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Busy Pets

by TD Yandt

One of the best things you can do for your new puppy is to take him to a puppy kindergarten class. It is all too easy to allow a new puppy to remain within his comfort zone, but by doing so you may be setting yourself up for problems later on.

Separation anxiety, fear biting and aggression are some of the main reasons given to shelters when people surrender their dogs. The sad thing is that in almost all cases, these problems could have been avoided had the dog had proper socialization and training as a puppy.

Puppy kindergarten classes aren´t so much about training your puppy as they are about teaching him that the world is an okay safe place to be. Your new pup will be exposed to a variety of other dogs, several new places and a plethora of different people. Classes typically run on a six- or eight-week schedule and are well worth the nominal fee.

Allowing your pup to meet and play with other puppies in a safe setting helps him to learn how to properly communicate with other dogs. Interacting with others, both people and dogs, in a safe and supervised environment is a step in the right direction at the beginning of a lifetime of learning. Teaching your pup that there is nothing to be afraid of sets you, your puppy and your whole family up for success.