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Cheri's Liver Brownies


  • 1 Pound liver
  • 1 Teaspoon Pureed Garlic (you can get this in the produce department of your grocery store)
  • 1 Package LIPTON DRY SOUP MIX – either Onion, Onion-Mushroom, Beefy Onion (whatever)
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 Cups Oatmeal (any brand will do)
  • Garlic salt


  1. Puree liver in a blender or food processor. If you use a blender, LISTEN carefully because it can get wrapped around the blade and wreck the unit.
  2. Add eggs and blend some more.
  3. Add garlic. If your dog is a hard sell at baiting, add more.
  4. Add LIPTON dry soup (or any comparable flavoured dry soup) and blend some more.
  5. Find a BIG bowl. Dump liver mixture in bowl.
  6. Slowly add the 3 cups of oatmeal (if you do this enough, you will stop measuring the oatmeal because you’ll have a feel for it).
  7. Grease a BIG cookie sheet (or whatever) and dump mixture on it. Spread it around. It’s like the consistency of brownies, sort of. You can decide on the thickness of the brownie by how you spread it around. About 1 inch thick is right.
  8. Cook at about 300* for one hour. CUT IMMEDIATELY, stick in plastic sealing bags – sprinkle with garlic salt, seal and freeze.

If you’ve got someone really sensitive to liver, you can add more oatmeal to dilute the effect of the liver. You can’t make it with anything but oatmeal or it will disintegrate in your pocket. One pound of liver goes a LONG ways with this. I’d guess those of you who are BARF fans could add other stuff too — veggies and whatever. Play with it. This is guaranteed NOT to give dogs the runs!