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Top 20 Finalist Bio and Photo Upload

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Please click here to submit your Bio and Photo.

The guidelines for submitting your dog’s information for inclusion in the catalog are as follows:
Provide the following information by filling out interactive form below, see instructions:

  • Dog’s registered name, complete with titles: Titles listed MUST have been completed by April 30
  • Please list AKC titles first, followed by those from other registries.

BIS, BISS, HIT, etc., are not titles and will not be included as part of the dog’s registered name.

  • Dog’s call name, color and sex, dog’s date of birth


1 photo; Digital file – jpeg or TIFF – must be 300 DPI in original size: Please do not crop.

  • Photo reproduction size will be approximately 4.5” wide x 3.5” high – cropped to dog only.

4-generation pedigree: Please ensure accuracy of the ENTIRE pedigree.

  • File can be submitted as PDF, MS Word or MS Excel files

Write up, maximum 300 Words: Submissions will be edited for length and/or grammar, as required.

  • File can be submitted as MS Word or RTF files or typed in the text box

ONE proof will be emailed to you.

  • Please check it for accuracy, typing or spelling mistakes and other possible errors.