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Regional Results – 2016

2016 - St. Charles, IL


Intersex: Steve Schorr
Dogs and Puppy Bitches: Steve Schorr
Bitches 12-18 through Winners: Joseph Smith
Sweepstakes: Diane McGarvey
Agility: Brian Bane
Obedience: Karen Anderson & Rick Cox
Rally: Karen Anderson & Rick Cox
WAE Evaluator: Grover McLin
Junior Showmanship: Penny Urban

National coverage in the "Pipeline"

All photos by: The Winning Image

Best of Breed
GCH Excelsia's This Side Of Paradise
Breeder: Naomi Barksdale & Malcolm Barksdale & Daniel Avedon
Owner: N Barksdale & M. Barksdale & D. Gau & L. Gau

Best of Opposite
CH Fidelis Ripcord
Breeder: Colleen Mitchell & Jody Huston
Owner: C Mitchell & C. P. Austin & J. Huston & E. D. Gould

Winners Dog
Perkin Del Genoves
Breeder: Heman Osvaldo Bucafusco
Owner: Heman Osvaldo Bucafusco

Winners Bitch
Allure Not That Innocent
Breeder: Carmen Pitts & Julie Porter
Owner: Carmen Pitts & Julie Porter

Best in Sweeps
Kelview's All Over Again
Breeder: Colleen Nicholson & Cindy Kelso & Brooke Moyer
Owner: Colleen Nicholson & Cindy Kelso

