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Taping: Folding The Ears

This method of taping ears is so very simple and yet it is somewhat of a daunting one. It certainly is NOT for the faint of heart. However, Jude swears by it and has certainly made her partner Sue Brown a believer….

After cropping lay the ears flat over the top of the head. Put a little Skin Bond surgical glue on top of the bottom ear (staying well away from the cut edge of course), lay the other ear over it and hold it for a few minutes until the glue has set. When the ears start to heal they may come apart and if they do simply leave them hang or glue them back again. They do become very crusty and curled but Judy never removes the crusties or puts anything on the ears. When the stitches are removed the ears are left as they are until well healed. Once the bases are well healed she uses rolled napkins or tampax, reverse taped of course.

Put the plug of your preference deep into the ear. Pull the crimped ear as straight as you can from the tip. Make sure the plug is way down into the ear so that it can’t pop out. Apply the one-inch tape from the base to the tip of the ear. Using a long strip of tape, apply the brace at head level from one ear around the back and front to the other ear and squeeze it together in the middle Leave up for three to four days, no more than that. Take down and *Most* ears will be standing PERFECTLY STRAIGHT. 

If the ears drop in a couple of days or at teething, DO NOT re-post using plugs or anything else. Simply put a strip of one inch tape at the base of each ear (not all the way up) once around and leave on for three days. If both ears should fall (which is highly unusual) do the same for both but make certain that you  apply a brace.

The only time that Judy or Sue will re-plug is if an ear leans over the head or has a deep dimple in it. The only way that a dimple might occur is if a plug comes out of the ear during the first taping.

According to Judy and Sue all that is ever required are a couple of tapings. Also, the ears apparently DO NOT crinkle or cauliflower.

As always, use whatever method suits you best. Like the various dog foods, if it works for you, use it…

submitted courtesy of Judy Doniere, Toledobes, USA