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Lesson #2-Stacking

Michelle Santana

Okay, you enter the ring to show your dog.  You have the “Lay-out” of WHAT the Judge is going to expect from you by watching the previous classes and WHERE the Judge is going to expect these
exercises to be done.

It’s your turn for the Individual exam


When  Stacking (you must practice at home with a mirror) what will be the judge’s first impression when he sees your dog stacked for the individual exam?

Know your dogs Faults and Virtues so you can best “present” the picture of the “Standard” to the judge. The judge will most likely have a picture of his ‘ideal’ Doberman in his minds eye. (hopefully according to the Breed Standard, but at the very least it will be a picture of the Dobermans he sees in the group at the shows he attends)  You need to match that Performance!

Have control of your dog & be ready with the ‘Picture’.  You should be able to put this picture together in TEN SECONDS or less.  This is where TIMING is important. (Refer to my Timing Article) If you aren’t ‘ready’ = points against for poor “performance”

You’ll be nervous but get a grip and say to yourself, “what is my checklist for this exercise” which  will bring you back into focus. Your main goal is to ‘keep the picture’ before and during the individual exam so that when the Judge steps back from the exam to view your dog, it hasn’t fallen apart before his eyes!

Check List for the individual exam:

  1. Head: lips tucked in neatly, no flews or slobber hanging out.
  2. Excess cheek and neck skin tucked neatly into collar.
  3. Legs/feet straight, rear square not too stretched out or legs placed too far apart.
  4. Top line firm (hopefully not sloping) and tail up.
  5. Ears up with neck arched appropriately for your particular dog’s structure.
  6. Accentuate the ‘picture’ with a smile on your nervous face <vbg>, keep your feet/legs together, wear appropriate apparel. Give eye contact but don’t be annoying.
  7. Act confident and act as if you are enjoying yourself. (your dog will thank you for this! LOL)
  8. Give ‘pleasantries”” (yes ma’am/sir) when the judge asks you to do something.  This builds ‘rapport’ and puts a voice to your face.