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What To Look For In A Breeder

written & submitted by Kathryn Zerkel

  1. All reputable breeders have a zillion questions to ask why you chose their breed and why you want a puppy.
  2. They belong to at least one of the breed clubs and have a code of ethics to follow.
  3. They only breed a bitch once a year, if that often, and they do not breed them until at least 2 years of age.
  4. They make sure dog and bitch are both health tested for everything possible within that breed.
  5. They show their dogs and can tell you what they are striving for in their breeding program.


  1. If credit cards are accepted RUN AWAY.
  2. If they have many litters a year RUN AWAY.
  3. If they say their breeding dogs have no problems therefore need no testing RUN AWAY.
  4. If they have several different breeds RUN AWAY.

And remember to be VERY wary of those that advertise champion backgrounds, yet when you look at the pedigree the champions are several generations back.