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Regional Results – 2023

2023 – Springfield, MO


Intersex: Sioux Forsyth Green
Dogs: Doug Jensen
Bitches: Cynthia Woodward
Sweepstakes: Mona Fasth DVM
Agility: Lisa Potts
Obedience: David Maurer and Celeste Meade Maurer
Rally: David Maurer and Celeste Meade Maurer
WAE Evaluator: Eric Peterson
Junior Showmanship: Sioux Forsyth Green
Full results from AKC:

All photos by: The Winning Image

Best of Breed
GCHS Macaco's Preston
Breeder: Hector, Alicia & Esteban Farias
Owner: Robin Sparks, H Farias, A Farias, B Sauls

Best of Opposite Sex
GCHG Alcher Tmac Witchcraft V Gentry
Breeder: Deb Romans, Cheryl Green, Tony Mackenzie
Owner: Cheryl Green, Tony Mackenzie

Winners Dog
Crosswind's Serves you Right
Breeder: S Duval, Deb Wedderman, Courtney Hanisak, A Ring
Owner: Jamie Vogler, Courtney Hanisak

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners
Kelview's a Reason to Reign v Connquest
Breeder: Colleen Nicholson, Cindy Kelso
Owner: Mark & Wendy Buterbaugh, Colleen Nicholson

Best in Sweeps
Ambermark 'N Starlaine Dirty Martini
Breeder: Sheryl Law, Elaine Hopper
Owner: Sheryl Law, Elaine Hopper

