Bred BLK
1Suntana's N Van Orman's Good Ol-Fashioned Loverboy  M Bethel
2Sirai's Project Cumulus  K Genneken/C Dunnam
American Bred AOAC
1Paytah N Iconic's Thicc As Fog V Jaimand BCAT  J Jacob/S Ford/M Dietzler Bondy
Open BLK
1Velo V Phillmar Makers Mark @ Kandu BCAT  M Klein/A McDonald/P Martin
2Van Orman's N Suntana's We Will Rock You  N Weber/N Troyer/A Claggett/M Weber
3Northerngirl Valentine Corb RN CGC  K Schmidt/M NICHOLS/K Crider/E Spear
4Cardinal's Could It Be A Visitor From Heaven  R Hicks/H Hicks/K Miller
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. BLK
2Valiant's Rocketeer  H Valmont/I Valmont
3Masterpiece Stirring The Pot  J Stephenson/J Stephenson
4Valiant's Let's Rock  C Taylor
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. AOAC
1Rok'N Kiss Me Deadly  S Fait
2Cambria's Private Label  E Ball
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. BLK
1Crosswind's Dawn Follows Darkness  A Lang/C Hanisak/B Purswell
2Supernova Queen Cassiopeia  A Goldner/A Johnson/C Ruby Beck
3Supernova Celestial Esquire  F Sparagna/D Sparagna
4Epic Lucky Star ( Zaragoza)  J Zaragoza
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. AOAC
1Crosswind's Delta Dawn  H Milam/C Hanisak
2Supernova Rainbow Popcorn At Baystar  E Palsat/L Palsat
3Cambria's Wonder Woman  S Clark/Cambria Knl
12 - 15 Mos. BLK
1Cambria's Diamonds And Pearls  Cambria Knl
2Iconic's All I Ask Of You  B Billington/T Shetka
3Big Creek And Mi-Ti's Black Ice  B Marshall/M Ross/S Baker/C Silverman
12 - 15 Mos. AOAC
1Tolivar's Raindrops On Roses  A Miller
15 - 18 Mos. BLK
1Gallants Society Chic V Ciden D'Tales Alisaton  E tate/M Fasth/C Huckfeldt
2Daily's Walkin After Midnight  K Daily
3K-Ley's Oooh Wee  S MARX/L Crider/K Crider
15 - 18 Mos. AOAC
1Draggins Red Sun Rising V Suribachi  d rogers/C Leffler
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy BLK
1Protocol's The Beauty Of Unity  C Tomey/J Carter/J Mullins
2D'Rays Annie Get Your Gun  D Ray
3Kansa's Twist And Shout  D Matson/J Matson
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy AOAC
1Crosswind's We Ride At Dawn  D Wedderman/C Hanisak
2Supernova Skies Are Blue Denmel  D Eiswerth/D Mellor
3Arete's Cuervo Tequila Sunrise  E Corwin/B Thompson Corwin/V Hitzfield
4Rockhill N Kerwynd's Hard Act To Follow  L Vinson
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult BLK
1Van Orman's Very Obviously First Class  M McCue/B Dunn/A Claggett/S Claggett
2Kani's Reminiscent Of The Cheetah V Wilken  s stour/S Williams/S Norlin
3Iconic's Prima Donna  J Jacob
4Resolute's Ain'T Nothin But A Thang V. Adamas SWN ATT  E Barrett/N Boyken/K Simmons/B Simmons
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult AOAC
1Arete's Somebody To Love  J Lust/V Hitzfield/R Lust
2Kani's Reminiscent Of Arrowhead V Wilken  r fitzgerald/S Williams/S Norlin/A Burke
3Gallants Society Bling V Ciden D'Tales Alisaton  M Fasth/S Rudich/C Huckfeldt
4Mojave's Songbird  A Merrick/P Ilnicki
American Bred BLK
1Zane's As Time Goes By At Miravia  L Smith
2Kerwynd's Rare And Radiant Maiden V Vision  D Levinson
3Van Orman's Very Obviously A Masterpiece  S Claggett/C Claggett/A Claggett/T McCoy
4Holly Woods Phantom Queen  J Whitlow/C Whitlow/D McGarvey/M Thomas
American Bred AOAC
1Cambria's Secret Is Out  E Merwitz
2Dtales Wham Bam Thank U Mam Gallant Ciden Alisaton  S Salwei/S Rudich/D Jensen
3Wingate's Katharine Hepburn CGC  B Primacio
Amateur Owner Handler BLK
1Arket's Diamond Select TKA V Schabert/K Turner/A Turner
Amateur Owner Handler AOAC
1Tolivar's Tiffany Rose Of Anchor Point  K Groutage/L Riley
Open BLK
1Connquest Best Of Both Worlds 2nd  T Connors-Chan/G Chan
2Andella's Grand Admiral Sloane BN RE BCAT SWN SCA WAC RATCH CZ8B DJ CGC TKA  A Skura/A Carpenter
3Rsolo's Carosel Once Upon A Time Zelena V Aguilo  C Rivera/E Stenz/C Petruzzo/F Aguilo
4Millerdobe's Truth Or Dare CDX BN GN RM RAE NA OAJ XF CGCA  K Backues
1Alcher I Love Lucy V Cinematic  A Cherusini/C Green
2Kitkat N Broadway's Ooh La La  S Dunstan
3Crosswind's Escape The Ordinary  B Purswell/C Hanisak
4Protea's Dinner And A Show DCAT SBN CGC TKN  K Smock/H Driscoll
Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
1GCHP CH Foxfire's Alltimate Wanna Be  D Mackenzie/K Mac Kenzie
2CH Foxhall's First Image V Crescendo RA  J Graves/A Graves/L Eggers
4CH Baystar's Rocketman  E Palsat/L Palsat
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11
1GCHP2 CH Fidelis Ripcord BN RI CGC  C Mitchell/E Gould/C Austin
Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches
Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
1GCH CH Kettle Cove N Ashtrick Dirty Dancing  C Hanisak/D Wedderman/S Duval/A Ring
2CH Irongate's Lil' Bit Of Blarney BN RA OA OAJ CAA WAC RATO CGC  J Parker/M Parker/E Auch
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11
1GCH CH Paradigm's Pistol Packin' Mama CD RA WAC CGC  E Tate/N Tate/B Thompson