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So You Want To Be A Breeder

submitted by Judy Doniere, Toledobes, USA

NEVER breed more than once a year.  Never have more than one bitch to be bred at a time.  Don’t have more than two bitches at your home that you are breeding.  Don’t have more than four dogs total at most.

If you want to keep a pup to continue your breeding program and you have several dogs, put one or two out on Co-ownership/breeding contracts.

Just because you have older dogs that you don’t breed, don’t add to the numbers until they have passed on.  It is too easy to accumulate lots of dogs.  It’s not fair to them to be kennelled or crated until it’s their “turn” to be part of the family.   Make them ALL house pets.  Go to dog shows.  Watch, listen, study, talk to breeders, read all you can get your hands on.

Then, after a few years, try your hand at breeding.  By then people will know you and hopefully respect you.

Don’t advertise.  Your reputation will sell your pups if you’ve done the above.  If you do advertise, use one of the Doberman magazines to do so.

Check out the prospective owners.  Have them come to your home to check them out.  If they are far away, check on them with someone in their State.  Ask for references.  Sell ALL pet puppies on AKC Limited Registrations.  Have spay/neuter contracts.  Take back ALL pups that might not have worked out. Be there for ALL your puppy people for the life of the dog.

Health test ALL things possible before you breed and ask the same of the prospective sire.