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Duralactin-Treating Arthritis


It appears that a new product has been discovered to treat or manage chronic inflammatory conditions including Osteoarthritis and soft tissue injury.

This product is NOT a drug and is NOT a steroid, but believed to be an immuno-nutritional aid. It apparently relieves clinical signs associated with inflammation. It is intended for use as a nutritional aid for the management of chronic inflammatory conditions including musculoskeletal disorders in aging pets.

This product contains Microlactin, (dried milk protein) which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Microlactin is a patented, milk derived, high protein product from hyperimmunized cows and has the ability to stop the inflammation process earlier.

It has no know side effects, is apparently safe for long-term use and may be used alone to manage inflammation or in conjunction with NSAIDS such as Rimadyl or corticosteroids. It also seems to have no evidence of stomach or bowel irritation. It has shown no toxicity in humans or animals in the studies done.

Each 2.4mg tablet of Duralactin Canine contains 1000mg of Microlactin (dried milk protein), dextrose, stearic acid, vanilla flavouring and magnesium stearate. All ingredients are food grade.

Dosage is as follows :

  • Dogs 0 – 40 pounds : ½ tablet, twice daily

  • Dogs 40 – 80 pounds: 1 tablet twice daily

  • Dogs 81 – 120 pounds: 1 ½ tablets twice daily