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Should I Breed My Male Or Neuter Him?

Reprinted with permission
Written and submitted by Ms Dany Canino


WHAT IS NEUTERING? This is a surgical procedure to sterilize a male dog, oftentimes called castration. Both testicles are removed so that the dog is incapable of reproducing.

WHEN SHOULD IT BE DONE? Usually after both testicles have completely descended into the scrotum or anytime after 5 months of age.

WHAT ABOUT DOING A VASECTOMY INSTEAD? This procedure does render a male sterile, but because the male hormone (testosterone) is carried through the testicles, a vasectomy will not eliminate the male from having sexual desires or sexual tendencies such as; marking territory, roaming instinct, and sexual aggression against other male dogs.


multi-faceted in answer. Making the decision to allow your male to sire a litter of puppies is a lifetime responsibility. Your position as the stud owner should not end after your male has serviced the female. Those puppies that will be born as a result of your male´s sperm have to be placed into good lifetime homes. Another factor to consider is that every breed of dog is affected with different genetic problems. You would have to be a professional breeder to know what these defects were and, therefore, could be very selective as to which female the male is bred to. Otherwise you might very well be passing these same defects onto some innocent puppies and unsuspecting puppy buyers.

If you purchased your male from a pet store it probably originally came from a puppy mill, NOT A PROFESSIONAL BREEDER. This means that it´s almost impossible to check out his genetic background as so many of these people breed mother to son, sister to brother, etc, etc. These people do not “fess up” to this breeding practice and they are not above falsifying the pedigrees. That´s why the American Kennel Club has had to close down so many of these places. If your pup came from a pet shop you´ll have no concrete way of knowing what genetic faults you will be passing on if you breed your male.

WILL MY MALE BE LESS MASCULINE IF I NEUTER HIM? Your male doesn´t derive his courage from his testicles. It´s a known fact that many guard dogs and Police Dogs are neutered. This way there is more assurance that the dog will pay attention to business instead of some cute female that might wander near him. It´s quite understandable that the thought of neutering a male dog mostly affects men. They can´t help but empathize with the procedure. Male dogs that are neutered DO NOT become effeminate. These dogs will still be capable of protecting you and your property. Neutering simply means that the dog will loose his sexual desire and cannot reproduce.

HOW SOON AFTER NEUTERING CAN I EXERCISE MY DOG? You can usually take your dog for a walk the day after neutering him. If your dog is in obedience training he can resume this work a couple of days after neutering. By the end of the week everything will be back to normal.

WILL MY DOG LOOK REALLY DIFFERENT & WILL HE GET FAT? Right after your dog is neutered he won´t really look any different. He will almost look as if he still has his testicles. In time the scrotum skin will tighten up, but by then you won´t even be aware of it. As far as your dog getting fat, if you feed him properly (not too high in protein or fat) and give him exercise, there is no reason for him to get fat. A lack of hormones in your dog´s body doesn´t cause obesity in a dog. Owners are responsible for dogs getting fat.

WILL MY MALE RESENT BEING NEUTERED? Once he is neutered, especially if he is done young, he won´t even miss not having testicles. As far as resenting not being bred, if he´s never bred he won´t have any feelings about this at all. It has never been proven that male dogs experience the same sexual gratification as a human male through the sexual act.

WILL MY MALE LIVE LONGER IF I NEUTER HIM? You will certainly increase his chances of a longer life when it comes to the different forms of male cancer.

WHAT ARE SOME VALID REASONS FOR NEUTERING? One of the main reasons is the health of the animal. By neutering a male before he reaches adulthood or before his male hormones become active, you´re reducing the animal´s chances of testicular cancer, anal gland cancer, or prostate cancer. Many male animals that are left un-altered become “sexually aggressive”, not only towards other male dogs, but sometimes they even become “testy” towards people.

Every year millions of puppies and older dogs are put to sleep in animal shelters. So many of these animals are the product of people that wanted their male dog to experience the sexual act “just once”, or, they wanted to try and get a dog just like their male, or they thought their dog was so good looking that he should be shared.


All things considered, you´re probably better off leaving the breeding of animals to the experienced professionals.

I hope this question and answer sheet will help you to make a conscious decision. Feel free to discuss this important decision with your Veterinarian, because next to you, he´s your dog´s best friend. If you are still undecided have your male evaluated by a professional breeder of your breed to see if he or his pedigree are worthy of being reproduced.