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Warning-adverse Reaction To Proheart 6

by April S. Andrade

I wanted to let everyone in our company know of a great travesty that happened to our family yesterday. As most of you know we have 2 dogs in our family and at one time we had three. We love our pets and they mean the world to us.

Yesterday, around 9 AM, my mother took our Boxer mix to the vet in Bernardsville, whom we know and trust. Rocky, a lively, happy, rambunctious puppy only 10 months old, went in for his checkup and was fine!

The vet asked my mother if he had been on Heartguard for ticks and fleas and mother said not yet because he was a puppy. The vet weighed him in at a healthy 73 lb. Then the vet recommended that they try a new shot called ProHeart 6 which is one injection for ticks and fleas and heartworms as well and it last for six months instead of having to give them the regular monthly pill.

At 10:24 AM Rocky went into anaphylactic shock from the shot and at this very moment is in very critical condition at the speciality hospital in Little Falls. The Proheart 6 made him vomit and haemorrhage so badly that he bleed for almost 6 hours and still may be bleeding. The doctors said he has a 50/50 chance.

All this happened because of this medication!

The doctors called the Pharma Company and they said that in their clinical studies of 20,000 dogs only less than 1% had complications. So we went home last night thinking that it was only our dog that had bad luck and a severe reaction to this medication.

Upon arriving at home we researched the drug and found that tons of dogs have had the same experience and most have died. We feel lied to and betrayed. You can check out the stories of these animals and the horrible side effects of this product at the website below. This website also offers the opportunity to report adverse reactions to the FDA.

PLEASE, PLEASE don’t use this product on your pet. Even if the vet tells you it’s safe, you don’t know that for sure … don’t take the chance! The suffering for our Rocky is so severe and he hasn’t even seen his first birthday. It may be too late for Rocky but it isn’t for you. Please, if you have a dog or know someone that has a dog, please let them know of this. Also, please pray for Rocky.

Take Care,
April S. Andrade