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Prefer to pay by check? Mail $16.00 USD made payable to DPCA to: Doug Jensen, DPCA Education Project Secretary, 2704 N. Webb Road; Grand Island, NE 68803

The Doberman Pinscher Club of American began a project to assemble and provide materials of lasting value about the breed in 1965. Some of these articles are reprints of magazine articles… some are written for the project … all are of permanent value to the fancy.

Before publication, they are evaluated by a Review Board. Some breeders have purchased sets of these articles to give to buyers of new puppies, some Clubs have found certain sets appropriate to give new members, other Clubs buy them for resale to members or use them as part of their educational programs at meetings and there has been some discussion of the use of the articles for awards at matches and point shows – particularly in the puppy classes. These articles are for all who love the Doberman and want to know more about their breed.

COMPLETE SERIES ON CD: (Sets 1-24).   The CD plays on your computer and will not work in your DVD player.


Set 1

The Doberman Pinscher by Frank H. Grover

Anatomy of the Dog by Wilfrid E. Shute, B.A., M.D.

What is Inherited by Eleanor H. Carpenter

Color Inheritance in the Doberman and What it Does Not Mean by Julia Freitag,M.D.

A Simple Look at Color Inheritance by Steve S. Brown

Correct Head Type by Helen Kamerer

The Compact Doberman by William Good

Set 2

On Breeding Records, Their Value and Interpretation by Eleanor H. Carpenter

Outline for Program on Breeding by Helen Kamerer

This Is Linebreeding by W.E. Armstrong and L.J. Brosermer

The Virtues of Inbreeding by Kyle and Philip Onstott

Set 3

Feeding of Newborn Puppy by Myrna L. Paput, D.V.M.

Puppy Rearing by Joanna Walker

Gait by Wilfrid E. Shute, B.A.,M.D.

Summary of Conversations with Herr Willi Rothfuss by Frank H. Grover

Set 4

Judging the Mouth of the Doberman by Peggy Adamson

Dog Teeth for Dog Lovers by Thomas Tyler Skrentny, M.D.

A Word About Bloat by George E. Ross, Jr. D.V.M.

Acute Gastric Dilation by Charlotte S. Woodruff, M.D.

Set 5

Judging the Doberman by Eleanor H. Carpenter

Ear-Taping by Joanna Walker with Drawings by John T. Brueggeman

Grooming The Doberman for Show by Adelaide A. Combs

Judging the Very Young Puppy by Yvonne Both

Set 6

Physiology of Reproduction by A.E. Harrop

Body of the Doberman Pinscher by J. George Sexton

Presentation of a Dobe for the Judge by Cy. W. Schaefer

You and Your Dog in the Show Ring Author Unknown

How to Housebreak Your Doberman by Hal Wheeler

Set 7

The Breeder by Peggy Adamson

Tracking and the Doberman by Marjorie Salisbury

Care and Feeding of Your Dobe Puppy by Eleanor H. Carpenter

Guidelines to Behavior in Dogs by Michael W. Fox

Set 8

Saving Stillborn Puppies by S.L. Drummond-Jackson, L.D.S., R.D.C.

The Fading Puppy by Robert W. Klirk, D.V.M.

New Trends in Training – From the Dogs Point of View by Milo D. Pearsall

Canine Skin Problems by Marcia Tucker

The History of the Doberman Pinscher Yesterday to Today by Ruth McCourt

Set 9

Dirofilariea Immitis – Cause of Heartworm Disease by Joyce E. Howsen

The Terrible Months by Frank H. Grover

Care of the Aging Dobe by Alfred Scheinberg

Care of the Brood Bitch and Puppies by R.W. Kirk, D.V.M.

Set 10

How To Choose A Stud Dog by Wilfrid E. Shute, B.A., M.D.