Junior Handler
Ashley Miller


Best of Breed or Variety GCHG CH Macaco’s Preston (D),  R Sparks/H Farias/A Farias/B Sauls
Best of Opposite Sex GCHP CH Alcher Tmac Witchcraft V Gentry (B),  C Green/T Mackenzie
Select Dog CH Emilio De Tatindob-Argentina  H Piazza
Select Bitch CH Seraphin Rise Up With Alisaton  N Bosley/J Warych/D Schmitt/C DeMilta-Shimpeno/G DeMilta
Best of Winners Kelview’s A Reason To Reign V. Connquest TKI VHMP (B),  W Buterbaugh/M Buterbaugh/C Nicholson/C Kelso
Best Owner-Handled in Breed or Variety CH Hq Do U Dare To Dream (D),  E Marshall/C Taylor/L Vail
Winners Dog Crosswind’s Serves You Right  J Vogler/C Hanisak
Reserve Winner Dog Cambria’s Perazzi  A Johnson/A Ramsbottom White
Winners Bitch Kelview’s A Reason To Reign V. Connquest TKI VHMP  W Buterbaugh/M Buterbaugh/C Nicholson/C Kelso
Reserve Winner Bitch Crosswind’s Bragging Rights  D Wedderman/C Hanisak
Puppy 6 – 9 Mos. BLK
1 Rahdy’s Country Boy Can Survive “Jack”  J Barry/J Goldfein/S Goldfein/S Goldfein/D Goldfein
2 Rahdy’s Sympathy For The Devil “Charlie”  V Sweeny/S Goldfein/E Thomas/S Goldfein/D Goldfein/J Goldfein
3 Idle Hour Black In Action  E Wallace
4 Kansa’s Extra-Terrestrial  R Hart/G Hart/D Matson/J Matson
Puppy 6 – 9 Mos. AOAC
1 Rok’N The Boys Are Back In Town  S Fait/T Sarinske
2 Rahdy’s Cowboys And Angels “Ty”  J Goldfein/D Goldfein/S Goldfein/S Goldfein
Puppy 9 – 12 Mos. BLK
1 Cambria’s Perazzi  A Johnson/A Ramsbottom White
2 Aludra’s Compared To What  R Roter/R Roter
Puppy 9 – 12 Mos. AOAC
1 Demor’s Burning It Down  D Rohweder
2 Mi-Ti’s Don’T Rain On My Parade  R Matthews/C Silverman/S Baker
3 Hamlet’s Red Throne  G Zaragoza
12 – 15 Mos. BLK
1 Protea’s Kashmir  T Erlandson/H Driscoll
2 Namaste’s Turn Up The Heat  L Hunnicutt/J Dupre
12 – 15 Mos. AOAC
1 Stonewallmen Red Chamaco The King By Hamlet  F Gotlib/R Mendez
2 Mariahs Imagine That Dimarko  D Hoover/S Sysavath
15 – 18 Mos. BLK
1 Gabcyndog’s Benjamin
15 – 18 Mos. AOAC
1 Falconcreek Monet  G Rivero Falcon
2 Epic’s Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick  D Paris/M Paris/E Glofka/L Glofka
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy BLK
1 Crosswind’s Serves You Right  J Vogler/C Hanisak
2 Ambermark ‘N Starlaine With Twist  S Law/E Hopper
3 Arete’s Ryde The Wild Wind  J Heuer/V Hitzfield/K Hitzfield
4 Gatehouse Forty Creek V Arete  M Reilly/S Olschewski/V Hitzfield
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy AOAC
1 Jaimand’s Hot Desert Knight  M Dietzler Bondy
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult BLK
1 Nomad’s 99 Problems  P Vester
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult AOAC
1 Dimarko Imagination Of Mariah  M Bigham
American Bred
1 Valiant’s Solid As A Rock  B Briley
American Bred AOAC
1 Mariah’s Who’s That V Destry  c taylor/T Marshall/M Bigham
Open BLK
1 Skyeline’s More Than Enough  A Lynn
2 Fandola’s World Best Gt  S Kang
3 Northerngirl Valentine Corb RN CGC  K Schmidt/M NICHOLS/K Crider/E Spear
1 Hiromi Del Samurai  G RIVERO
2 Burak (Zaragoza)  J ZARAGOZA Guerra
3 Irongate’s Top Secret  J Parker/M Parker/E Auch
Puppy 6 – 9 Mos. BLK
1 Kelview’s A Reason To Reign V. Connquest TKI VHMP  W Buterbaugh/M Buterbaugh/C Nicholson/C Kelso
2 Kelview’s A Reason To Gossip V Abadie  B Lankford/C Kelso/C Nicholson
3 Addox’s Stormy Weather  C Ceely
4 Jaimand’s Desert Jewel  K Mensing/M Dietzler Bondy
Puppy 6 – 9 Mos. AOAC
1 Rahdy’s Wild As Her “Mallory”  J Blimling/J Goldfein/S Goldfein/S Goldfein
2 Rahdy’s Leave Her Wild “Georgie Girl”  G Salibi/J Goldfein/D Goldfein/S Goldfein/S Goldfein
3 Rockhill’s A Strong Shot Of Whiskey  J Dupre/N Dupre/K Howard/L Hunnicutt
4 Kansa’s Exquisite  J Schmelig/J Matson
Puppy 9 – 12 Mos. BLK
1 Kalora’s Luck Be A Lady Tonight  S Cullinan/E Corr
2 Reign’s Tornado Alley @Miramax  G Hartley/C Ceely
3 Prima’s Can’t Help That I’m Popular CGC  S Sitton
4 Prima N Resolute’s Suck It Up DJ  K Simmons/B Simmons/S Sitton
Puppy 9 – 12 Mos. AOAC
1 Broadway’s The Name On Everybody’s Lips  S Dunstan
12 – 15 Mos. BLK
1 Sunny N Foxfire Crown Jewels  Z Wang
2 Raindance Game On Tsavo  T Belgrave/S James
3 Protocol’s Enchanting Future For Bellisa  L Henke/J Mullins/K Mullins/J Carter
