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Puppy Advice

written & submitted by Faye Strauss, USA

Faye´s Puppy bath (daily and after every encounter with people). Bleach kills virus´ and fungus.

  • 1-2 capfuls bleach
  • 1 capful Skin So Soft
  • ½ bucket of water (and a wash cloth)
  • wipe with damp wash cloth

 Faye´s Bottle feeding formula

  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp Karo syrup
  • ½ cup acidophilus milk
  • ½ cup Gatorade (or pedialytes)

Weaning puppies: (begin this schedule when puppies´ eyes open)

  • Week one. Raw chop meat fed individually at room temperature. Fed from the hand.
  • Week two. Gerber´s rice cereal, with goats milk (evaporated or fresh) and Gerber´s strained lamb. Fed individually warmed in small bowls.
  • Week three. Group meals fed in muffin pan so each pup gets individual servings. Feed same as week two but add Eukanuba weaning formula, fat free chop meat. No Gerber´s lamb. Feed four times daily.
  • Week four and beyond. Gradually decrease the milk and the rice cereal. Increase chop meat and add Eukanuba, large breed puppy. Feed five times daily
  • Liquid vitamins.
  • Puppies do better on small amounts of food feed frequently.

Building IQ and personality.

  • Set up an obstacle course for pups to play / navigate.

  • Teach tug and retrieve (the puppy always wins) Start at six weeks and do daily.                                  
  • Teach pups come / recall. Use long lead. Let pups go where they want. Gradually apply leash pressure to return and receive cheese or other reward… and tremendous praise. Coming back to you should be the most wonderful experience a puppy has.
  • Take pups for car ride after first shot. Take mom for comfort and let pups loose in the car. If you don´t have a wagon or a van you can take them two at a time.
  • A caveat. When the puppy does something wrong NEVER make the puppy come to you for correction. You go to the puppy.
  • House training. Give pups lots of room and paper. Change it often. After their first shot take them outside and say `go potty´ and praise effusively. Then start moving the paper away from their sleeping area.
  • Take pups for group walks in new areas. Start with a different rooms. Graduate to out doors. Praise and encourage pups to follow you, `this way´. Bring mom along.