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Anonymous Tribute

Before I grow too frail and weak,
And all that’s left is peace in sleep,
I know you’ll do what must be done,
To end this fight that can’t be won.

I don’t fear death as humans do,
So let me try to comfort you,
Come, let us take a quiet stroll,
And share some quietness soul to soul.

No need for words ‘twixt you and I,
No need to say a last good-bye,
We’ve grown so close in mind and heart,
It seems so cruel that we must part.

Be sure I sense the pain you’ll feel,
Without me walking at your heel,
The days will feel full of despair,
Your “Sunshine” simply won’t be there.

In time the pain will slowly wane,
You’ll think of me and smile again,
You’ll speak with love and pride of me,
Your extra special Doberman.

Now take me where my needs they’ll tend,
And stay there with me till the end,
Hold me close with soft good-byes,
‘Till life’s bright light has left my eyes.

The final sound I need to hear,
Is your soft voice upon my ear.
Your loving face will fade and dim,
As the rush of heaven closes in.