12 – 15 Mos. AOAC
1 R&B’s Don’T Stop Believin V Florindale  P Price/K Forster
2 Wynn’s Cassius Clay  B Wynn
15 – 18 Mos. BLK
1 Masterrock Instant Crush  S Tojo/E Cortina/M Alonso
2 Belgreg,Gemini & Telstar’s It Only Takes One  S Gregory/M Collins
3 Electron N Foxfire’s High And Mighty SWN  K Benzon/T Markey
15 – 18 Mos. AOAC
1 Epic’s Rocket’s Red Glare BN RN CGC TKN  K Backues/E Glofka/L Glofka
2 Epic’s Pledge Of Allegiance  E Glofka/L Glofka
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy BLK
1 Ambermark ‘N Starlaine Dirty Martini  S Law/E Hopper
2 Kelview’s Reason To Believe V. Connquest  C Nicholson/C Kelso
3 Schohaus Blue Jean Kind Of Night  J Schoeneman/E Langhorne
4 Mirabel Put A Little Love In Your Heart  M Kramer/J Lauver
Bred-by-Exhibitor Puppy AOAC
1 Crosswind’s Bragging Rights  D Wedderman/C Hanisak
2 Rahdy’s Beautiful Crazy “Lou”  S Goldfein/J Goldfein/D Goldfein/S Goldfein
3 Schohaus Blue Jean And Pearls  J Schoeneman/L Schoeneman/W Kerr/J Davis
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult BLK
1 Nomad’s Champagne Night V. Cadillac  P Vester/D McNiff/L Spengler
2 Raindance N Gabes Unexplainable Event  A Brinkley/D Brinkley/K Piorkowski
3 Rsolo Carosel Aguilo Lady Of The Night CGC TKN  C Rivera/C Petruzzo/F Aguilo
4 Jager’s Leather And Lace  C Lane-Smith/P Croley
Bred-by-Exhibitor Adult AOAC
1 Mariahs Harpers Ferry Chezd  M Bigham
2 Crosswind’s We Ride At Dawn  D Wedderman/C Hanisak
3 Namaste’s Hot Smoke And Sasafrass  J Field-Miller
4 Jaimand’s Got It Flaunt It  M Dietzler Bondy
American Bred BLK
1 Crosswind’s Dawn Follows Darkness CGC TKI  A Lang/C Hanisak/B Purswell
2 Zane’s As Time Goes By At Miravia SWN  L Smith
3 Kalora’s Financial Portfolio  J Dupre/L Hunnicutt/E Corr
4 Rok’N Here I Go Again BCAT CGC TKN  R Kelsey/S Fait
American Bred AOAC
1 Crosswind’s Delta Dawn RA BCAT CGC TKI  H Milam/C Hanisak
2 Supernova Rainbow Popcorn At Baystar  E Palsat/L Palsat
3 Sizzlin’ I Am The Perfect Storm  M Rouanzoin/K Crider
Amateur Owner Handler BLK
1 Jalyn The Girl From Ipanema TKN VHMA  C Berg/N Brown
2 Arket’s Diamond Select TKA  V Schabert/K Turner/A Turner
1 Midnightsky’s Cinder Danandre  D Rockburn/D De Paoli/F Perron
2 Old Drum’s Silence Is Golden V Abendrot  K Howard/K Freeman/J Dupre
3 Muellers Time Of The Season  K Keller/R Miller
4 Mariah’s Whoz Apple Blossom Mi Casa  Z Chen
1 Seraphin’s Red Bird Watching Over Alisaton  C DeMilta-Shimpeno/G DeMilta/J Warych/F Rogers/M Hill/D Schmitt
2 Protea’s Rain Song  R Kemmitzer/H Driscoll
3 Fandola’s Choya
4 Wingate’s Katharine Hepburn RN BCAT CGC  B Primacio
Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs
Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
1 GCHB CH Abendrot’s Red, White And Boom  K Howard/K Howard/J Dupre
2 GCH CH A’Monde’s Andre Courreges  S Hohenberg/J Hohenberg
3 GCHP CH RACH Pengwen’s Southernwind Trojan War Triumph CDX GN GO RM3 RAE2 OA NAJ OF CGCA TKI  K Backues
4 GCHS CH Foxfire’s Super Samurai CA BCAT CGC TKN ATT  B Grossman/P Grossman/M Santana
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11
1 GCHP2 CH Fidelis Ripcord BN RI CGC  C Mitchell/E Gould/C Austin
2 GCHP CH Foxfire’s Alltimate Wanna Be  D Mackenzie/K Mac Kenzie
3 GCHP CH Cadillac Cocoa Butter Kisses RN FDC CAA DCAT RATN CGCA CGCU TKP  J Field-Miller
Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches
Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
1 GCHG CH Rendition’s Diamonds Are Forever SWE SCM SIM SBM CGC TKN  K Taylor/L Taylor
2 GCHB CH Wirri Wirri Walk All Over You CD WAC CGC  E Tate/N Tate
4 Via Felicium Baltia CD BN RE BCAT CGCA CGCU TKA  H Driscoll/J DRISCOLL
Non-Reg Veteran VET9TO11
1 GCHB CH Abadie’s Hearts Afire CGC  B Lankford
2 GCH CH Foxfire N Electron’s No Easy Access CD BN RE MX MXJ MJB AXP OJP OF CA RATCHX4 DJ CGC TKN  T Markey/M Santana/T Ross/A Shook
3 GCH CH RACH Foxfire N Electron’s Violets Bloom Easy In Snow CD RM5 RAE3 FDC OA OAJ AXP AJP NFP CA RATN DSX2 AS CGCU TKA  C Dixon/T Markey/A Dixon
4 CH Irongate’s Lil’ Bit Of Blarney BN RA OA OAJ CAA WAC RATO CGC  J Parker/M Parker/E Auch
Non-Reg Veteran VET11
1 CH Carosel Just Like A Woman WAC CGC  E Glofka/L Glofka