Junior Handler
Erin LaPlante


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. BLK
1Wingate Let's Rock N Roll J Huston
2Renditions Skyfall @ Ravenswoods M Dependahl/K Fox
3Danora's Ardent Observer R Diaz
4Fidelis N' Wingate's Guardian Of The Galaxy L Kronovich/T Kronovich
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. AOAC
1Cambria's Limited Edition S Lathrop/A Ramsbottom White
2Vondura's Let's Go Crazy K Schmidt/M Schmidt/K Fox/R Fox
3Danora's Top Gun L Van Epp/S Van Epp Kelly
4Hq Finneagans Wake S Willms/L Vail
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. BLK
1Raindance Sinfully Delicious R Pico/S James
2A-List It's About Time D Kamine/C Kamine/S Kamine
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. AOAC
1Mi-Ti's Force Of Habit C Silverman/S Baker
2Raindance Magically Delicious D Covert/S James/C James
3Trejac Crimson And Clover V Radiant C Byrns/J Brothers
4Genesis Travelin' Man D Lesnik/D Schmehl
12 - 15 Mos.
1Mojave's Gateway To Gold A Merrick/M Cunnings
3Marienburg's Dutch Romeo M Rodgers
15 - 18 Mos. BLK
1Rich-Lie Alexander The Great E Gomes/K Gomes/C Churton Jobin/S McCloud
2Baystar's Rocketman E Palsat/L Palsat
3Pamelot's Off The Chain S Seifert/J Rankinen
Bred By Exhibitor
1Protocol's To The Victor Go The Spoils J Mullins/K Mullins
2Arete's Rocket Man V Hitzfield/K Hitzfield
3Narada's Torias Dax Cedar Knoll Gallant Ciden E Fox/D Jensen
4Adamas Mad Man Across The Water D Peffer/R Peffer/E Barrett
American Bred
1Fonticiella Black Bentley By Hamlet F Gotlib/A Fonticiella
2Rahdy's Shine On You Crazy Diamond "Floyed" J Tenezaca/A TENEZACA/J Goldfein/L Glezer-Goldfein/D Goldfein
3Jager's Northern Dancer CD RN CGC C Grote/K Malatesta
American Bred AOAC
1Marienburg's Dutch Gigolo M Rodgers
2Majestic Light My Fire A Fujinaka
Open BLK
2Lilly's Thor K Lilly/R Lilly
3Cassels Ain'T Misbehavin M Strong/T Casselman
4Dabney's One Moment In Time! RN CA CGCA S Chiari/L Krukar
1Bellacane Blaze Of Glory CGC K Wickemeier/T Wickemeier/M MOYER/T MOYER
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. BLK
1Marienburg's Arm Candy R Adams/J Barron
2Cambria's Ms Adventure M Simms/P Simms
3Dezperados Pillow Talk H Zimmerman
4Hq Seas The Day L Vail
Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. AOAC
1Vondura N' Ovation's Paisley Park Belle Amie K Fox/R Tracy/J Covert/M Dellorto
2Dezperados Gossip Girl C LACY/H Zimmerman/M LACY
3Fidelis N' Wingate Nova Prime V Kataire D Kipp/C Austin
4Dezperados Tattle Tale C DeMilta-Shimpeno/H Zimmerman/G DeMilta/G Glazbrook/F Rogers
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. BLK
1Kelview's Far From Over C Nicholson/C Kelso
2A-List Somewhere In Time D Kamine/C Kamine/S Kamine
3Mervio All That Glitz And Glamour M Harrington/V Beard
4Mercurys Celestial Mi-Yu L Chick
Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. AOAC
1Kelview's All Over Again C Nicholson/C Kelso/T Nicholson
2Connquest Desire V Arket D Vasso/M Vasso/T Conners-Chan/G Chan
3Trejac Nobody Does It Better V Radiant N Troyer
12 - 15 Mos. BLK
1Bruda Party On Sophie S Hunter/A Wulbrecht
2Kaliber's Over The Moon S Skoglund/N Raffa-Sodel
3Rahdy's Creme Brulee A Pilipuf/J Goldfein/D Pilipuf/D Goldfein
4Malevil's Mia Right V Irongate C McCleskey
12 - 15 Mos. AOAC
1D'Rays All The Tea In China D Ray
2Saratoga Karma At Its Finest A Shea/C Jordan/S McCloud/G McCloud
3Marienburg's The Mockingjay D Sparagna/F Sparagna
4Marienburg's Foreign Affair V Red October E Seki/M Rodgers
15 - 18 Mos. BLK
1Rich-Lie's Candle In The Wind C Charton Jobin/K Gomes
2Baystar Loves Me Loves Me Not T Maclean/M Maclean/E Palsat/L Palsat
3Mojave's Desert Gold A Merrick/S Knight
4'Rena'ssance Total Eclipse Of The Heart C Jones/W Rossmiller/B Rossmiller
15 - 18 Mos. AOAC
1Supernova Shameless R Longfield
2Hq Fire & Smoke C Werie
Bred By Exhibitor BLK
1Nightflight Driven By Desire D Noonan
2Van Orman's Luck Be A Lady N Mathews/A Clagget
3Connquest Welcome To The Show V Kelview M Highgate/T Connors-Chan/G Chan/C Nicholson
4Stedfast The Game Changer V Kelview P Stedman/C Nicholson/C Stedman
Bred By Exhibitor AOAC
1Allure Not That Innocent C Pitts/J Porter
2D'Tales Dare To Believe Gallant Ciden S Rudich/M Fasth/C Huckfeldt
3Rahdy's The Winner Takes It All "Abba" L Glezer-Goldfein/J Goldfein/D Goldfein
4Blue Max N Moa's Shadow Kissed Rose T Williams/R Benanti
American Bred BLK
1Traditions Livin' La Vida Loca A Bullock/C Giroux
2Holly Woods Only In My Dreams A JOHNSON/D Mcgarvey
3Valentine Rahdy There R Worse Things I Can Dorizzo J Berg/J Goldfein/D Goldfein
4Relic's Magical Mystery Tour T Mccarthy/P McCarthy
American Bred AOAC
1Ashtrick N Kettle Cove Wild Irish Rose A Ring/S Duval
2Rahdy's Girls Just Want To Have Fun "Cyndi" S Goldfein/J Goldfein/D Goldfein/S Goldfein
3Blue Max's Kiss From A Rose R BENANTI/L KNOLL
4Rahdy's Zeplin "Kashmir" J Goldfein/D Goldfein/S Goldfein/S Goldfein
Amateur Owner Handler
1Cadence At The Ceili V Radiant C Byrns/M Byrns
2Sasha Fidelis RN CGC C Kurz
Open BLK
1Dashn's Day At The Races CDX CA D Kovalchick
3Goldgrove Akasha J Kent/D Kent/S Pflueger
4Caleb's His Eye Is On The Sparrow BN RN CGC P Scheid/J Scheid/L Jones
1D'Nicmar Famous Rachel Sheridan N Peribonio/M Vaca
2Valentine Rahdy Rock N Roll Is Here Tostay Frenchy L Glezer-Goldfein/J Goldfein/J Berg
3Bellacane Brilliant Disguise G Dunlap/M MOYER/T MOYER/K Drake
4Stedfast The Girl With The Look P Stedman/C STEDMAN
Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11
1GCH CH Gorrmae's Rock The Rim L Gorr
2GCH CH Sharjets Hard Spun CD RN C Carino/S Marinelli
3GCHB CH Alpha's The Conquistador RA K Brawner/S Smith
Non-Reg Veteran VET11
1CH Wyndem N Rahdys Lucky Strike J Goldfein/D Goldfein/M Leahy/B Goldfein
Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches
Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
1CH Ravenswoods Midnight Rendezvous CD RE C Krelle/M Dependahl
2GCH CH Ravenswood Winston Special V Tangiss OA NAJ CGC M Kalko
3GCH CH Kelview's Stedfast Hallelujah V. Triadel P Stedman/C Nicholson
4CH Alpha's Secret Garden S Smith
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11
1CH Perfex Cyclone Mahina E Baron/R Baron/N Baron/D Baron/M Perfect
2GCHB CH Ravenwoods N Vondura's Relentless M Dependahl/K Fox