A Behavior Test For Puppy Selection by William E. Campbell

Are You Killing Your Puppies? by Dorothy Helm

Puppy Diseases Involving Litter Problems by Dr. J.E. Mosier

Set 11

The Case For Control Over Color by Eleanor H. Carpenter

Canine Hookworm – Parasites of the Small Intestine by Joyce E. Howsen

The Doberman Pinscher in Obedience and the Top Five Elite by Eunice Plotkin

What’s Ahead by John T. Brueggeman

Set 12

Plants Toxic to Dogs by Deborah S. Harper

What Balance Means to the Doberman by John T. Brueggeman

Pre-School for Puppies by Juli Cepulis

Critical Periods in Your Puppy’s Life by Bruce Sessions

Set 13

Anorchism -How? Why? by Frances B. Zugschwerdt

Your Puppy At Home by Alice Wagner

The Bitch Owners Guide by Marie de Lartundo

Cervical Vertebral Instability In The Doberman by Dr. Alan J. Parker, Ph.D.,


Set 14

More About Nutrition by Dr. Harvey Keyes, D.V.M.

Shyness – The Avoidance Complex by Vic Monteleon

How Important Is The Humerus? by Tom Horner

Canine Brucellosis by Cornell Research Laboratory

Set 15

Handling Your Own Doberman Pinscher by Barbara Gaines

Myths About Protection Dogs by R. Gerald Smith

Lick Granuloma -A Self-Inflicted Skin Problem by Brian G. Bagnall, PhD, D.V.M.,MRCVS.

Allergy and the Dog by Edward Baker, V.M.D.

Set 16

Super Dogs Are Made NOT Born Joyce OKelley

Photographing Your Doberman by Jeff Joffe

Canine Disc Disease by Roy Nipko, D.V.M. and DeWanyn Ashmead, PhD

Factors In Infertility -Courtesy Gaines Dog Research

Set 17

Megavitamins by Wilfrid E. Shute, B.A., M.D.

First Aid For Dogs

The Trouble With Dogs by Iris Nowell

Critique by Wilfrid E. Shute, B.A., M.D.

The Value Of A Pedigree by Betty B. James

Set 18

ARTICLES by Fred Gasow, D.V.M.

The Female Dog

Facts Concerning the Female Dog

The Care Of Your Bitch and Her Litter

Tube Feeding Infant Puppies

Weaning A Litter Of Puppies

The Male Dog

Proper Training Of A Stud Dog

Shipping Dogs and Cats by Harold V. Buker

Problem Eaters by Louis Pegram

Set 19

An Alternate Method by Gary Webber

Twenty Questions by Maggie Hilliard

The No Tape Ear Method by Leslie Hall

Infectious Canine Respiratory Diseases -Norden Laboratories, Inc.

Set 20

The Care Of Newborn Orphan Puppies by R. K. Mohrman, M.S.

How Dogs Digest Food by Sandra E. Blaza, B.Sc

The Water Babies by Relda Familton

The Early Environment, The Fading Puppy Syndrome and Some Manageable Neonatal

Conditions by Dr. B.F. Robertson, B.V.Sc

Set 21

A Dogs Life – Stress and Your Dog -Courtesy of Alpo Pet Foods, Inc.

Soundness In The Dog and How To Recognize It by Lawrence M. Kalstone

A Review Of Conditions Causing Hair Loss In Dogs by Dennis F. Lawler, D.V.M.

Welcome Home Puppy – Courtesy of Mound City Obedience Training Club, Inc.

Set 22

Why Dogs Fight by Gail Tameases Fisher

How to Lick A Granuloma by Joanna Walker

Your Dog Needs to Chew

Canine Dental Care: An Owners Responsibility by Shirlee Kalsone

CPR for Canines by Becki Jo Wolkenheim

Set 23

Conditioning The Doberman For The Show Ring by Barbara Eastwood

Experts Tell You About Canine Behavior Problems

With The Prick Of A Needle

What Is Veterinary Acupuncture?

Practical Methods For Controlling Canine Hip Dysplasia

Set 24

Veterinary Caine Dentistry: Look Beyond the Bite! by Dr. Max J. Herman

The Doctor is In: Laboratory Testing Part 1, Laboratory Testing Part 11,

Breeding with Fresh-Chilled Semen by Robert M.Brown,DVM

Build Your Own Whelping Box by Diana Hilliard

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