Futurity Dam Nomination


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    All breedings, to be acceptable for Futurity nomination, MUST conform to the Code of Ethics set forth by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, Inc.

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DPCA Futurity Stake Rules

I. Purpose

To encourage the breeding of the best possible Doberman Pinschers and to reward the breeders for their efforts. Thus, the Futurity Stake is weighted towards the breeder. Recognition is also given the owners in whose hands lie the responsibility of developing the inherited potentialities. The sire is recognized for his genetic contribution.

II. General

A. Correct and timely nominations of both the litter and the individual puppy are required for stake eligibility.

B. Prize monies can only be won through competition in stake judging.

C. Nomination forms may be secured from the Futurity Director or downloaded from www.dpca.org.

III. Nomination of Litter

A. Must be by breeder, or a co-breeder, who is a member of the DPCA in good standing at the time of nomination.

B. Must be after the breeding, but before puppies are whelped. Postmark on envelope or email transmitting nomination establishes date of nomination.

C. Fee is $15.00 and is payable in US Dollars only. There will be no refunds.

D. Nomination of litter makes each puppy in litter eligible for individual nomination.

IV. Nomination of Puppy

A. Must be by owner, who need not be a DPCA member.

B. Must be before puppy reaches four (4) months of age. Postmark on envelope or email transmitting nomination establishes date of nomination.

C. Fee is $15.00 for DPCA members and $25.00 for non-members for each nomination and is payable in US Dollars only. There will be no refunds.

D. An entire litter may be individually nominated by paying the fee for each puppy and supplying a legible copy of each individual registration. If individual registration is unavailable at time of nomination, this must be supplied as soon as available and in no case later than three (3) weeks before the stake judging.

E. Any changes in the identifying information which will be included in the Futurity or DPCA Specialty Show catalog from that previously provided the Futurity Director, must be received by the Futurity Director at least three (3) weeks before the stake judging. Failure to provide such information will result in disqualification.

V. Entry for Stake Judging

A. Must be entered in one of the regular classes, either conformation or obedience, at the DPCA Specialty Show and Obedience Trial. Fee for this entry must be paid.

B. Futurity Stake entry must be indicated as an additional class.

C. Additional class entry must include age division and color (e.g., Futurity, 6-9, black). Puppies are eligible only for the Futurity Stake which is in conjunction with the first DPCA Specialty Show held on or after the date they reach six (6) months of age. Youngest entrant must be six months on the day of the stake.

VI. Class Divisions

A. Stake is divided into four age divisions; 6-9, 9-12, 12-15, and 15 plus months of age.

B. Each age division is further divided by sex and by color (black and AOAC). Thus, there are four classes in each age division.

C. Four placements are made in the judging of each class.

VII. Sequence of Judging

A. Judging sequence for each age division will be: black dogs, AOAC dogs, black bitches, AOAC bitches, winner, reserve winner. After the age division winner is selected, the judge will select a reserve winner from the three remaining first place winners, plus the second place winner of the class from which the winner was selected.

B. Best Futurity Puppy is selected from the 6-9 and 9-12 age division winners immediately following 9-12 judging.

C. Best Futurity Junior is selected from the 12-15 and 15 plus age division winners immediately following 15 plus age division judging.

D. The Best Futurity Puppy and Best Futurity Junior compete for Grand Prize Futurity winner.

VIII. Divisions of Total Futurity Stake Monies

A. General

1. 25% to operating expense fund.

2. 75% to be divided equally between the puppy and junior stakes.

3. A redemption card will be given to each winning placement and all monies will be awarded after the completion of the Futurity Stake judging.

B. Divisions of Individual Stake Monies (puppy and junior)

1. 80% to placements in the eight classes, with 40% of this going to 1st placements, 30% to the 2nd placements, 20% to the 3rd placements, and 10% to the 4th placements.

2. 7% to be divided equally between the four age division winners, l 3/4% to each.

3. 3% to be divided equally between the four age division reserve winners, 3/4% to each.

4. 5% to be divided equally between Best Futurity Puppy and Best Futurity Junior, 2½% to each.

5. 5% to Grand Prize Futurity winner.

C. Division of Individual Prizes

I. 50% to breeder.

2. 33 1/3% to owner(s).

3. 16 2/3% to owner of sire at time of litter nomination.

IX. Trophies and Ribbons

A. A trophy and a rosette will be provided for the Best Futurity Puppy, the Best Futurity Junior, and the Grand Prize Futurity winner from Futurity operating funds.

B Other trophies and rosettes may be awarded at the discretion of the National Specialty Bench Show Committee.

C. Rosettes or ribbons are awarded for each placement.

X. Records

It is recommended those who have made entries in the Futurity Stake have copies of all pertinent correspondence regarding acceptance of nominations, name changes, etc., available at the time of judging.

Summary of Major Rules

1 Litter must be nominated by DPCA member breeders before it is whelped.

2. Puppy must be nominated by owner before it reaches four (4) months of age.

3. Futurity is an additional class at the National Specialty, and entry form must so indicate. (No points are awarded.)

4. All information on entry form for stake judging must be consistent with that which has been supplied the Futurity Director.