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Lesson #5-Improve Your Timing

Michelle Santana
Foxfire Dobermans

Here is a way to practice getting your Stack/Timing down to TEN SECONDS or less.

Play this game:
Have someone count to ten (or do it in your head) while you stack your dog. Then Move around (down and back, or around in a circle, or just out of a stack).  Then STOP, count to ten rather quickly and stack your dog perfectly (or semi perfectly) in that ten seconds. Then move around again. Practice this till you can get a Ten second stack with your dog!

This proves to be an invaluable tool.

Include this game when you train. (Better yet, engage another person to be your counter & have them evaluate your stack)

Also, I would do this in such a manner that you end up in front of your training mirror .

Don’t look in the mirror until your ten seconds are up and then take a look at what you created (you might be pleased or you may even be shocked!).

In fact, if you have a video camera, you can practice this game at multiple venues and have someone tape you. You learn A lot from watching yourself on video (I did!)

You don’t want to  just get good at home in front of the mirror. LOL (you know the saying “my dog always does it at home!”)

Be creative.

Don’t cheat!

Play and replay this video for yourself ( in fact,  video yourself  at different speeds of moving, and free baiting as well.) Watching oneself is an invaluable lesson IF you can do it objectively.
Thus you will get a real look at just what “Picture” you are presenting when you are in the ring.

Remember, quickness without roughness is essential if you want your dog to respond too.

Practice, practice, practice makes ‘perfect’…..