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What It's Like Living With A Doberman

by Fred Heal, Jagermeister, Canada

Because of a column on Doberman temperament that I wrote in our Dogs In Canada national dog magazine I received a letter one day asking what it was really like to live with a Doberman Pinscher. Well, I don’t like some of the sloppy stories I read describing how wonderful a particular breed is as a family pet, but I was asked, so here is my version for the Doberman.

A Dobe puppy is more hassle than some other breeds because of the ear crop, teenage clumsiness, and his desire to be always busy.

A Dobe does not like the rain, cold, or snow (unless you go out with him).

A Dobe is cautious about new things. He watches, evaluates, and should be taught how to react. They need lots of socializing.

A Dobe would love to be a couch potato (if you let him).

A Dobe is naturally protective of his home and its contents (this means you). He needs training to know how far you want him to go in terms of protection…or over protection.

A Dobe is very intelligent and should be trained to do what you want him to do, otherwise he will learn bad habits as well as the good ones.

A Dobe has a bad reputation so don’t let him run loose, he will scare the neighbors when he is really just looking for a handout.

A Dobe usually does not like other dogs coming on his property.

A Dobe usually is not a swimmer. They can swim but they would prefer you to stay on shore with them.

A Dobe male will let a female walk all over him, but he will challenge another male.

A Dobe is a devoted pet for life, but his expected life span is usually not much over ten years.

A Dobe is mature in mind and size at about two years of age.

A Dobe loves a car ride. He will sleep while you get the groceries, and give bloody hell to anyone who comes near the car.

A Dobe just standing inside a door is sufficient reason for someone not to enter ( they have that look).

A Dobe does not show pain. They can be very sick, but suffer in silence.

A Dobe as he gets older, spends more time sleeping in his favorite spot. He still loves to eat, be with you, go for a walk, and he never forgets what is right and what is wrong.

A Dobe when he is older, watches you come and go with his eyes, where he used to touch you as he went with you.

A Dobe dies suddenly. One day he is chasing a frisbee, the next day he is dead. This is hard because it is so sudden, but not as hard as losing your best friend….slowly.

A Dobe is hard to forget. They are like a member of the family who is suddenly gone. They  gave you everything, asked for very little, and loved you at all times, even when you scolded them.

Your life with a Doberman will give you precious memories for all time!