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Blue Doberman Coat Rescue

by Marj Brooks, Manorie Dobermans, USA


In its basic form, this was posted to DQ by Marj Brooks. We’ve tried it on a blue bitch puppy that had horrid skin and coat problems. The results were almost immediate and all were positive. We make no claims to its effectiveness other than the fact that it worked for us.





We use B-50’s. The vitamins are mostly in equal amounts…..especially the B-2 and B-6. We gave one tab, FOUR TIMES A DAY as prescribed in the DQ. We tried cutting down to two a day on these, because of her age, and immediately saw a turn for the worse. After upping it to THREE, the success curve went dramatically upwards. We found that, for a puppy of eight months, THREE a day was sufficient. I would highly recommend using FOUR on an adult…..or at least a dog of 12 months +.


Brewers Yeast


Marj’s article recommend 7-grain. We had difficulty locating 7-grain, but easily found 10-grain. As opposed to the original directions of giving one 7-grain four times a day, we went with one 10-grain THREE times a day. It appears to have been successful.


Folic Acid


The recipe in DQ called for 1-mg, prescription size tabs, 1/4 tab, four times a day. It’s proved to be very effective to use the 1/4-meg size (250mcg) and administer accordingly = ONE TAB FOUR TIMES a day.




In addition to the above formula, we also include ONE Ester-C tab daily, in place of straight Vit. C; and ONE Chelated Zinc tab (50-mg) for total flea control.




The blue bitch puppy involved with this recipe not only had a “typical blue coat” , but was affected with generalized Demodex; thereby having extremely DRY skin from the get-go. She was dipped in Mitaban medication on a weekly basis, which added to the inordinately dry condition of the skin and coat.

Within 10 days of putting her on this ‘recipe’, the surprising results were obvious to even the casual observer. Her coat took on a silky-like appearance, her skin no longer resembled elephant hide, the actual hairs in her coat felt thicker and softer to the touch……and the coat darkened considerably.

When we attempted to reduce the amount of the B-Complex (by 1/2) because of her age, it only took three days for us to see that she was beginning to dry out at pressure points. After increasing the dosage by ONE tab daily, the dryness began to disappear. We’ve kept her at that dosage level and have seen no digression to the previous dry condition. Please note that the B-Complex also has small dosages of Folic Acid. I believe the Folic Acid plays a VERY big part in the success of this formula.




We highly recommend this recipe, but as stated above, claim no responsibility for either its success or failure. All dogs are not the same and therefore, do not react the same to medications and/or supplements. We are not vets and do not assume to be giving directions to ANYONE regarding their dog’s health or physical conditions.