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Whelping Box

written & submitted by Judy Doniere, USA

You might be interested in how our whelping box is constructed.  I’ve used the same type since the late 50’s and wouldn’t even try another.  Partner Sue had hubby construct hers the same.

Get 4X8 plywood (you can cut it down to 4 X 6  if you don’t have the space), 1/2 inch thick.  Attach sturdy wheels like on a crate cart to each corner.

Add 2 ft. high side walls around.  Have a center board 2 foot high as well divide the box.  Cut a door in center that will swing open and hook open or a slide bold to shut.  Keep a 3 inch high lip.  Door is about 12 or 13 inches wide.

At the near end of box, cut out another door way but this one will be in 2 sections secured with piano hinges so you can drop down the first half to let bitch jump in but keep older pups from climbing out.  It will also drop all the way down and will fold under box when pups are very young.

The idea for this is that you have one side for young pups the first 3 weeks, but mom can go to other side to get away from them without leaving box.

The best thing is that when they are 3 wks. old, they will climb over divider and potty on other side if you keep papers in other side and blankets on their sleeping side.

We bought melamine which is a smooth coat of white and is non porous and wipes clean with one swipe.

This box will keep pups for 12 weeks or longer.  I attach an exercise pen to the end, and they can run and play when older, jump back in and go potty or go in and sleep.

My idea is easy on me, the bitch and the pups.

It is screwed together and today we just took it down.  I love it and wouldn’t use any other kind.

Pools are fine with newborns but what do you do when they start climbing out?  Put the exercise pen around it.